Book Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Let me find a good book to read. A love story? Well, it was one of the genres which I have stopped reading since long as it doesn’t interest me anymore. Recently, I have cultivated the habit and interest to read the murder mysteries, suspense, something which contains historical values, etc. But a love story, ugh, it is so clichéd these days that it tells nothing other than two people dancing in the rain, or just having sex on the table while betraying their partners whom they were never in love with and all that bullshit. They are so made up that I could not connect myself with.

Then I got to know one book by Jojo Moyes which was an unconventional love story. A love story of two different people who help them to change the way they see the world in the span of six months.

An embittered quadriplegic handsome man who can’t really do anything but surely has the power to make the girl dream bigger and let her explore different horizons of life which she’s never felt in 26 years of her life.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes- A book which is full of emotions, betrayal, self-realization, unconditional love, guilt, and everything a human can feel in himself.

It is a book that will tear your heart in front of you and you will sob while holding your heart in your hands.

Thanks to Pranjali for gifting me this amazing book which I was not expecting. It is always good when your loved ones give you something which becomes so close to your heart. I am in love with.. you know further… haha! 😉


5 stars (A must read. MUST)
You will never regret after reading this book. But you’ll surely regret if you don’t.

Fun Fact:

This is the shortest time I have completed any book ever since I have started working. It only took me 4 nights to finish this 500 pages book. It was a month end, work (precisely overwork), pressure, longer work hours, and there could have been many reasons for me to come home late and sleep. But I chose not to because my discipline and consistency which defines me, which defines SumitOfficial’s writing and blog. 🙂


There is a trilogy of this Me series which includes:

1) Me Before You

2) After You

3) Still Me

I’m gonna get the second book tomorrow and I’ll surely review that one as soon as I complete that. Let me know your views in the comment box, if you’ve already read this book.

Thanks for reading! Have a good day/night. 🙂

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