Happy Birthday, Madam – The Longest Letter Ever To My Manager!

“Madaaaaaaaaaaaaam!” I shouted.

“Hahahah! Haan Sumitt!” While laughing for the way I scream.

“It is dooooooooone” With my dramatic voice.

“Very good. Abhi aur kitne chaiye…” And with this question, she would again pull me back from the sky to make me focus on there is a long way to go.


And that is how I have called and initiated my further conversation since the beginning. I cannot think of any time where I have missed giving a call when I achieve my target, the first person has always been you with whom I have not only shared the professional achievements but the personal too.


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Saying just a Thank You would be an understatement and too clichéd where there are thousands of things which goes in my mind that I might or might not have never told you ever. So, let me have this great day as an opportunity to vent out my heart for the things I have been keeping and blessing in my heart for being around you. In your guidance, protection, and your affection.


Thank you for always being there inspiring, guiding, and scolding (Digging your nails on my forearm while getting frustrated on me for not performing well) me all the time, in every step of my life. You have been an integral part of all the decisions I have made, executed or failed in. Of course, I would consider my failures as the important part here, where I still found you behind me, pushing me to go further, would give me your hand if I’d fall, you would do anything to make me stress-free. But you would never leave me that was the one quality in you which has been there since the day one. You would appreciate if I would conquer, you would also appreciate if I would fall and help me to stand again and make me run. Make me fly. Fly really high.


Well, that is who you are, for me. Manpreet Maini (Now Dube). My Aapa. This name itself relieves a lot of pressure, not just for me, but for everyone who has ever worked with you under your leadership. I still get messages from ex-employees that they have still not found anyone like you. Isn’t it great? And I feel pity for them as they will never.

For me, you have donned many hats- in addition to that of a Senior Manager’s- An elder sister to scold me, a mother figure to guide me, best friend with whom I can share any of the things, mentor to help me grow, Pani puri partner, lunch-partner from Bua’s tiffin, and many more. And I, on the other hand, have been one of the most annoying, stubborn, one who doesn’t listen to you at all. But yes, as you always say and treat, I am your over- pampered little brother, who is close to you, and so is my Aapa to me. That is one of the best bonds in the world when you see everything in just one person, and that person is someone who matters the most, that is you, Aapa. Thank you!

I remember once I asked you out of nowhere while working on my PC beside you;

“Madaaaaam, you are going to complete 8 years in this company. Have you ever not thought of switching to other companies, or surely, you would have got a handsome package from here. Why don’t you go? What makes you stay here?”

Her answer was really worth listening to, I was constantly looking at her eyes, while her eyes were in sync with mine, and a second later, on her laptop screen. And she continued,

“Sumit, it is not always about money. There are things which are beyond money. This was my first job and I was a person who’s never made many friends. I always used to be in my own muse. But this company gave me a lot of things starting from Mayank Sir (Assistant Vice President), Rahul (One of the ex-employees close to her), Shreedhar(Her Husband, an ex-employee) with whom I got married. I have earned a lot of contests, won prices, earned a lot of incentives and most importantly got this position to handle 3 branches pan India (Chembur, Goregaon, and Hyderabad) and I have got so many people here. Hence I never felt like thinking about anything else.”

“I see! But Madam, don’t you ever compare yourself with anyone who gets more in regards to the money or position or maybe power which you might not get here?” I asked keenly.

“That is our problem that we never be happy and satisfied with what we get. This company has given a lot of things to everyone but people will still crib about the one which they didn’t get. You should always see the positive side and think from the company’s perspective. If you can appreciate for what you have received and be grateful for that, you will never feel like giving up or switching anywhere. We get our salary on time, invest our savings, and buy expensive gifts for ourselves. Who pays all that for? Think about that.”

And with this answer I was stunned. I was actually self-analyzing myself that have I ever thought about this? And when I did, I had already received my answers. There is a reason why My Madam is in the position of Senior Manager. It is not what is given to her, but what she’s earned herself with her skills.


In last year’s blog post, I had written about all her sides that make her a perfect businesswoman. You can read it here:

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But this time I have thought of not writing about that again but to share my experiences, after all, I have been sitting beside her for months and year now. Being a writer myself, other than the learning part, my observations are powerful too. So, I am going to make this day a memorable day for you Madam for all the things you have been doing but you might or might not aware of.


So this is not a hidden fact that I am going to complete my 2 years with Jaro Education in next 20 days and you have been a MAJOR factor for my survival and success. You have been there not only in the times of when I was doing good but also when I was low and demotivated. I have realized people get no support when they stop giving you what you want. It is like a chicken is of no use, or nobody would give a freak about her if she stops giving eggs. It could have been the same being in the sales profile for me, but you… you never let me feel anything like that, not even once in all these years. I don’t know how I should thank you for always being my constant, my back.


Of course, I cannot forget the learnings from you I have learned, not only just the professional ones but just like an elder sister, you have always been guiding me throughout. I still remember when recently I had to go for the Medical check-up where my blood sample would be required, and I am homophobic to blood, when Divyani told me to take someone who is close to me, and who can handle me, the first name which could come in my head was your name and the moment I called you to ask if the next morning would you come with me for my check-up? You didn’t even ask anything but just said, yes, in just a second. The next day Anjali(The co-ordinator of our branch and a very close friend of mine, who also helped me packing and wrapping the gifts.) also joined. And that was the moment I felt really blessed to have you around. I guess that is what a real sister would do. And you did it.


The next morning we went to the clinic where the Doctor was checking my ECG inside the room, which was closed. You were told to sit in the waiting room. During the check-up, I heard someone talking, and I overheard you, “Is Sumit’s blood check-up going on? He’s having a fear of that and I need to be there with him.” The compounder said, “No, it is just an ECG, blood check-up would be done outside only.”

I again felt blessed with your gesture, you could have just sat there but still, you put the efforts to come and enquire about my whereabouts if I was doing fine with it or not. And that made me extremely happy. That was not enough when you lied and made a story of how you fell off due to rains the other day, the moment I got curious and asked you what happened, did you get hurt? My blood was taken, and I saw you laughing for nothing had happened it was just to distract me so I don’t look at the blood. Hahaha! You made fool of me, Aapa. But your trick did work. That is why you are my Aapa.



Ever since I had shifted to Mumbai, I had stopped doing many of the creative things, but you have made me do all of them whenever anything comes, I still don’t know why but you have always put me forward for all the things from doing Khalibali Dance in front of Goregaon branch, or to make a TikTok video for the TikTok contest or the Kachrawala in Jaro-RNR. You have always got me from my neck and put me in everything. Now I understood, you always had the trust in me that I will do, even when I had nearly zero percent trust in me.


I remember how everyone got crazy for the RNR performance on this August 14, 2019, where everyone was shocked with our performance and my intense dialogue deliveries that had made all the Director to AVPs to give a standing ovation. Unfortunately, unlike others, I was very disappointed when we didn’t become the winner. I wasn’t dancing or talking to anyone after that, as I had put my heart, soul, and sweat to win that title for you, for our Chembur. But I was failed in it.

But then you came, and consoled me for you are proud of me and with my performance and that for you, we are the winner. I am the winner.

I was on cloud nine after this statement of yours. Because the person I wanted to make happy and proud was already that it made me dance on the floor. And on your demand, I danced on that Saki Saki too, with its signature step, if you remember. Hahaha!



When I say you have supported me throughout, which means you did it not only to make my professional life but the personal too which includes a lot of creative stuff which I do along with the work.

One of them which I had got was to write something for Ranveer Singh’s birthday. A post which he will directly get and going to be with him forever. It had to be the best, after all, I was collaborating with so many industry artists already. You were the first person I had told you that I got this opportunity, and you used to take the follow-ups from me whether I had started writing on it or not, and every day I used to say, “No, Madam” until the deadline came, I was perplexed what do write and what not to.


You were still there for me to guide me, although, you had no interest in reading or writing, still gave me so many good ideas to write on where nobody has focused on. I did what you suggested, and it happened. I was ready with the whole script and posted it to the person who’d asked. And he liked it too, for it was really nice. Again, a big thanks to you for being my savior.

There are moments I can never forget being with you anywhere; be it on the street or in a mall, making you laugh with my stupid activities (According to you, I still feel like why did you laugh on that. Hahaha!) Has made me smile after that. It is always great to have our people around, and when they smile with you, because of you is pure bliss. And being your little brother I do that happily, as I understand how much pressure you always have of your 3 branches, your family, your surroundings, and most importantly, to take care of your own health. Amongst all the aforementioned things, I belong somewhere around you who makes you forget everything and help you be yourself and to laugh out loud.


I cannot forget my tantrums whenever there used to be a team party which would be there, and all I would do is to avoid seeing you whole day so you don’t make me come to the party. I was never interested in coming to any of the parties, not just because of anyone else, but I personally don’t feel like coming. And I’d be honest today with you, as it is your Big day today, for every time I said, I have got an urgent work to do and I cannot come, I actually used to sit at home while reading and completing my books.

Hahaha! And people ask me how I complete 400-500 pages books in 3-4 nights, well, this is the secret and you know it now. Please don’t kill me after knowing this, Madaaaaaam! But I would be honest again here that last time, I really didn’t like when I used the same trick on you for not coming, and you had not talked to me for the entire day. And you had avoided me as if I had killed anyone, you wouldn’t even talk to me, and that really hurt me. I cannot see you being upset because of me, and from that day, I decided not to make that happen again no matter what it takes. Because you matter, and you are important that any books, Madam.

A Stubborn Attitude

No matter how cool you are but you are too strict on what you want, aren’t you? If you want something to happen, you will make it happen by hook or crook. The recent incidence I can remember is when I got to know that I am going to sit next to our Deputy Branch Manager, Jay Sir from this month. As I always had the habit of sitting beside you only no matter what, for days, week, and months. I would stick to you. But this time it was not going to happen that.  The next moment I texted Madam about what I just heard. And this was her response:


Even if we see here, there is a way how a mother or an elder sister scolds when a little one asks for something because she realizes that it is good for what she is asking, and the best part is she was right, she did understand how important it was for me. She won.

Since many days and nights, I have been planning and working for her gifts and for things which will make her the happiest. As I had promised her to make this birthday the best birthday ever. I have got lots of gifts for Madam, for which a lot of people has helped which includes: Divyani, Jinjin(Fashion Blogger from Delhi), Jayshree for taking me to Bandra and helped me picking everything, and lastly, Anjali for being kind enough to wrap all the gifts. Your support has made this happen. Thank you.



I have written each cheat on every gift which says why I chose what I chose for her. And what makes them different from others. I really wish you love it, Madam.

And lastly, I just want to be grateful to you for everything you have ever done for me, many times I could not understand that, but your love and affection was constant. Our bond is beyond anything, any organization, or any relation. You are my Aapa for a lifetime. And your little brother will make you proud one day. 🙂

With loads of love and smiles, Happy Birthday Madam. 🙂

Your Over-Pampered Brother,


PS: So, this is about after the celebration I am writing about, I am extremely happy for the response I had received for all the little efforts I had put to make her day the best. That night, I got a late message but when I read them the next morning, it was capable enough to make my all the efforts worth. Here are the few pictures of my Madam being notably happy and joyful.


These are the pictures of branch decorations, for which I had reached office at 8 am whereby my regular schedule to wake up is 9-9:15 am to the office at 10 am. But on this day I had to come early.



And it ended with a note which will forever make me happy. 🙂


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