Happy Rakshabandhan with My Aapa.

“Happiness comes when you expect it the least.” A perfect saying on how one should always have enough patience when it comes to have something in life, the least you expect it to happen the more chances are there to become reality.

My bond with my Senior Manager, Manpreet Maini cum Aapa (Don’t kill me for this😂) has always beyond words. For whatever my journey has been in these years has a huge impact of her teachings that I can never forget. But to expect a beautiful Rakhi was really not what I had expected. Being without a real sister, I used to feel for what if I could also have a support from an elder sister who’d know me all for who I really am and what I want.

And that support is what I always had from you.
Thank you for making this Rakshabandhan a beautiful one with a stronger bond, Aapa. 🤗

Ps: She’s one of the best Managers one can have in life. If you want to read more about her. Just Google “Manpreet SumitOfficial” and click on the first link. 🙂

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#ManpreerMaini #rakshabandhan #Mumbai

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15 thoughts on “Happy Rakshabandhan with My Aapa.”

  1. Wooohoooo! Beautiful bond and beautiful Rakhi and suuuper cute Aapa. 😻😻 Also, Sir looks so happy while she’s tying the Rakhi. 😹 I hope this bond always stays the same. Lots of love and Happy Raksha Bandhan Sir. ❤

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