Prompt #20 | The End

Because you don’t want to let someone

look inside you deeply,

For what’s going inside that mind

What’s wrong with that bruised heart.

The pain, the sadness which stays there

on the parched lips in the form of a constant smile,

Because you’re afraid
To let them read you through your eyes.

Eyes which speaks the truth with

Memories of your bad past,

Paper on which love was written once

Are scrambled out of frustration now.

The pages of your old diary

Carry a name which hurts you.


But you are over it now.

Over her.


You fall for the kind of silence

That makes you love sad endings.

The end.

Copyright © 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

45 thoughts on “Prompt #20 | The End”

  1. Ooooooh the shivers of pain it brings yet that scarred smile still fights to make its way to the surface…Yes I know that feeling like it only lies in my yester-evening….Yes it does.

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  2. It was sooo touching when the writer announced as if in sort of final tone, that he is over her.
    And then the word, maybe.
    Damn, this maybe is what fills the silence in between. Like a rope of hope that ties you to your past that you wish you could forget but you keep holding onto the knot.

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    1. That’s the thing about love. Isn’t it?
      That no matter how much you try to fool yourself by saying you’re over her, part of your heart screams “You’re not” and that’s how maybe comes into the picture.


      1. Thank you, my friend.

        The journal writing has made me a writer day by day. A polished one.

        This is my Day 458 that I’m constantly writing. And everyday there’s a new flow of energy that puts on the paper.


      2. That’s great! Even though I tried keeping a diary when my friends asked me to, and that too on my 17th birthday. I just wrote a page that night, just to keep my promise.
        And to this day, that diary is with me, with all the pages blank but the first one.

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