Gone : A Poem

You promised to give me love,
And to always give me comfort.
Keep this bond forever young,
Let me know if anything I do and if it hurts.

With you I want to play,
Dance and sing a song,
And there comes a time
when you make me horny
and then I make you moan.

I know we’re new, immature
Easy to make mistakes.
But all I want you to understand
I’m ready to rectify if anything I do is wrong.

I still look for your beautiful face
In the cloud sitting under the huge tree,
Precious people like you are important,
And we tend to miss them when they’re gone.

Copyright© 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

45 thoughts on “Gone : A Poem”

  1. Nice one haa Sumit… I mean the beginning was so innocent. Like a innocent lover you make her remember what she said, the promises and the way you ask her to correct you…

    Now comes my favourite part, what I seek in love poems, the way you wanna romp, dance and sing… I love the thought itself..
    Moving forward you realise as you are young, you are vulnerable , mistakes are inevitably but then you seek Apology…
    And then the way you tell her her importance.. but why you ended it on a sad note… Why did the girl leave… Why were you sad😶😔

    Over and all it was beautiful ☺️
    A post worth waiting…

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    1. Yeah, Rashmi! I always want to give her the importance that she deserves and that she can always correct me when I’m wrong or anything that I do if it hurts.

      Your favourite parts haan, I love how you’re filled with love and grace always. It just makes you happy.

      It was not meant to end on a sad note but as you know all good stories end up in with a sorrow and so did my poem.

      I believe, there’s a thing which is always left when someone is gone. And you tryna live with it. That’s what we call love.

      You loved it na, that matters. 💞

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      1. You are giving her everything. That’s what you are. You give everyone more than they deserve by just being kind and generous.
        Thank fully your poems are not your stories.. Sumit cannot be sad..

        I loved it🙂🙂

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  2. I told you na…. your poetry is magical💙
    This is another example of it.
    I don’t know how you write each and every line so gracefully…
    With every word..I could feel the intensity of your writing Sumit.
    You are amazing 💙

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    1. Would you believe me, it was already 03:50 pm and I had to attend the meeting at 04:00 pm with my manager. And in the span of just 5-7 minutes it was written.

      And I understand now why does this happen because there’s people like you who have poured my heart with such love that even the grief sounds love.

      Thank you for being there, Anushka.

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      1. Yes…I can believe this ….
        Because…you are man with incredible heart and beautiful soul💙 and I really mean it Sumit.

        It’s insane…just 5-7 mins…in this span of time …I decide should I sleep…and it’s takes 1 hour to sleep…and you carved a poem…applauses to you man…

        And this line’ grief sounds love’ was lit🔥 see…even while commenting…you never fail to amaze your readers.
        Much love and respect to u💙

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  3. You are one of the best , i have ever read. The way you glorify your words, fill each line with emotions that lets your reader feel some part of what you have went through is just wonderful and beautiful….
    Reading it makes me feel the sadness that you must have delt when she was gone and smile that u have when u remember the moments with her….
    Hope u r good though…😄

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    1. They make impact because they’re being loved and read by such beautiful hearts.

      Nothing could be better than a writer as a compliment that his readers can feel the words inside their heads. You made me feel that good. 🙂

      And yes, it was just a poem rhythmic in a poetic way. Thank you once again for your wonderful view.

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  4. Ohho! This is really cute. 💙 Kisko dedicated hai? I loved the last stanza, it shows the reality of life. We miss people when they’re gone. 😓
    Also, wo horny aur moan wala line nai daalna tha. It’s not going with the feel of this innocent poem. 🤭🤣

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    1. Hahahahahahahah! Horny part😂
      Chandu yaar, come on, I cannot pretend to not put it in this. My poem describe the entire past present and future. Not only a sad part. I didn’t even mean that sad part jitna sad everyone made it.

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    1. Yes, Rashmi.
      Would you believe what did I do?
      I slept today since around 4-4:30 pm and just woke up now. The lights were off and I was deep sleeping.

      I usually don’t sleep at noon but today I felt like and it’s going to spoil my night tonight. Hahaha!


      1. Yes. But I don’t usually sleep either na. Anyway, I’m really bad with sleeping.

        You know nah, when I was working till March, I used to work for 11-12 hours still manage everything and then sleep around 2-2:30 and would be in office too before 10 am.

        Now understand how much I used to stretch.


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