Gratitude Letter!

It was the month of August 2019 when the things in my professional life wasn’t going well due to the lack of many factors. And one of the major factors was I had stopped doing other things which were required for any individual to learn. Once you stop learning, you stop growing. And for a salesperson like me into the Education industry, I had to learn everything that can help me to be more impactful for anyone to buy from me.

I was forced to do something which later I thanked for it happened. And before I tell everything here only, I’d like to share the letter which was originally written on September 4, 2019.

Dear Jay Sir,

Usually, I never write any personal message/mail/letter to anyone until and unless I am deeply touched by their existence in my life. But when it does, I really can’t control my overflowing emotions. And this time, I got those which made me write this now.

It has been a year and a half that I have been in your team ever since you have come to Chembur branch, my only interaction with you or yours with me was mostly through our mediator, that is, Manpreet Madam. My growth has always been attached to Madam’s guidance and support, maybe because I had never felt the need for learning and growing anymore. But this time, when I was asked.. urghh.. TOLD to sit beside you because she felt the need of me getting better exposure on the things I have not worked upon, and she wanted me to over-achieve this month because that is what she wanted from me as her birthday gift, she is my Madam, and I had to do it for her, and there you come in the picture, Jay Sir.

To be honest, it was the first time I had sit beside you, and I was afraid a bit because our way of working has always been differ, I always sweet talk with people to get them in, and you on the other hand, famous for not giving any fuck about what they think. You just do and say what you think right is, no matter in whose favour that goes for.

There are many things which I have learnt from you:

  1. What you Talk on the Call is important than How you talk.
  2. Give them Logic to buy your POV.
  3. Transparency in the Words.
  4. Utilization of Resources.
  5. Professional Utilization of WhatsApp.
  6. Be a Straightforward Decision Maker.
  7. Managerial Activities.
  8. Not to get in the trap if candidate ask for the time. Be Specific on your Deadlines.
  9. Don’t get emotional. This is business, not relationships.
  10. Be a MF salesperson without showing that you are!

And there are many more I can think and write of but, I know, you don’t like reading much. (I still remember the book I had gifted you, is it still on chapter 2? Hahahah!) So this is it for now. I am proud to be the highest contributor, as an individual, in the branch and in many of the closing of my admissions has been done with your support and guidance.

I am heartily thankful for your kind support and the fire you have ignited in me to work in altogether a new way. You have not just received a position as a Deputy Branch Manager, but I can proudly see, what you are today is what you have actually earned. And that is precious for life. The leader in you knows how to train people, and how to make them go. I am grateful that I got a chance to sit beside you to genuinely know you as a person, as a leader, as the future of great heights.

I wish to help, contribute, and support Chembur Branch as long as I am here with all my hearts.

Thank you for your immense support!

Warm Regards,


This was the reaction of mine when I was asked to sit with Jay sir as Manpreet Madam is a Senior Manager who takes care of 3 branches pan India and I had always sit next to her.

It was surely shocking but a good experience too. I shared it today because I guess after 8 months of wait, I published it here because it’s Jay sir’s birthday. And I wanted him to know that his learnings are being taken care ever since.

After all, you should never forget those people who are the ones who teach you anything, or everything. I had to be grateful and this way I did.

Wish you a very happy birthday, Jay Sir.🙂

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232 thoughts on “Gratitude Letter!”

      1. The trust was built earlier and today I thought of paying that respect on this day for everything I’ve learnt and implemented.

        One of the best ways to learn new things is to keep saying you don’t know anything. I guess, that works a lot.

        Your words made me smile that it could inspire you. Thanks once again, Rishabh.


  1. This letter gives some good feel. Like showing gratitude is the most beautiful thing which is not that easy.we overuse the word thank you often but we can’t mean that many times. When we say that word from our hearts that is the best feel ever. It gives happiness to us and that reciever. And your letter is giving that good feel. Hope your Jay sir had smile on his lips while reading this..This is the best attitude. Congrats for your progress in work💐 stay happy😊

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    1. This is one of the reasons that I ended up putting down my words on the paper. When I looked back at that time and realised what I’ve learnt, I could not control myself genuinely saying thank you.

      And yes, last time when I sent him the link, he sat and read it word to word again. I’m the only person in all these 28-29 years have written any letter for him, he said.

      It’s always good to encourage someone who makes the difference in your life and that will help them to continue the same.

      Thank you once again Mitty for your genuine and kind wishes. ☺


  2. Woohoo! Congratulations Sirr! 🥳 I am so proud of youuu. Jay Sir seems to be a really inspiring person, I’m so happy you got to learn so much from him. I hope you’ll achieve the greatest heights, you have all the passion and dedication to prove yourself huh. 💙 Keep shining like the brightest star. 👊😁

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      1. Yeah..Till Jamshedpur is the only Urban cluster where we haven’t have a single case. Testing is also less and ow influx of migrant workers would be a tough challenge. Finger crossed!!!

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    1. Truly, love is something which exponentially increases with its intention. I’m actually blessed to be around the great people, including you.
      Thank you, Nanchi. It is always pleasure having you in my space.

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      1. 😭🙄 You don’t remember!! I post on Wednesday and Friday. And what I post on Friday is Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday. Rest other day it is general travel or food post!

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  3. Good morning Sumit✨
    It was certainly a wonderful blog to read in the morning. Well I am so aware of you writing mails to those of your favourites. But I am so glad to see what exactly do you write. I always say this thing that you are very wise while choosing words. It was so to the point. And the way you began it saying he inspired you to write it all. Fabulous.
    Sumit it’s not a new thing to me to know how grateful you are as a person to everything around you and how genuinely you put up everything in your words.
    You added that conversation with your Beautiful manager (yaa she’s beautiful) of how uneasy you were to sit there without her and how used are you to sit with her. It just gives us a little more sense of you.
    The 10 points you learn from him will certainly help the ones reading you.
    And it’s so good to know that he too took efforts to read what you wrote for him. If he is so big a man, it must be an honour for you if he read it and if he responded back saying nobody did that for him but you.
    It was a wonderful post Sumit. You certainly needed silence to write this. You came up with letting your readers know how important it is to show gratitude to people who inspire you in any manner.
    And congratulations for being on 7th position. Your dedication is seen and it’s good to know it’s recognised as well.

    You know what Sumit everytime I read you I know you a little better, and I just feel blessed to have you around me. You too like your Jay Sir are inspiring people to work to the best of their potential. And that just makes me so so proud of you.


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    1. Good morning, Miss Awtani.
      Glad to have you here a few hours before.

      Yes, you were aware about my pen paling but today you read what’s inside it haan! Quite an observant.

      I said that because there are people who are there for years in my life, and they keep on asking me to write for them, about them, and all I can answer them is a no. I can’t. Because it needs to come automatically nah!

      Also, not just my words but heart is pure to get them as genuinely as they were intended to written with!

      Yes, very uneasy! I never thought of sitting anywhere else. And what we follow in the office is every 3rd of the month all the members get shuffled. I was one of those people who’d never get changed. Hahah!

      When I shared the link in the office group people are loving it so much as if even before sitting next to him, they can learn things through my words. That’s an achievement, I guess.

      And thank you for mentioning about the rank. It was again possible because I’m not told anything for my work pattern. I remember, one of the employees from Pune texted me after the announcement, and asking me how do I manage passion and profession both. Hahah!

      Thank you the nearest one for saying the last words. I’m grateful to have you around too. We’re here. Growing.

      Abundant love,

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      1. Yeah, I got a peep into your personal space through this.

        Yaa you did tell me that there are many people who want you to write for them. But you don’t. It’s a privilege for anyone for whom you write. Because it’s then, that you pour out your heart..m

        Needless to say, you got a wonderful heart…

        No one wanted to lose a gem from their surroundings why would they Charge you… Your vibes are so good to be around.

        It definitely is an achievement.

        Thank you for mentioning me as the nearest one. I am smiling wide dear one☺️

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      2. I didn’t just say to please you, but I meant it. And you know that.

        Like the conversation on the terrace came out automatically, it needs to be like that.


      3. Yes. The day is a bit boring till now. I don’t know why I woke up a bit late, approximate by 11:30 after having a tea, I played with the cats to make my mood stable.

        There’s nothing wrong either, it’s just I am feeling too drowsy today, Rashmi. 🤷🏾‍♂️


      4. That’s amazing! So tell me everything how’s everything going on?

        Since morning what all did you do and where your thoughts are heading you towards?


      5. The first thing I did was to check your blog.
        Umm, once I did my household chores. I came to comment on your blog. I chose to read other blogs and comment back. I heard Mahatria once.
        And here I am talking to the one I wanted to since morning ☺️

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      6. Oh my.. I am here!

        Looks like a perfect day till now haa!
        Yes, I got to see a few comments while replying, a lot of people are loving your choices. I loved that. Believe me.

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      7. Things and people get to meet for a reason, and I’m a firm believer,

        Although, none of us drink but enjoy these moments and let’s cheers! 🍻


      8. Please don’t thank me, if you want to thank anyone then go in front of the mirror and say thanks. Because she’s the only person who’s pushing me for this learning. And I guess, she’s stubborn to make me learn at any cost. 🙈


      9. To hear this from a soul like you,
        My heart feels content,

        Life’s a journey of having the best people around who are not less than a present. 🎁


      10. You’re just being too kind believe me. You’re a Queen of rhymes and I was only good with raw proses.

        It’s not me who did good, but your support as if you’ve held my hand while walking with me. ☺


      11. The one who tell is the one. Now while sitting on the bed, just imagine what you can write next. Anything that you’ve been wanting to write since long


      12. Haha! I did. She’s actually.
        She gets us so easily. And it’s kinda beautiful bond amongst us, isn’t it Rashmi?

        She actually showers so much love on that even if I read it as a third person, I can be assured of words.


      13. I agree Sumit. See with how much conviction she said it must be inspired by Sumit.
        She is just wonderful…
        She’s no different from you or me.. she writes equally long comments to tell how much she loved the post. And she never forgets to make one smile ..

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      14. After 15 min?
        I don’t know it’s that I am able to see a very short comment on your post by me. I wrote a really long one.
        Don’t read it it isn’t worth it… It has not a bit in it..

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      15. Yes, after 15 once I’m done mopping.
        I don’t just want to read by skimming.

        And please don’t say it’s not worth, even if a few words come from you is worth to make me smile.


      16. You’re so stubborn na. When I’m saying I can read this one too. I know it will be more than enough for me.

        But okay, I’m not opening it as asked by you. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m waiting!


      17. I’m getting texts and comments from everyone, including AVP of my organization called me up this morning that he’s read about it on LinkedIn and read it at 2:30 am.

        I was shocked. And he said it was written with so much love that even he remembered his mother who’s in Bhopal now. I’m so speechless that time that other than thank you, I could not say anything.
        But you, you my girl, have talked to her directly and not with me. That makes you different. ☺


      18. Oh yes! I read that in the comment na to it reminded me of him only. He’s far away from India. Please write him something na.
        It’ll make him feel good. And probably the best gift he can cherish for the lifetime.


      19. I just wrote him a note. You know I am not at all strong to write to people on their b’day if they are far from me.
        I’ll definitely write for him, he’s the one I should write for. But not today. He will get Senti there. May be within 2-3 days but I’ll write for sure.

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      20. Haha! No. I’m not. It’s a self-portrait I clicked myself when I had gone to Kochi last October. I was in the middle of a sea, inside a ship.


      21. Oh yes! So I was in Alappuzha inside a houseboat (Search on Google) in which we’re away from the entire world, inside it, the AC rooms are there, there are chefs, and all the facility that we have it in 5 star hotels.

        It was one of the best experiences I had. I was clicking pictures, experiencing it, writing, playing games, everyone was having liquor, playing truth and dare. We were 25 people from office. Including Manpreet Madam.


      22. Haan na yaar! It was such a fun, I wish I could have written about it. It was beautiful.
        In fact, the picture you can see sitting on the chair with goggles, is again a self-portrait. 🤷🏾‍♂️


      23. Yes. We had won a contest and for that we had gone to South to explore.
        In 2018 I had again won a contest from my company which sponsored me the whole Goa trip. And again our branch won a yearly contest and went to Goa again. 😂

        So I was blessed enough to go to Goa twice in the span of 20 days. 🙈


      24. I used to win so much contests from music event, Ranveer Singh’s Gully boy event, IPL matche tickets, Arijit Singh’s concerts, IIFA awards event etc that everyone thought he’s here for winning contests only rather than achieving targets. Haha!


      25. Of course not! It’s just I love to drive myself with something or the other. If I want something na toh I make a note of it and put it on top of the monitor. And I’ll keep on working until I achieve it. Till last moment I work towards it.


      26. Hahah! That I know, and you’ve written me a lot. 💛

        Time to work on something else.. Find out a topic yourself this evening which you’ll be posting before you sleep, Miss Awtani. 👩‍🎤


      27. Before that I just noticed something. Anushka posted something nah today.. I commented her really late.
        Abhi I came across your comment and you know there was a line which both of us have written. I mean the same line
        “It hit where it should”
        Haha! Same thoughts.
        High five,✋

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      28. Come on! Cheer up! You should not always need to be happy with the results. Did you forget what I said? It’s the journey which is the most beautiful nah


      29. I am not replying back there. I am sleeping. I could see people liking it… Go see comments once.
        You know what…
        You’re the best.💛 It is all I wanna say for now .
        Good night ✨✨
        I’ll see you in morning 🙂

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      30. Sumit just a thing
        I know you must be editing your blog, and I know you must be getting a little emotional while doing so.
        But remember one thing, you are a brave man. And mumma’s favorite. And whatever you are doing is just making her so much happy.
        Unless you don’t cry. So try not to cry.

        Liked by 1 person

      31. I’m not a person who can remember things for longer, but reading them again made me relive those moments. I could not even type even while adding up more description.

        But I’m fine now. Amazed by the way, I found your comment on top, the moment I scheduled it for 12:05 am.


      32. I know your reason for that. But I’ll not say anything because even I’d want that but that’s ONLY for tonight, no need to spoil your schedule, as I’ve already spoilt mine since years.


  4. So, after reading this, I get to know one thing about you Sumit, that you are not just an amazing person but a genuine and uniquely wonderful as well.
    I really like the mail that you have written to your sir, full of gratitude, obligation, emotions and most importantly the respect that you have for him.
    With each and every word of that mail I could feel how great you are as a person Sumit.
    And your branch manager, of course with your words I could feel…how amazing she is, as a person, one who believes in wisdom and an overall devlopment of her people with herself. And the ten points that you mentioned in your mails, it shows how keen observer of human nature you are with an intention of always learning and showing gratitude for what you have learned from them.

    And yes…many many congratulations for securing the seventh rank and I hope you fly high and keep shining always.
    So much of strength, love and good wishes to you.💙

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    1. You’re one of those closest people to me who not only reads but get inside the words so deeply that you come out with love.

      Your way of remembering things, even those ones which I didn’t intentionally write about, you’d catch them too.

      Your wishes are so pure and genuine as if you’re in front of me wishing them to me.

      Anushka, you are such a sweet friend of mine and other wonderful people too. Thanks for all the support, words, and your incredible love. 💞

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you so much Sumit.
        By saying this.. .you brought a broad smile on my face.
        And your posts are so good ..that I can’t take a chance of missing anything.
        You are wonderful Sumit.💛
        And we are always here for you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The last line seems so soothing. Would I ever want anything more? 🤗
        It’s my mum’s birthday in next hour, and I’m so excited to repost something which I wanted to confess.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s amazing Sumit, there is so much to love about this post, the first thing is the way you were grateful to what you got even that was not the first things you expected and how it turned out to be great, the other thing is the way you have expressed your gratitude to your seniors as the helped you to learn and grow and how you were patient and learner until you got a chance to handle it on your own.How amazing things unfold sometimes , no?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The best things I could not even understand for years and I could just feel them when I grew up with time. Leanings are really important for an individual’s growth.
      And yes, you’re absolutely right.

      Thank you, Anamika. Your words always calm me.


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