On My Death…

What would you do if
You could walk on top of your
Grave one night?

I’d be laughing on all my so called achievements and regrets of life I’ve ever had. Because at that moment, all I’d be caring about is who I am now?

Does that make me a good person? Is my life worth living? Have I made an impact by putting my energies into things I’ve been crazy about for day in day out? Things I have been running after makes my death any happier?

And I’d again laugh on my own self because, at the end of the day, anything which is related to this outer world makes no sense until and unless you’re happy from within. Everything is bullshit.

I’d laugh on the grievance I’ve made to people, for silly reasons I’ve ignored them, and cry in solitude while penning down how much I loved them, getting upset with the God for being too harsh on me when I was broken inside out. But that wouldn’t make any sense, because I know nobody had all the answers to those unknown questions than my own self.

Finally, I’ll be having a broader perspective about the life I’ve lived, but there wouldn’t be anymore life by then. All I’d have is the few moment in my forgetful memories which would make me smile. And this way I’ll go back to my grave again. 🙂


Copyright© 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

42 thoughts on “On My Death…”

      1. Ah! Don’t say that, I’d always want to finish my life at the happiest moment.
        I don’t know why but I always feel like I’m gonna suicide one day. This is scary.


      2. I wanna slit my wrist

        And stab a dagger through my chest.

        I wanna feel the pain

        As the red liquid flows out my vein.

        Empty my mind slow and steady

        As I drift into a forever sleep.

        I want close my eyes

        Never to open once again.

        It’s a beautiful life

        But death seems all the more pretty.

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      3. At times, I want you to come and sit beside me under the favourite tree of mine and speak about all that which you’ve been suppressing inside your heart, which is killing you inside everyday. I want you to open up to me with all your dark secrets which you’ve been residing in your head since decades.

        I want to listen to all the heartbreaking moments you’ve been facing in life, and how they were tragically ignored in the eyes of people.

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  1. Why you have written so much sad post.you don’t know that life is precious gift given by God.the life is other name of enjoying and suffering and serving some vulnerable efforts for humankind.at the last of end,we all have to go near our Creator-God.bless you my dear!! Always think in positive way.🌹

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    1. I absolutely agree with you, Aruna. I guess, this is one of the major drawbacks of being a writer. We cannot hind anything. We can do that to someone else, but never with our own self. So when we feel anything we just pen it down.


  2. Personally I don’t think so I would have any regrets because even if I were given a chance again I don’t think so I would change anything at all. Life!

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