How to Work From Home: 5 Successfully Proven Tips

Getting things done when you’re lazy at home is a tiresome job, isn’t it? Since the Lockdown has announced not only India but across the globe everyone is suffering from this dis-ease called Work from Home. I call it a disease because it surely give us the uneasiness to work.Here are a few things that one can work upon to be better at working from home:


I guess, the most important thing which has worked for me is to make a mindset to work. If you don’t drive yourself to get something, you’re gonna be a lazy ass all day long. Make a list. Prioritize things. And go for it.

Get Yourself Ready for the Day

Sitting around in your shorts won’t let you work properly. Get ready like your regular routine, have a breakfast, take a bath, wear good clothes and make a ‘Mindset’ to “Get things done” For the day.

Listing Things Up

Perhaps, there is no one to spy on you, chances are there you might get distracted during the work. Chances are there, you’ll start with something but end up doing something else. If you list all your to-do list, it’s easy to tick them up when it’s done. Make it visible.

Take little Breaks for Water and Food:l

Of course, sitting at one place can become really unexciting and dull. Don’t eat, sleep, and work at one place. Keep moving yourself. After all, you’re not a robot. Remember that.(Also, playing with your pets for a while is okay, as long as they’re wanting to play with you. Unlike my cat. 🥺)

Keep Your Distraction Away

I work as a Senior Career Counselor at Jaro Education- Mumbai and help working professional do pursue their higher studies (MBA/PGDM) from Welingkar Institute- 7506335758And phone is our major source to reach the candidates. So it’s really important to only utilize the phone for official purpose and not for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Tik Tok for fun.And since there’s no motivation for you to push you for your goals to achieve, your self-discipline is what’s going to help you to be better Working from Home.Tell me in the comment section how do you like to work at home? How are you coping with the same?

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50 thoughts on “How to Work From Home: 5 Successfully Proven Tips”

    1. Damn! It’s a pain in the a**.
      My Mama is a professor and he actually takes online classes like that in Gujarat.

      Thank God, I only help people enrolling them and not into teaching. I can imagine the pain they’d give me through Internet. Hahah!


      1. So true Man, half the time I wonder do students even care what we are speaking, it’s tough though. And here we are explaining them everything and online is still better but sending audio is a stupid idea.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Actually!
        I remember me being in a college, when sitting I’m front of a professor, my mind was outside (making blog’s draft in my mind, and it’s true) so being online will surely not gonna grab their attention unless they’re self-disciplined.


      3. One thing is for sure now we are keeping in touch. I mean you saying this to me that you gotta learn from me.
        No wonder I woke up early and prayed well for something good to happen, but this way. I mean Sumit official telling me that he gotta learn from me.. really🙂 this is a deal to me….


      4. Why do you never take the compliments which are completely for you? How can you be always so grounded?

        I have been meeting and greetings hundreds and thousands of readers/people here. Not everyone has that charm to grab the attention of mine when I eagerly wait for your comment. You’re a kind heart. Really!


      5. I have been spending more time on Word press lately. I would say same pinch to you because I too wait for your feedback. And I am not exaggerating really but you know I am so obsessed with you lately, that I have been reading the way you reply to people. Always so genuinely. And that makes me adore you even more. And I am learning from you the art of reaponding. You too are really kind. I get good vibes from you really.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I’ll take this one.
        Thank you. I think we know each other a bit better now. I am glad I made this post today. And I am glad you made a post today so we could interact more.
        And I am not done haa…I can go on and on. And I hope I am not invading your time .


      7. Of course not yet!
        A girl who stops talking is either disinterested or angry. I don’t want you to be either of them.

        Keep on going, I’m here. You’re here.
        There’s a lot more to unveil.


      1. I’m being selfish here.. To loose a reader like you, most importantly a person like you is a big loss.
        I’m good at taking good things and people around me to cherish. And with every post, your name comes up with an insightful comment.


    1. Thank you Chandu. The thing is, even I started working properly from yesterday. 🙈😂

      I had no other option than to write and brag about me that I’m started working, you should too.


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