10 Productive Things I do After Work Besides Scrolling On My Phone

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, not an act, but a habit.


We all must have read this quote for thousands of times, but how many of us actually put an effort to implement in our lifestyle. It is really easy to say that we all are “Busy” in our time, but that doesn’t mean we are productive enough, are we?

We feel so procrastinated to try anything new in our life, especially, when it is out of our comfort zone. I was also one of them until I got to know I have really less time to start learning and experiencing things in life. I was blessed enough to be able to do many of the things in my early stage of life from coming in newspapers for my writing, my statements, beard articles, photography, appearing on national television, working with Radios, writing for magazines, and to be done with my Masters study (MBA) at the age of 21.

I then started the second phase of my life. Job. Yes! Everyone gets too dramatic when they think they have to work as a labour and that there will be no life out there. Well, it is my third year in my professional life, and I belong from the core business of Sales where meeting, calling, and going field is a part of my job. I enjoy my work. It is full of art.

Although, what I could not digest was when back in 2017 I had stopped pursuing my dream of reading and writing. I thought it would affect my job and it DID. Why? Because even after leaving my passion behind I could not focus. So I thought of manage both the things simultaneously.

A few days back, I had asked on Instagram that would anyone want to know about what kind of things I do after 11-12 hours of work I do to keep myself creative enough, and 70%+ result was in yes. People want to know and I am happy to share my process I have been following for years.

1) Reading

Yes, this is the, first and foremost, the important thing you need to keep in regard to continuous progress. The reason is that it makes me remind what I need to do without fail. So when I get home at around 9 pm what I do after getting freshen up, I read. Yes! Reading is important which helps you to keep the flow. I read a book for an hour. At least.

30 Pages a day is enough. Don’t force yourself more.

I’ve completed the below books till now:

2) Listen to AudioBooks

So reading is a bit tiring at times, but I don’t need to worry, as long as, Audible is there. I listen to audiobooks when my eyes are tired. Or maybe when I want to fasten my speed of understanding, I read and listen simultaneously.

This way I complete my reading goals faster. A good practice to have an understanding of how different words are being pronounced. And when you are listening to a story, you are creating a story of your own in your head.

Other than just listening, I also put up a comment where the chapter starts so it can help people to listen easily.

3) Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube is the best way to learn many of the things, and I could understand that when I understood the people who are actually putting efforts for us to watch. It inspires, teaches us new things, and I guess there is nothing better than that.

What I love watching includes:

  • TedTalks
  • Motivational Videos
  • Book Summaries
  • 2020 Reading challenge
  • Voice Dubbing Artists and their tricks (I love it the most)
  • How Films are made with the props
  • Author interviews
  • DIY videos etc.

4) Improve My Vocabulary with 1 New Word

Being a writer, this practice is the most essential, as it is the need of an hour to use many other words. I carry a diary where I learn, write, and use a new word to keep myself active. I remember, every day I used to tell my Manager (Manpreet Madam) a new word which I would learn and after a few days later I would ask her the same, and she would remember and tell me. It is actually fun to do when you have someone to accompany you.

5) Improve My Reading “Speed Reading Coach”

It is a fact that I was such a slow reader that I would finish a single book in months, not because I was not reading daily, but no matter how much I would read, I still took a lot of time. I used to be jealous of people around me who’d complete a book in a day or few days. I was not one of them. I, then, decided to work on myself and with the help of different apps, and YouTube videos I got to learn about the tricks to read and understand faster that I recently completed 5 lakh+ words’ book, with 1300+ pages, in just 12 days. (1Q84 by Haruki Murakami)

6) Write about my Leadership Skills which I observe in Myself

As I have mentioned, this is my 3rd year in the organization with Jaro Education but rather than just taking a designation, I want to grill myself. I want to know the in-depth qualities and weaknesses of mine so when tomorrow I will be handling tens of people. I am already prepared.

My Teammates with whom I spend most of my Time. “Chembur Panthers.”

7) Investments and Mutual Funds

Spending 70-80% of your income and save the rest of the amount is our savings, right?

Well, I was one of them who used to think like that until I understood money doesn’t grow like that until I put the seed of some part to let it grow. Mutual Funds. I search for the market and companies I can invest my money in, after all, I am a Gujarati. I would be very clever before putting it anywhere. With this, I have bought 1 crore’s insurance after my death, I learned how taxation works when you earn a particular amount of income, Government shows its interest in you to take more and more. This is important to learn about the process of cash flow. By doing this, I could control 50% of my unrequired expenses and could invest more than ever.

8) Search For the Gifts

This is a tiresome job when you have someone whose birthday or anniversary is there and you have to gift them something. Lastly, you would choose any random card or gift and gift them. But is it not cliched already?

I wanted to to gift my father and brother a useful gift for new year, rather than buying a materialistic gift, I gave both of them Fixed Deposits that they can use for themselves. Makes sense?

In today’s time what people admire is your thought behind the gift rather than the gift, and one of the usual gifts I give to my loved ones is a hand-written letter I write for them. Of course, that won’t come until you know the in-depth of that person. I prefer doing things from the heart and this one is one of my all-time favorite things to think about a present. I love making my people smile. Always.

9) Surf Pinterest/Quora & Other Useful Apps

Checking out on people is really something I am not into. It is like watching porn where all the fun is being done by someone else, but you are jerking here watching them. This is bullshit. Rather I prefer giving my mind a new way to read and understand new concepts through Quora, random searches on Dictionary, or reading quotes on Pinterest.

The Applications in my phone which I use the most to keep me creative and motivated enough.

10) Writing a Journal Before Sleep

I am still grateful for that one habit I had cultivated to write EVERY DAY on January 1, 2018. It is more than 2 years now that I have been writing every night no matter if I am coming at 8 pm or 3 am after a later night party.

It has helped me a lot to be grateful for the things I have in my life. The people around me, my failures, learnings, my success stories and all the Magic that I feel and see all the time around me. i write them all.

So, that’s it!

Let me know in the comment section if you do something which is exciting I can add on in my list.

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8 thoughts on “10 Productive Things I do After Work Besides Scrolling On My Phone”

  1. Very well written. A nice summary of your daily life routine. It helps in making you better day by day and you get to learn so many things at a time. I like the way you observe a lot about yourself and try to work on areas of improvement.

    P.S: My new post is up :: Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday – Shaniwara Wada

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I believe in one philosophy, Nanchi. That is:

      “Observe your thoughts when you’re alone, and observe your speech when you’re surrounded with others.”

      It’s always helped me becoming a better being than who I was earlier.
      And one of the motives to write it here because many of my colleagues have asked me for how I manage to follow my dreams of being into art while working for almost 12 hours everyday. So I thought of just sharing it. Glad you liked it.


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