She Can’t Be Yours! (NSFW)

She can’t be yours

If you try to own her

If you’re loyal and lucky enough

She might surrender herself to you

Just make your intentions clear

Tell her what you want

Show her where you want to take her

Let her know what you’ve

always dreamt of

And she may gift you

something which you might

never forget in this lifetime.

Copyright © 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

110 thoughts on “She Can’t Be Yours! (NSFW)”

      1. I just suddenly wanted to post a tiny piece in the middle of my exam schedules..😂😂😂😂😂 it’s getting really hectic! I’m rarely getting time.. anyway, the holidays r coming! Yayy!! I will get a lot of time to read your posts, I will post too. 😊😋

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      2. Ab kya kare…😂😂 Leave it.. i gave an aptitude exam and i got 50% arts and 50% science suggestion..😂😂🤣🤣 hopless Condition i am.😂

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      1. I think part of a relationship is ‘giving up’ something for something else or giving the other party something you previously had sole control over. At least that’s what I got from this and I believe it’s true 🙂

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  1. Yes she is enough to handle your scars,if you give your 100 percent to her, she is the one who is down to earth and love you the same way if you respect her, she will make you and destroy you❤
    You are amazing mr.official…loveyou❤

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  2. Amazing! I have praised you for your earlier write ups and i dont know what to say now. For a new blogger like me its an good lesson to take from. You write from the bottomest part of your heart and this makes each post more and more beautiful. Do visit my blog and please feel free to give suggestions.

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    1. Thanks so kuch Anjali for the kindest words you have just said. It’s not always about the one who writes but also who reads it with a pure heart. And you’re surely one of them. ❤❤

      And no writer is a new writer. Zee all are just learners. I’ll surely have a look. 🌼


  3. Its very touching.. And true she would surrender everything and against that revert she want loyality and… Just one.. Thing… But is very rare to find in todays generation… 💞💞💞💞💞.. But i love it… Seriosly too goo.d..😍😍😍

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  4. That is so true, Sir. Nobody can be ours forcefully. Just like butterfly. We might run behind it for hours, but it doesn’t come to us, but if we leave it free, it might come and rest on our palm. 😻

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    1. Hearing this from a woman herself take years to earn this. I appreciate that, Rashmi.

      I’d love to give this credit to my mum as she’s always made me respect and love women for who they are and why are they so much important.

      Growing up, I encountered with all kinda women across the globe and one thing which I found in them is, love.

      They are love. Women can only seek love in return nothing else.


      1. The world will turn to be a better place if men around the globe start thinking alike you.
        I have a certain liking towards people who listen to their moms.

        You truly justify her upbringing.
        The world needs people like you.

        Give regards to your Mom from my side.
        Much love to you and your Mom too💛💛🤗🤗

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      1. I will get back to you on this. Let me get out of the this whole thing that I read. Let me overcome my emotions once and I’ll write to you.
        Till then know one thing you are what you are because of your Mom and you are making her proud for sure💛

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      2. I have read it all Sumit. And I was sobbing when I was going through it. I am emotionally weak, it takes me time to get over something I connect to. I loved it, I loved the way you presented it. You say nah, that your words are your power. I think there is some positive energy that is working on you, to improve you with everything that you write.

        You are a blessed soul. And you are making each and everyone you meet proud of the fact that they met you. I personally adore you as a human.
        Much love to you💛💛
        I respect you a lot🤗

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      3. No. You’re wrong to say that you’re emotionally weak; rather you’re emotionally so strong that you sense the love that needs to be loved. And to love someone, one needs power. You are powerful to read my vulnerability and still there to love me for who I am.

        Your words speak the truth undoubtedly. Thank you Rashmi for the uncountable love that you always share with me. I’m blessed to have you here.

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      4. Let me not make any promises here. Buy you’ll find me here by your side always. I am fortunate to have met someone like you.

        Sumit do I need to clear my side saying trust me I am not fawning you or trying to flirt…
        Or that I genuinely respect you🙂🙂


      5. Absolutely not. Your genuine appreciations are far better than any flirtatious talks.

        I see the depth on everything you say. Believe me, that’s more attractive for a man.


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