Taste of My Words! (NSFW)

I don’t write poetry

On her,

I tease her with my concept,

I turn her on with my intentions,

I make her feel the

Deepest pleasure,

All through my words.

Copyright © 2015-2019 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

85 thoughts on “Taste of My Words! (NSFW)”

  1. Poetry has the ability to do that to someone.
    You are very good at poetry
    Well done I really like this a lot.
    Kisses and hugs cutie pie


      1. Oh goodess yes I can write it
        I just haven’t posted any yet but that might change. 🙂



    There is a Subtle Difference betwix ‘Can’ and ‘Able’ (Cain and Abel 🤔 ?); in précìs:

    ♤ ‘Can’ is The Capacity ALL Homo Sapiens Possess
    ♤ ‘Able’ is The Capacity We Develop in to Ability
    ♤ Ergo ‘I Can’ and ‘I AM Able’ ARE Different

    …so, for example; I Can:

    ♡ Climb – Basic Ability
    ♡ Cook – Intermediate Ability
    ♡ Create – Advanced Ability
    ♡ Clean – Intermediate Ability
    ♡ Curate – Basic Ability
    ♡ Communicate – Advanced Ability

    …please Take Time to THINK!!! about ‘I AM Able’ vs ‘I Can’ and why We Take Our CHOICES!!! to Develop Certain Capacity and Shy Away from Other Capacity; ask anything especially around ENVY AND JEALOUSY 😖😨😳😵😡😠!!! please…


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