The Girl in A Metro: A Poem

I just want to whisper,

What I’ve observed.

When I first saw you sitting in a Metro,

Your Eye Lashes which flicked like a dying candle.

Your Falling hair would tease those cheeks of yours and you’d put them behind your ear with delicate fingers.

The chasm of your breasts from the top looked nothing less than a beauty of your expressions with a mole between tits.

And the way you took out a book from your handbag and started reading,

I found your finger following the lines of a half read thriller book titled:

The Woman in the Window

The way your Lips were mumbling the words made me fall for you standing there,

The grey jeans and black top suits on your vibrant figure.

Apple AirPods that you put on in your ear made you disconnected from the outer world.

Checking the phone to change the track in every now and then shows how impatient you were,

Your nails decorated with elegant English colour nail polish shines brighter than the usual colours.

Your face was like an infant child,

Lips glowing like a shining star,

Lean body with flower pattern shoes.

All this could not have been possible if we’d have talked to each other.

Rather, I chose to stand there with my scanning eyes of mine..writing you inside my head from head to toe.

Such beauty like yours should always glow.

I’d meet you in the middle of a street again,

I hope, I always remember you with this poem till then…


Hey, everyone! I’m sorry for being too inactive on WordPress. I was too much caught up in bad health and work load. Though, I’m back on track. I hope you’re all doing absolutely fine. I need to revert on most of the comments. I do read them but couldn’t reply on them which I will do soon.

If I talk about this poem cum prose, it was too sudden for me to pen down. Usually I don’t get so many thoughts when it comes to write for a random person I’ve not interacted with, but this time..yes this time, I’ve got this observation for a random girl who’s completely a stranger to me. And I’ve never felt such attraction with someone since a long time.

Being a writer, if I wouldn’t have written this then it’d be really a disrespect. I have never fallen in love with the way I’ve loved earlier but to have such attraction after a long is again something new.

Although, there’s no strings attached in context of what I’ve written. This is completely for upgrading my writing skills with everything I have in my surroundings.

Thanks for reading. Take care.๐Ÿ™‚

Copyright ยฉ 2015-2019 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

30 thoughts on “The Girl in A Metro: A Poem”

      1. Oh surely. We shall meet someday for sure.

        And again I’d thank the Lord for being kind to me. I’m residing me in Chembur and office is located in Chembur only. So there is hardly any travel by train till I have to visit somewhere.


  1. The poet brings out the best in his subject and so the curiosity as you describe the young woman increases and the line that “Such beauty like you should always glow ‘ is the master line. In a busy city like Mumbai it so happens that we just brush across many people while travelling on bus,trains or on roads and an observant eye can catch the fine nuances on each face.So once again, Well written Sumit!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey Medha! Hope you’re doing good. Apologies for the delay.

      More than my writing, I liked the way how I would have thought about that girl while writing for her. Usually, we come across a lot of people but there are some people who always stuck in our eyes.

      She was one of those girls. ๐Ÿ’•


      1. Hello Sumit good to hear from you and no issues about the delay.I have been a bit low as far as blogging is concerned.How are you doing?Are you enjoying Mumbai and its pace?
        Yes you rightly said and observed some people grab attention or stand out not necessary due to the looks but their overall persona.
        Do check out mine, have penned a few lines a couple of days before, as and when you find time.Best wishes and look forward to blogs from you.


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