Cheers to 8 Years of Friendship with Arpit & Honey!

What’s the meaning of friendship? To do something for someone and he or she will do something for you. Is that it? Well, if that’s how it has then probably that is not friendship but business.

For me, friendship means emotions, understanding, and support which I give and take from my closed ones, also known as, Friends.

Two of such friends are my lifelines in the journey of life for 8 years now. Arpit Mehta and Hanish Sanotiya (Honey). Three of us have always been together in each other’s thick and thin no matter what. Be it a wedding of Honey’s brother, the inauguration of my new house in Indore, or any support we require even on phone calls, we’re just a message away. That’s the bond we have been sharing for years now.

It all started back in 2011 in the coaching classes where I got to see these two intelligent intellectuals who were always two steps ahead in studies. On the other hand, I was a dumbass in studies who’d get jealous of them because of their intelligence and how they used to impress all the girls. Being a boy, it was a harsh thing for me to digest, but I wanted to beat them but I would always fail badly.

Although, with time I got more interaction with a rich brat Honey who’d spend money as if he has millions in his account ever since he was in school. That was one of the things which he had now. Money and intelligence; a deadly combination. I had neither of them at that time. haha!

But the best part was he never had any such egoistic trait which would make his impression bad. A rich guy by heart not just with a pocket full of money.

Again, with Arpit it was not much in the initial stage bit since we used to live nearby each other’s house so with the help of our mutual friend Honey, Arpit and I became close friends too.

Years and years went with the flow, we grew together, done our graduations, I did my MBA too, Honey started his own venture, Arpit shifted to Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, and lastly, I shifted to Mumbai back in September 2017.

As always, we think this is the end of any friendship as everyone gets new responsibility for their house, job, and personal life. But in our case, it never affected us. Instead, it made us too close that we became each other’s back in all the situations. It would take me thousands of words to describe how grateful I am to have them in my life. Arpit and Honey are actually blessings in the form of friends in my life.

Recently, I’ve gone to my brother’s wedding in Indore and stayed there for 10 long days and spent with my close friends; Divyani, Karishma, of course, Honey and with family members. But there was one person who was missing, and that was Arpit.

Due to some of his office work he couldn’t come to the wedding which he had regret, but I wanted to meet him at any cost and it happened.

With of the new rules of the company I work with declared, if an employee does his 125% of target then he can get two Saturday offs. And thankfully, last month was one of the months where I did 133.33% of my entire target. That was the signal I had got to utilize the paid leave.

One of my cousins who got too excited when she heard about my arrival. Thank you, Nidhi.

I got the idea to visit Ahmedabad to surprise Arpit and for that, I included Honey also. We made a plan and decided to come on June 15th morning.

It was the early morning around 8 am when I reached Ahmedabad’s Paldi station, where my cousin, Dhruv had come to pick me up. The moment I went to Masi’s home, I immediately got fresh and made a plan to visit the place for which I had come all the way from Mumbai.

A Surprising Visit to Arpit’s Place.

Honey was already there prior to a day, and stayed in Hayat Hotel, Ahemdabad. Both of us made a plan to visit his place as it was already decided. He reached at the place directly, and Dhruv and I visited together.

It was a pleasant feeling to visit your close friends unplanned, and that is what happened when we knocked the door on the third floor, and a shirtless person came out and we caught him mopping the entire 2 BHK flat. Hahah! You always want to catch your friends in weird situations to intimidate him for the rest of life. And guess what, we have found that.

Arpit became really happy to see both of us in this most unexpected way, after all, we have never done anything like this before. And the best part was when I had a word with Arpit a few days back and said that I am missing his company, he promised me to visit Mumbai in the first week of July-2019 just to meet me, and when he saw me there standing in his house. He was completely awestruck.

This video doesn’t exist

It was a great start of the day with lots of legs pulling in the room full of food, laughter, and timeless memories. It was such a great time that neither of would ever forget.

We booked ZoomCar and went to explore the city, not only in the day time but roamed till next morning till 7 am, June 16, 2019. We came back home stayed and rested for a while and went to explore the city again with songs playing in the car, like wanderers, nowhere to go specifically.

What I found in the beautiful 2 days journey is two of these great friends I have got in my life, Arpit and Honey, who has always been there in my thick and thin, whose support, in terms, of everything, was always there. Since the beginning to this day nothing could affect our friendship and it will never.

People came and went when they wished, but a few ones are always there even when you deliberately kick their ass off to throw them out, but what they’ll do is to stand again, dust their clothes off, will behind you and kick you even harder more than you did. And they will laugh and you will end up laughing with them. That is the beauty of friendships. And that is the beauty of my two friends who always live in my heart and for each other, we can always be there no matter what…

He is one of the important people who made most of the plans accessible. Thank you, Dhruv.

Cheers to Our 8 Years of Great Friendship Honey, and Aprit and many more years to come.

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All Rights Reserved.

27 thoughts on “Cheers to 8 Years of Friendship with Arpit & Honey!”

  1. This made me so emotional huh. Abi kuch din pehle keh rahe the I can’t write posts dedicated to people. What is thisss? A post for friendship after so long, I was really missing this. 😻

    Such a fun post this was. Arpit Bhaiya mopping the floor, that made me laugh so bad. And he has tshirts also, that’s surprising. 😹😹😹 I’m so happy this plan of yours was successful.

    Kitni pyaari friendship hai. I’m a little jealous also. But I’m suuuuper happy also. You never run out of love. So much love you keep showering on your people. 😼 Cheers to you three Rockstars. Stay together and keep spreading love and happy vibes. 😺💙

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahahah! Oh God! This girl remembers everything. I had said, for people whom I don’t consider in my words, I do not write for them. Esa!

      Thank you my little baby for your beautiful wishes and love. And you are definitely one of the precious things I have in my life. Loads of love. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Its a great post, well written and of course, its a friendship that made it more interesting….

    Best wishes that 8 turns to 80 then 800 then 8000 and so on…. 😉☺️🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you JP. I really forgot to add you up in the post but surely you were one of the best thing which happened randomly in these two days trip.

      Thank you for your lovely wishes, hope to see you soon. 🙂


  3. Wow, you are so lucky and your friends are even luckier.
    Amazing friendship and you describes it with heartfelt and from your soul.
    I could almost feel their «ties» through your words Sumit.
    Always take care of each other.
    Friends like this are precious❤️


  4. The definition of FRIENDSHIP, that GOOGLE will never feel nor can express❤️
    The best thing about Friendship I read on the internet today.
    Keep writing.
    All The Best 🙂


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