Infinitely Larger

She wasn’t tall.

She wasn’t fat.

A little girl with a big heart

She used to take me all in her arms,

I would drown in the fragrance of

her the moment she hugs.

Our world was smaller

When we were together

That made us

infinitely larger.


Copyright© 2015-2019 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

158 thoughts on “Infinitely Larger”

  1. Kya baat hey… Boss… Just love it.. Yaar kaha se aata hey ye sab… Tere dimag me.. Ki dil chu jati hey har ek line.. 😍😍💞💞💞❤️❤️

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  2. Beautiful and sweet and you actually proved – yet again – that essays need not be written to describe things. I love this. Stay blessed, you lovely soul.

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      1. Maybe I’ve been not looking for it.
        Because it’s my choice to be single.
        It’s a choice I had made to keep my focus on things you love reading and appreciating.

        As they say, I’m single but not available.

        There were loads of cases, when someone tried to call or text me during my reading time, and I said no because I was reading. When I was working, I’d come home at 11:30 pm and after that 2 hours I’d spend with my creative schedule.

        So yeah, I’ve never focused on that. Moreover, abhi tak koi mili nahi jiske liye sab chhut jaye! 😂


      2. That’s what I think the one who’ll be for you, will be little possessive about you. Because when I read your comments, you make to anyone.. you make everyone feel special.. like anyone can fall for you…

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      3. I had a lot of problems in my previous ones, when I used to get gifts on my birthday including, cards, diaries, pens, mugs, shirts, T-shirts, other stuff and she’d get angry for who’s sending me all these.

        The irony was many of the times, even I didn’t know who sent me. And once I received them even after 1 month of my birthday, (till June 15) my birthday is on May 21.


      4. We never intentionally go there, do we?

        We’re more like waves in the ocean, which doesn’t need to deliberately flow with the water.

        Rather, it syncs itself and go so deeper. You and I are like that, our words are like that. You are like that. Water flow.


      5. This is the only thing that is not common between us…
        I mean you can write anything who said for you it’s hard🤔

        I have no problem you write whatever you feel like, its your thing. But I get a little uncomfortable to comment on it…
        I have my own set of reasons.

        Just because I am not able to comment easily on them, I ask you to try something else.

        Everything aside, I love your work.


      6. It’s hard baba.. Look at you framing everything with ease❤
        Words, emotions, and then rhymes.

        To make you comment on my those writings is my goal now 🙈

        Everything aside, I love what you say.


      7. You know I can imagine a 14 year old school boy who’s a little stubborn. But you don’t hate him for that. Indeed look at his innocence and smile….

        This monkey face is so cute when it comes from you😅


      8. Absolutely. Write about how you started, what was your initial thoughts, and how you got the love of your students.

        How Rashmi Ma’am is everyone’s favorite. ❤


      9. Yaa it is…
        Let’s see when the warning bell rings then…

        Sometimes I read them at night but I know it takes me time to comment, so I try commenting in morning, and my morning is afternoon usually….😅

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