Birthday Tribute to Ranveer Singh by SumitOfficial

What happens when you get an offer to write for Ranveer Singh on his birthday? You will be astonished for a while, won’t you? Well, that has what happened when I was approached by Aamir, one of the friends of mine, who started with making a fan page of Ranveer Singh and it got so popularized on the Internet that one day he got an offer to meet his Idol, Ranveer Singh himself.

Ranveer’s birthday was about to come when he approached me last month and told me about the plans where he’ll be making a Coffee-table Book for him whereby a lot of artists that include- Hairstylist, co-actors, side actors, YouTubers, producers, and people who were mostly met Ranveer in person were there to express their views. And it was me, a random blogger, SumitOfficial, who got this offer to write for him which Ranveer will personally read and feel good about. I got excited and said yes.

Although it wasn’t as easy as I write other blogs for me, after all, I had to be so specific for what I want to express in the limited words. And it took a lot of time to prepare the draft, I’d like to thank my Manager Madam- Manpreet Maini, for helping me with the broader perspective on what I should write on which not many people can cover. And of course, Chandni (Chandu) for always be so kind to me, that she proofread my draft and edited it for me.

Here is the write-up which got published:

How easy or difficult is it to enter into Indian Cinema where you hardly have any family connections? But you still slay and become one of the prominent actors with whom everyone wants to work. Let’s talk about a man who is no less than a bundle of energies in the form of a human body, Ranveer Singh, a man who dominates the entire surroundings not only with his excellent performance on the screen but an infectious personality in real life as well. A name that is widely known in the world for how he has always been grateful for the life he is living today, as he says – “Living the Dream”.

A flamboyant personality who has always attracted my attention, because you simply can’t ignore when you read about him or watch him dancing on the street for a dare he gets. To always be energetic and positive is not everyone’s cup of coffee, as it takes a hell lot of patience to see yourself beyond any competition, where the ups and downs do not matter to you, what matters is to keep on going and enjoying the littlest things life throws at you.

Ever since my adolescence, I have been observing Ranveer’s various characters which astonished me all the time. From a rich guy Kabir Mehra of Dil Dhadakne Do, to a street rapper Murad Shaikh of Gully Boy, from Varun Shrivastav of Lootera to Ram Bhai of Ramleela, you will find that Ranveer fits in all the roles undeniably, and he will take your breath away with his outstanding performance.

Here comes a man who not only grows individually but supports the most desirable woman of the country- Deepika Padukone, his

wife, that too not just for the sake of reel life but in real life too. He always gives more than he has, which makes him the man we know today.

Wishing a Happy Birthday to the Powerhouse and one of the eminent personalities of B-town, Ranveer Singh.

With loads of love and success.

I am really glad that it is going to reach him, and who knows, maybe I also get to meet him too someday.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Birthday Tribute to Ranveer Singh by SumitOfficial”

  1. Woooohoooo! 😻😻 You wrote all of that with such love and heart, I am just waiting for Ranveer Singh to read it. He’ll be soooo happpy to have such a dedicated admirer like you. 😿 I pray that you get to meet him. Two Ranveers in one frame, I want that. Karke do meko aisa. 😻❤


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