You are the…

You are the story which scares me

You are the destination I’ve never reached

You’re the fire I’m burning myself in

You’re the jungle I’ve found myself lost in

You are the intellect who’s destroyed me all

You are the puzzle I could never solve

You are the power which dominates my being

You are the lyrics of my heart would always sing

You are the song which makes my ear go numb

You are the goddess who’s left me go dumb

You are the love I’ve ever felt comfortable with

You are the one who’s made me a psychopathic

You the deadly drug I have been snorting

You are the aggressive person whose eyes would always get wet

You are the beautiful little soul I wish I could have never met.

Copyright© 2015-2019 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

55 thoughts on “You are the…”

      1. I was having a conversation over my previous post with one of the readers (Riya) here and out of no where a lot of memories just appeared in my mind and I jot it down in my journal on #Day521 of my continuous writing diary.

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      2. It’s basically a daily writing schedule I’ve started back in January 1, 2018 to write everyday with a pen and paper.

        I’ve crossed more than 500+ days of constant writing while without fail.

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      3. Solid!! It’s been a journey. I too was introvert. I barely wrote or read. But I did havemind of own. But I wasn’t vocal about it. I was and still hesitant to share my thoughts and emotions.

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  1. Beautiful and like a symphony in my ears. I disappear into your words and I just flow with all the emotions within my heart.
    To the end…. I am speechlees…
    ❤️Thank you for sharing your talent🦋

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  2. Beautiful lyrics…. Just amazing.. Specially the line…

    You are aggressive person whose eyes always wet… 😍😍😍😍😍😍


      1. Arre baba! Nahi hain esi sachhi!

        If you must have observed, I’ve been almost having the same routine. Do you think I can have a particular story? When I knit a lot of stories everyday


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