Everything to Nothing!

You met me on the Internet,

and I travelled to meet

you in the city of ghosts.

You asked me to hold your

hand in the crowded place.

I did that to protect you.

It was more than enough

for me but never too much.

We fucked on the floor.

We cried cupping each other

in the arms.


We ate on the bed while telling

each other about our vulnerabilities.

It was a journey which started

from everything to ended with

nothing today.


Copyright © 2015-2019 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

32 thoughts on “Everything to Nothing!”

      1. Of course. I mean, a real feel of love, vibrations and most importantly a physical touch of a person is far better than the virtual existence of someone.

        Have you ever fallen in love virtua, Shivani? What do you think they lack in today’s time?

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      2. Oh the physical touch is important but at times it’s sham as well, just as the virtual existence.

        I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love,
        Infatuation, yes absolutely.
        For they both give the same vibes to me.

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      3. What a beautiful explanation though. 👏

        Infatuations. Well, that’s what our generation fall for. Including us.

        If ever we see beyond the physical beauty of someone, that day love will arrive and stay forever.

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  1. I disagree, Sir! Love has no boundaries, it can definitely happen over virtual platform na. It’s only the medium that is virtual, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is fake too. Though, most of them are. But some are like us only, real and genuine.
    Also, is this post fiction or real? 😂

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    1. Hahahahah! I loved the fact you disagreed with me.

      Yes, it can be a medium. I’d say it should k my be the MEDIUM to connect with someone.

      But to fall for on it, and live in a virtual words is of no sense. I’ve been there, done that. And I’ve not seen any stupid thing than that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No Sumit..
        Its written by my favorite blogger, you cannot defame the post..
        And I read it again it’s not the ending that’s bad.. that’s pretty obvious. May be I did not like the mid because you know it yaar….

        But that doesn’t make you unlike it…
        I like it…


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