Book Number 5: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Book number: 5

Book name: Atomic Habits

Author: James Clear

Book Length: 288

Time is taken to read: – January 5 to January 10

Genre: Self-help

Recommended to: Anyone who’s trying to build or break a habit

Inspired me to learn about:

Your major focus should be on the process orientation rather than just goal orientation. You want to build a body, taking the gym membership should not be the goal, but to wake up every morning and go to the gym to stretch your body.

3 takeaways from the book:

A) Focus on getting 1% better every day rather than expecting a big change in one day. I had started writing a single page back on January 1, 2018, and today I have been writing for more than 750 days in a row. My everyday growth is what matters.

B) Adopt a 2-minute habit. Make sure your habit should not take more than 2 minutes to complete else you might not build it as your psychology resists new changes in yourself.

C) Cue. Craving. Reward. Response. These are the important aspects in habit loop which helps you to BUILD or BREAK a habit.

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