It wasn’t quite a good day,
A day which could be called gloomy in a way.
I thought it was just about me,
But in reality, it was about three.
I went where I usually go at night,
I find the unending planetoid in my sight.
Sitting there under the open sky,
I let my feelings out, and words let cry.
Until I found two known strangers
who joined me in my sorrow,
We sat there in silence and smiles were borrowed,
In the world full of grief, we enjoyed each others’ company,
Shared some propensity towards care,
Before going to sleep on our beds,
We made sure the three of us close the eyes
With a promise to be always there.

Copyright © 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

164 thoughts on “Trinity!”

    1. I wanted to tell when you said I’ll be posting something new in an hour, and till then I had not even thought about what’s going to come, and the same moment I ended up bidding a good night to the friends.

      And with that motivation, this is what I came up with and your appreciation make them even look beautiful. Thanks, Arshnoor.

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      1. Omg…Let me tell u I love reading ur work which u probably know and I wait for it everyday but if u r not happy or feeling good. Lay urself for a day and forget any the rest because in the end it is who and how u r that matters the most.
        Sending u rest for today to get better(cause it’s sunday😉)

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      2. One side you say you love it and the other side to take the rest, I guess either of them is difficult to have. Because such words of appreciation are more than enough for anyone to keep going, and to hear it from your with such honesty, I don’t think I can keep a wait.

        Although, I did have a plan to take a hiatus from the social media for a while but not here. I have you all here with heart filled with great love.


      3. No it’s not difficult to have its simple if u r not feeling good somehow it will reflect but if u take rest and then write it would be wonderful and if u want bot take rest during the day time because there is no work and during night u can write so it’s not that difficult sir.

        That’s true , wish u best health in anything that’s worrying u.

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      4. Your words have a conviction. I accept them. I’ll take the rest and see you again tonight with something new.

        Thank you for the wishes. Have a peaceful night. Stay blessed, Arshnoor. 🙂

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    1. True that, Anamika. We can have a world full of people in our happiness but the one who genuinely wants to be with the hard times are real people. I guess, this is what I’m trying to portray here. Glad you loved it.

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    1. Devika, you’ve always been that secret admirer of my work. You will never forget a chance to read my work, even if you don’t drop a comment, I know you’d personally come and read.

      The same happened when you read that first piece of mine and you bluntly pointed out personally that this is not my type. The sober words and emotions. And I told you I’m gonna have a grip on this soon, and here I am seeing you after that.

      Isn’t it a great moment? Well, thank you for always keeping an eye and I’m glad you loved the elements and incidences in it.


      1. That being said, I never fail to get attracted by a stunning art. Words are nothing but art. But we need to create a masterpiece even if we are creating something too small..

        Enough of the philosophical aspect, I remember the incidents related to your writings.

        Your writings are always epic.

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      2. Truly said by you, it’s the art which has connected us all here on this global platform. And having an artist like you is always a bliss.

        Thank you for your generous words which I always cherish, Devika.


  1. That’s life, we fall we get up and get back to work. We might feel lonely sometimes but we must remember there are few gems with whom we can share our sorrows and happiness. Hope u fine. Nice poem❤️❤️

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    1. Yes, Siddhant. You’re absolutely right and this is one of the reasons we have our chosen family, our friends, with us who always are there fo us. Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. ☺

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  2. Sometimes everything seems normal but our heart would be gloomy with or without reasons too. This is common in days. But we won’t get any true persons all the time just to share our feel. If we get that one person will be the best thing ever, the most loving feel.
    Now I can feel that emotions from your words. It’s so deep the word known stranger portrayed the distant of our own heart.
    It’s amazing to write this kinda emotions and I hope you’re good now.
    See whatelse we need when we gifted with true people at the most needed moment and you valued them with your words too. The most amazing work.. Stay happy😊

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    1. This is exactly what it was felt last night, Mitty. I was sad even without a reason. Because I know my trait, if I find something disturbing, I find out there solution immediately but very difficult when the problem is unknown.

      And wonderfully said by you it’s not thousands of people but a few ones to cheer us in that moment. We always crave for that.

      I’m all good since the night only, thanks to the words which became my savior through this poem, not only it gave me a way to release what Knhad but to have you here on this poem. 🙂

      You’re always true with your words that I can find that love in that. Thank you for being amazing, Mitty.


      1. I don’t know whether I am amazing or not. But recently I am developing a thing. Like I too have days like this often will crave for someone. I know who can uplift me at that times unfortunately that human is always busy now. I can’t blame my friend for that.I felt very bad but I will get some unexpected people at that time and it will be more soothing to open myself to them who I hardly knew. It is the big thing right they don’t want to be with me but they are I started to embrace that feel.
        This made me to realize that all humans have some problems and they too long for a special person at that time. Most of that time it won’t happen made them to grieve further. I came to think selflessly after I realized that. Now I am trying to be with many people not just closed ones even to the strangers. When someone is in need of a human support I will be there for them.It gives pure bliss.
        Our life will get right things at the right time so let’s go with that flow.You will be at your best always. Be Happy😊😊


      2. This really happens Mitty. I can completely understand, blessed are those who find their emotional companions with whom they can share things and when they aren’t available, we feel bad.

        And what you just said to be available for people who are in need and you’ll be available for them, has increased my respect for you. You think about those who have not thought about you. This is what we call an unconditional love. And you’re a live example of that. You do not need to worry about being alone, and I can assure you that we’re here as a family, I’m here for you and always ready to listen or read you for everything that you could not make anyone understand.
        This is one of the great reasons to be here.

        I wish you the happiness with this thought. 🙂

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      3. Your words mean a lottt😊Thank you for that. You’re are too good at saying most beautiful things always. Really it’s you having good soul, you knew me hardly still you assure to read everything. It’s a big deal man.
        Thank you so much for your kind words. I too will be there if you need something. And yeah I am having happy day and your words brought etc happiness. Keep doing that😊

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      4. I shall keep doing that, Mitty. Now smile and post something it’s been so long since yesterday that I’ve not got the chance to read the new post. 🙂


      5. Yeah I am on that process, will post within few hours. Got stuck in someother work.
        Surely you’ll get chance to read tonight. I am curious to see your comment on my post too☺️

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  3. Happy morning Sumit✨
    What a wonderful poem, I could see glimpses from last night here and I lived the night back with this poem.

    You know it’s like we can read each other’s mind now, I knew somewhere that you gonna write about it now. And look you’re always there to meet expectations.

    Coming to your rhyme, it’s improving with each passing day. And it is clear from this, that you aren’t forcing it anymore. It is coming naturally to you. I am the happiest here.

    Now let’s talk about content, the way you began by setting up the whole scene…
    I liked the thought of ,” unending planetoid”, “words cry” and the best of all “known strangers”

    And the ending my God,with a promise to be always there✨

    It was a beautiful tribute to the ones who has your company last night. I pray and wish the three of you stay together always. And may your friendship grow with time and that you keep up with good rhyme ✨✨

    See you around ✨


    1. Good morning, Miss Awtani! ✨

      What can be better than living them again. We can surely do that now and it is so effortless that we hardly have to put any efforts to know that. It just happens naturally.

      Thank you my rhyming teaching for giving me good marks after teaching the same. You know whom would I give this credit to.

      The words were again so much in a flow that all I could do was to put them in the poem to give it more value, just like the two of them.

      The ending wasn’t just an ending, it was a beginning.

      I am honoured with those souls who were with me last night and for all the love that we had exchanged. And wish to do the same again and again.

      See you around! ✨

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      1. Good evening, Rashmi!

        As discussed, I’m enjoyiny sabbatical being away from the work and social media. And guess what, I’ve got this interest of watching Mahabharata (Star Plus one) on Hotstar.

        My love for Krishna is immense and it makes me fall for him more. So yes, the spiritual meditation is going on.
        I hope you’re doing great with your day there? What all did you do today?

        Smiles. ✨


      2. Yes, Rashmi. Also, I’ve completed a book which I’ll be posting soon. I’ve just summarized it in two pages, need to type digitally though.

        I missed you too. I still do. I talked to Anushka just now ans told her about you.
        Ludo! Well, I expected this and here we are! I hope your all time favorite game must have made you laugh harder. ☺


      3. You “still do” makes me smile🙂🙂

        I am waiting for your reviews. Watch Krishna and type fast.
        You were in my thoughts while I was playing, laughing I don’t know but yaa I was smiling ✨

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      4. I won’t be disappointed in the least Sumit. It was your time, you did not kill it. You were feeding your mind.
        You don’t get time in rest days of the week nah…
        Its perfectly fine
        And otherwise also you post it late night nah!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You understand my schedule so well. Thank you, Rashmi. ☺

        I’ve thought about it, as I’m at the usual place right now and thinking about posting a little piece and tomorrow noon I’ll be sharing about the book. It’s about Entrepreneurship and business ideas.

        It might be descriptive. So let’s try to do it by tomorrow.

        You tell me nah, what’s up with you there? Another game of Ludo now?


      6. I’m not being formal baba, I’m being thankful. ☺

        Yes, the ideas are really amazing in the book. And what are you saying? Written something for mumma? Well, it was the least I had expected from you considering the mood of yours.

        But I’m really excited to know you did, after all, mum is love.

        Did you show her what you’ve written? Can you describe how was her first impression?


      7. Oh Rashmi! I know you’ve just done it for me here. It wasn’t in the plan to share here na? Huh! You’re too sweet. But I cannot wait see your childhood clip either. I don’t know if I should be sorry to make you post here or be excited that I’m gonna look at the little Rashmi.


      8. My comment could not be posted there. Please copy from here and paste it after that haa!

        “The words are pure form of love from how she never tells you how much she loves you by hugging and kissing and I was such a dumbass to feel all my life why my mum isn’t like other mums who doesn’t express her love if she feels like. I was stupid to know the one who loves us unconditionally and and care for us would always do that, always. And she did the same. To the ones whom I used to compare her love with, and turned up into something else now. I don’t see the care for their grown up kids now, but I still remember the unspoken love my mum shared with me. The silence had more effect on me than any words. I get it now. And the little incidences through your words made me….

        Rashmi, you’re really a blessed child, to have her around. Even if she doesn’t kiss or hug you, you go and hug her tightly from behind and tell her how she means for you. Tell her bluntly, that you’re always gonna be her princess daughter and that you love her a lot.

        Happy Mother’s Day to the lovely Mother-daughter. And the last picture of yours was a treat for me.”


      9. Good morning Sumit!
        I read it all and I wanna speak to you.
        Nothing major. Just gotta tell you something.

        Buy for now you focus on your work. I’ll see you around ✨✨

        Wishing you a fantastic day ahead ✨

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      10. Oh my my! Did I miss this comment?
        Very lethargic of me to not being active.

        I’m sorry haan! And thank you for feeling that already. I had the best evening with this today. ✨


  4. Aww, this is so full of love and emotions. These kind of friends are hard to find in today’s world. But I am so glad you have such people in life who care about you. Never let them go. 💙 And this is beautifully penned. Again, I love the rhymes. 🥳

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    1. Truly said. I remember years back when I had joined this platform I was new and I met many people, I interacted with new people everyday. Everyone tried to be close but ended up with something or the other. But there was one person who was there who bad never given a thought of going, yes, I agree, she did take a sabbatical for a while but she came back. And I know she won’t go for any break now and gonna be there until forever.

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      1. Nahi ma’am. I get you even when you don’t use any title. 🙅🏿‍♂️

        You’re not gonna make me live wese bhi, and gonna come with new titles everyday. 😭😂


  5. Good morning Sumit 😊
    How you are today?
    I hope you are fine💙

    Now .. coming to this post..
    Sumit…you know what…last night I slept well… because I talked to you both. I wish I had done this before…I wouldn’t have been off all day.
    You both are amazing..and I am glad…that I have you both here.
    I just loved it…
    Each and every line…was showing the bond…that we have.

    And you know what, somewhere I had the hint that you will write this, and I am smiling wide and wide after reading this.

    And this line…
    Shared some propensity towards care, 
    Before going to sleep on our beds, 
    We made sure the three of close the eyes
    With a promise to be always there.

    This is giving me peace 💙
    This is damn beautiful ✨
    Take care Sumit.


    1. Good morning, Anushka!
      I’m doing all good now, woke up late today being Sunday.
      But I want to know how are you feeling today?

      It was indeed one of those moments where the three of us were physically present with each other. How beautiful is that.

      And I don’t know how did you guess it so well that I’m going to write about it. It was so instant haan!

      The lines I ended up with is what I meant from the heart. Glad you could connect and appreciated.

      It’s not beautiful the bond of trio is. ☺

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      1. Yarr…
        Adhe Mei hi send ho gya😅

        I was saying..
        These days… everyday seems sunday.😅
        I am feeling much better.
        And you tell are you?
        This poetry made my day…and you know what..I have saved this post of yours.
        It was amazing Sumit💙
        This is what friendship is…right?

        Common Sumit…I didn’t even just was sure…that Sumit’s gonna write this💙

        Those last lines…were just magic and heart of this.
        Take care Sumit.
        Have great day.✨

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      2. Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s absolutely friendship is all about!

        Very kind of you to save it Haan! And why not this bond has taken its own time to build and here we are living each other a lot. It’s always visible. Touchwood. 🧿


  6. You always put across your emotions in a subtle way. Loved how you have penned them down. Were those two known strangers – Love and Hope? 😉😊 I am sure they were there to calm you down. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just try to be as much honest as I can, and it reaches your heart. My good fortune to have you.

      And we can consider love and ‘love’ as those known strangers. Haha!

      Thank you for your cheering words, Nanchi.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I knew that. And you know what Nanchi, one night I was wondering that we, being writers, have the power to make anyone feel how we feel just with the proper use of words and vocabularies.

        But then there comes these emojis which spoil everything by giving the other person idea about the entire feel. And credit goes to the emojis, rather let’s make our words so powerful that we can get even without any additional support.


      2. Haha! Nahi. I had thought of keeping this practice since the year has started. But somehow I could not, or at least not directly because people feel as if we’re talking in a rude way or a dull way (the way you’ve perceived me, haan!)
        And this works here on our blog posts too, right? We don’t use emojis to inside our posts because we know it has its own values, right?

        By the way, do you think my thought process is making sense?

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