Utilization of Self-Isolation While Sitting At Home

I’m sure this is the life we’ve all been wanting since the beginning of our lives, to have a long weekend, to sit at home, to watch a movie or two, or most importantly, to sleep all day long. Haven’t we?

And guess what, when life gave us a moment like this becautof this pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19) and everything has been shut down. Even the cities, States, and country is lockdown today and I don’t know for how many more days. I appreciate the people who are ourt of their comfort zones to help others such as medical staff, drivers, train drivers, media people and the list is endless.

We, on the other end, can only help ourselves and others by sitting at home so that this contagious corona virus don’t spread among us.

But the important question comes here is what do we do sitting at home? Whatever I’ve mentioned above has been done on the first day and many of us are getting bored sitting at home. Isn’t it true? Well, that’s because we always find an escape around people because we’re Afrraid of the isolation. That’s the problem with extroverted people.

I’ve been a person who has always liked being in solitude, around my books, journals, laptop, and stuff doing the same work for years. So it won’t affect me but many people will get affected by this loneliness which is trying to kill them.

But I want to share a few insights on what can be done in this critical time is nothing but to work on ourselves. Yes. Working on our own intelectual is the need of an hour because that’s what keep us aware about the new life we’re gonna have after this pandemic.

I’m sharing the pages of my journal so you can read those 5 pointers that one can work on and get awareness about the situation.

These are few of the tips, which can be worked upon. Let me know in which city or country are you in and what more can be done in this quarantine time.

I wish you be aware about the surrounding of yours by keeping yourself sanitized and stay at home. 🙂

Stay healthy. And be safe.

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40 thoughts on “Utilization of Self-Isolation While Sitting At Home”

  1. This has been quite insightful!! Here’s wishing you a safe and productive quarantine as well Sumi 💕 Keep up the blogs, I am always looking forward to what you have to say next!

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      1. I’v been hearing the news about the cases in India. I just hope you are all taking the preventive measures seriously.

        No, it’s not. Schools shut down, gatherings, etc. people are strongly advised to close down and remain indoors. But not everyone is heeding to it.

        Yes, the facilities for basic amenities are still open. 😁

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      2. It’s not only in India alone. It’s everywhere. Most people aren’t taking it seriously. They are behaving like there’s a proven cure and vaccine for it.

        They need to stay safe, as least, for us. If they don’t stay safe, we aren’t safe either

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      1. It’s true dear.
        Actually last year i.e October ‘18, I lost my husband in an accident and I stopped writing.
        After couple of months I started writing ….and credit goes to some of the bloggers and my family members.but still I am struggling.

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  2. Being an introvert, Isolation was not a punishment but a part of my life! LOL. I anyway love enjoying reading books, writing blog, making travel plans and more. I can’t believe what you have written in your journal is just the reflection of my thoughts as well! I can see you are well organized. Later in the day, I will also read your book reviews….:)

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    1. Yes, I feel we’re the same.
      Whatever you’ve said is what I do and even I’m not worried about being in home doing all the things I couldn’t do due to work.

      I’ve already completed 11 books till now for 2020 and I’m writing, reading, music, movies, family time.. And what not


      1. Hahah! You should, and you surely are.

        It’s been 5 years I’ve been blogging, but didn’t like the way I liked your posts. They’re easy and so good that it feels as if I’m travelling myself there with you.

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  3. A good list. We have divided up our day so we don’t get on each other’s nerves, in my case: morning; 3 miles walk, writing for my blog, prepare lunch: afternoon: reading, gardening, meditation; evening; tv, early to bed.

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  4. 2020 is all about realisation be it about world or you! What human have done to themselves and the world is pretty visible. We are fortunate enough that we are spending our precious time with ourselves n family. Many cries for the same. Definitely we should recognise ourselves in the time of isolation. Read, paint, write, dance, sing, do yoga, meditation, develop new skills in short be creative & express your gratitude everyday for what we have! Above all that we should take care of our body; a gift by god. Thank you Sumit for reminding to utilise every minute n hour 🌸

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    1. You’re absolutely right. This is the exact time to count our blessings, by doing things we love, and to spend the time with our family.

      It’s not my comment, but your heartfelt words that made me so happy this morning. ☺

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  5. “Nature has pressed the reboot button.” I love the way you worded that. There are definitely a lot of benefits to the present situation. I’m seeing kids playing in their yards instead of on their tablets, parents playing with them instead of working overtime, neighbors visiting across the street or from their porches – some meeting their neighbors for the first time – and many, many people eager to help one another in any way they can. (I am in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.)

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    1. Your comment actually made me so happy. Isn’t it the life we’ve been wanting to have since decades?

      And yes, you proved it we all are LIVING this life. So happy to see this.

      May your be safe with your family in the USA. It’s a lockdown here in India till April 14.


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