Book Number 13: The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

Book number: 13
Book name: The 4 Hour Week
Author: Timothy Ferriss
Book Length: 308
Time taken to read: May 2- May 9, 2020
Genre: Self-help/Entrepreneurship
Recommended to: Anyone who wants to start the business of his/her own.

Inspired me to learn about:

This is really an exciting book I got to know after a very long time, it clears your mind with the thought of not think like how everyone is already thinking. All our life, we have been listening about to complete our education and then have a job, whether you like it or not, just keep doing until you make a lot of money one day(according to you) and sit by kicking that job off. Isn’t it?

But Tim tells you here that even if you work like this for the entire life of your way, you won’t be able to take the advantage because till then even you are not sure about anything. And hence, it suggests you to have a mini-retirement plan in between the work.

So the author tells a DEAL here, yes, which is actually a good deal.

D- Definition

E- Elimination


L- Liberation


In this, the concept of Wealth is being share. Anyone who has a lot of money is not rich but how free he is while earning that money is.

  • Wealth Concept:

Time v/s Mobility

  • Define your goals and try to pursue them.
  • Do what you love rather than being stuck at one place for the sake of money
  • Result Oriented work:

This is something which we need to understand that it is not compulsory if the person or an employee is working 10-12 hours a day is productive. We have a lot of examples that if a student is in going to school every day doesn’t mean, he’ll clear the exam. If a director is putting millions of rupees in the making of a film doesn’t mean it will be blockbuster, same way if you are spending hours in the office doesn’t mean you are actually learning or being productive.

Being busy and being productive both are completely different thing. For example, in a day I spend a lot of time on my phone with blogging, leaning through English Apps, reading Quora, learning new words, accessing my official work on WhatsApp, creating marketing content, Writing book summaries/reviews, penning down proses, stories, and poetry. At the same time there would be other people who would be on phone all day playing PUBG and Ludo, and that won’t be productive for a long go. So, understand the difference and always go for the result oriented work.


At times, the most important thing to find is to not what to do but what NOT to do. In this, we need to eliminate all the things which are our distractions.

  • If your phone is distracting while you are working on laptop, put the phone behind the laptop. You won’t get distracted.
  • Stop checking your mails again and again.
  • Do what is important.
  • Selective Ignorance: You need to stop doing what doesn’t interest you. If you are feeling the movie isn’t your type, stop wasting time watching it, the same goes for a book. Not every book needs to be finished. If it is boring, leave it aside and jump on another.
  • Dealing with focus: The work you do without focus might take 3-4 hours, but the same would be completed with 100% in just an hour. Try yourself. I did.
  • Batch Time Consuming activity together: Now working from home can be a tough for us, and in this we need to do a lot of house chores too, if you have all those works, then accumulate and complete them first so it won’t distract you later.


Even if you do your job or business, always make sure that it should not require your presence all the time. For instance, an IT engineer might be too good at his work, and earns well too but if he’s not in office, and he’s required he cannot do anything. The same goes with when a person is working for 9 hours a day and after that there is no automation of that work in terms of earning then it is waste.


If I tell about my work pattern, being in sales profile the only way I found out in my 3 years of career is to be kind with people, help them when they need you, build a rapport, and be available selflessly, and most of the time they are the only ones who bring customers for me because they are happy with me, even if they do bad with me, I am good to them. Selflessly.

Once there was a girl who wanted to buy from me, and was ready with everything, when I tried to help her with the same, she blocked me and never picked up my calls. The same thing I told the girl who had referred her, after a few month, the girl called me that she’s sorry for the misshapen now she wants to proceed ahead, can you help her, and I, on the other end, forgot all the grudges and ego I had for her put aside, and smilingly said yes.

Today that girl, is not just my customer but a fan of my blog and writings too. I didn’t just get a customer but a reader too. And it could happen with one thing and that to be kind in your business. There is no need to take anything personally.

  • Outsourcing: Find out people and machines who can replace your time with their efforts. For example, as I said, I maintain a good relationship with my existing clients and in return they outsource me another clients. So rather than finding new ones myself, I will keep myself busy providing them service so they can outsource me people.
  • Finding the Muse: Now either it is a business or a job of yours, if you don’t find your muse then there is nothing anyone can help. You need to find out what attracts you the most, and what keeps you work with all your heart.

So there are 7 steps that one can follow to find out the business he/she wants to start with–

Step 1: Affordable

Step 2: Brain Storm the idea

Step 3: Test the Idea

Step 4: Management even in your Absence

Step 5: Do everything by yourself

Step 6: Outsourcing

Step 7: Focus on 20% Business


  • You need to understand that the job you are doing is not going to feed you for a lifetime, you need to learn a lot of things before you start your own business. This is a golden opportunity one have to get the learning for the work, along with that you will get paid too. But if you don’t learn anything then it is a waste of time and resources.
  • Take the trainings. A lot of them.
  • Gain Skillset
  • Take leaves from your work and focus on your business. (I remember when I want to get rid of my daily schedule, I pick up a book, my journal, a pen and spend time where I feel the best)
  • Work from Home: As many of us follow this patter due to Covid-19 Pandemic, just get the official work done and focus on your business idea. This is the best time.
  • Remember: Leaving your job won’t be a big deal but how you survive after that matters the most, hence all I am trying to covey here is work simultaneously on your job and business before you leave your job completely. If things go well, leave a job, maintain savings, and decrease expenses.
  • Mini-Retirements: Rather than saving all the money for the future, make yourself flexible enough to that can make you-

Take mini-retirement – Travel the world – Back to work

3 takeaways from the book:

  1. Get out of your self-defeating Assumptions.
  2. Eliminate unimportant Work
  3. Put your Income on Autopilot
  4. Enjoy freedom of Location.
  5. And lastly, even if you put 4 hours a week in your business Idea like this, you will live happily.

SumitOfficial’s rating: 4/5 stars

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98 thoughts on “Book Number 13: The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss”

  1. This sounds like a really great book. I’ve been trying to read more books of this genre and I’ve started with basics like ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and completed it and most of what you’ve said here has been highlighted there but just as headlines nothing more deep. I guess I’m going to be picking this book up next.
    Love the formatting of this post. Super informative.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey, Anya! This is actually a book that can change our perspective about what we’ve been taught all these years. It opposes that. It opposes the meaning of having a job or business that can be calculated by hourly pay than the yearly pay. Your real treasure is how less you work, and more you produce.

      I was shocked to understand the concepts of this book.

      Rich Dad… Is a famous one to have but when we read what current entrepreneur’s are implementing to get the results we become more aware.

      And I’m sure after reading this book, you’ll see the transformation.

      Thank you for recognizing the efforts by loving it. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ve got this one downloaded and I only just realised this was on the list of books I wanted to read…. I’d kept this on my list because I’d heard it was good but never really read the synopsis because o trusted the internet. Having read your thoughts on it, I’ve decided I’m going to get to it ASAP

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Such a good thing to hear that my words could make you trust this book. I’m excited to read about your views on it. Please share once you are done. I’d love to know that.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey! Good evening ✨
    I actually dozed off after lunch today… And here I wake up to your post.. yaaayyy!

    Yaa I read it, I read it completely without missing onto a single word. Though I don’t want to start my business or anything. But I wanted to read.

    Coming to the information that you just imparted. I was really impressed by the way you say things straight to the point. Okay that deal thing, it was actually a deal.. the best I liked was liberation.
    As usual you have your own stories associated with everything. I liked what you shared with us about that girl customer cum reader of yours. How gently you deal with everyone like literally everyone Sumit.

    And yaa you did share with us what do you do other than blogging on phone, how you do you keep yourself updated and stuff.

    Most of all, it’s really hard to summarise a business book. You chose it well what needs to be shared with the readers. All the points you shared are gonna help anyone interested to start business.

    Then those few points that you shared in the last like take a break and then get back to work or how you can do your work 100% with focus.

    Then I liked the idea of hiding phone behind laptop, so it doesn’t distracts you and then leaving a book that doesn’t interest you and same goes for a movie as well….

    I’ll tell you what I have a crush on your wisdom… And I would love to see you enhancing it…

    It was all in all wonderful. You put all your efforts in what you do Sumit and you know what it’s all visible here.
    I am really proud of you ✨

    See you around ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good evening, Rashmi.
      That’s nice na, sleeping is a bliss in itself.

      I loved when you said you read it even if you don’t want to start anything of yours. You still put an effort to read nah! It was such a long post.

      Hah! There’s a thing with me, I’ve self-analysed a lot inside that whenever I read a self-help book I feel like I have been doing, or witnessed that already. It’s like a magic has always been there, I just unveiled the curtains.
      And the girl did bad to me when I was trying to help, but then realised her fault, and I forgave her because the Lord has forgiven me a lot of time for my big mistakes.

      I have always been like that, Rashmi. As if there’s someone who keeps asking me for what all did I do the previous moment and I need to be answerable to that. And guess what, that ‘someone’ is me only. I cannot sit idle. Ever. This is one of the reasons many of my art works come from the real world, because even if I cannot find anything, I look around and find so much more. And you too around. ✨🎩✨

      It actually took hell lot of efforts to summarise everything. I penned it on papers last night, today since noon I’ve been working on it point wise, headline wise, along with the examples.

      And what really makes me happy is you can see the efforts, and nothing could be better than that.

      Out of 50, now we’re going to complete remains 37 in this year.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We will be completing the remaining for sure!

        It wasn’t a long post at all. It keeps the reader entertained enough to not care if it was long. Only if you scroll atop you see it was long.
        And you have that thing in you, you won’t let anyone get bored.

        I know how much you work to analyze yourself day in and day out. And that makes you unique!

        You are very kind to say that even God has forgiven you for your mistakes.

        I liked the thing you shared next, about how you want to know everything about what you do. How you do self introspection.

        Efforts are all seen. It’s when you take time to post things, it’s understood that it takes a lot of time and better understanding of everything.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oops! I surely did, misunderstand this.
        I’m sorry. 😦
        Yes yes! A big yes from my side. Please go ahead. Again people will read you, and Anushka and I would HiFi to each other that we already know this about our loved one.


      3. I’m not. The post wasn’t meant in the past but in the present and for the future.
        There’s nothing which drags me behind, and my muse. You know it all, Rashmi.


      4. You’re a sweetheart to say, Rashmi.
        All I want you to do is to be cheerful yourself and be there. I’ll be fine. I guess, I’ll be reading something and that’s all gonna work or maybe I’ll sleep.

        You stay. You know where you have to, and I’ll see you around. ☺


      5. I cannot stay with you over chats. It’s quite late already.

        But I just wish you get back fine.
        And smile like a charming Sumit✨
        Some things aren’t made to look dull… You gotta shine like a star ✨

        Liked by 1 person

      6. That’s only because of the powerful connection that is built between them. You’re amazing to give me that power to realize, and secondly, to understand if something’s wrong.


      7. Nothing specific, Rashmi.
        Just something related to work, really!
        Someone just did everything a few days back and he doesn’t want to proceed and I’m a little tensed about it nothing else.


      8. I can, and I will. Holding it tightly. 🤗
        Please forgive me for the foul language, but my heart just wrote something which I’ve never written. It’s a dark poem on past.


      9. Sumit anything that helps you release your stress is fine.
        You haven’t targeted anyone in particular as long as you did not take their name in your poem..

        And I am sure, you would have felt better after writing.
        Seek my forgiveness when you don’t smile for me…and I will never want you to do that. You know it right…

        Just be happy and keep smiling ✨
        You are under surveillance. My heart is there to keep a check on you✨

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Yes, I didn’t and I didn’t mean to take anyone’s name either. It’s just that weird unnamed feeling, you see.

        It did feel better, yes! And I know I’m not able to feel anything bad as long as I am under that beautiful surveillance of yours. You surely are there I know. And this is such a blissful moment to have you more than anything.


      11. Happens at times.

        Chalo now begin the day. Work without stress. And trust me you’ll be do much better than yesterday.
        Exponentially growing Sumit. You will be at your best today. God is with you✨

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Good evening Sumit.🙂
    How you doing?
    I hope you had a good day.

    So, another book review and after reading this, I just searched it on Kindle, and I found it.
    I have added it to my library, and will read it super soon.

    I can’t miss anything suggested by you. Most importantly it was a self help book…and it’s one my favourite genre.

    The way you have explained the inside content of the book, it’s so attractive Sumit, it can make somebody buy this. I really loved the way…how you explained instances by giving real life examples, and maximum of them were related to you. I don’t know how you do this. I once thought of posting book reviews on my blog, but I was not pretty sure. I am learning from you now.

    I really liked those 7 steps and the liberation part. Though I loved your post all over, but that particular part attracted me the most. You teach me every day with your posts.

    Thank you for sharing this Sumit 💙
    This was amazing ✨

    Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good evening, the sweet.
      I’m doing all fine, and I always wish and pray that you too there!

      This is such a nice and quick step that you did by adding it on the Kindle. And believe me if you work in the future or have a business of your own, kr simultaneously want to do both, it’s gonna be a super help for you. I guarantee that.

      I’ll tell you a story behind why did I start posting and sharing a book update here:

      1) I was a lazy ass till 2018. I would read one book for months. I’m serious. Because there was no pressure, no need, no motivation.

      2) I used to read them and then I’d forget what all did I read. That’s a drawback.

      3) When 2019 started I promised myself to keep an update of books I buy and read. Because I have this bad habit of always buying the original books and for that I minimum spend Rs 1000 a month.

      4) When I started with a count, I forced myself to set a number and complete that in a year. Last year I had made a plan to complete 25 and ended up reading 26 by December 25, 2019.

      5) So this year, I made a plan to rad double of last year. 50 books. And with that planned to give it brief review about it on the blog because a lot of people ask me for suggestions. So here’s my little format:

      Book Review Format 2020

      Book number:
      Book name:
      Book Length:
      Time taken to read:
      Recommended to:
      Inspired me to learn about:
      3 takeaways from the book:

      So even if I don’t want to summarize it, I’ll share these details which can make me remember things, and as you said it inspired you to read it, can make other people choose a good pick. 🙂


      1. I am fine Sumit.
        Thank you 😊
        Well, I don’t prefer much reading on phones, but yeah…I have added it to my library, and will try reading this book. I have too added the book to my library that you reviewed in you last book review post.
        If you have guaranteed that, than I am super sure. It will be my first read then, on Kindle.

        You know what Sumit, I did the same…I use to read and forget….but lately I have started reading and writing both in together. I use to read…mark important things, that is needed to be shared and make important notes of it. Infact I have wrote some reviews of book….but have never posted, because I was bit unsure or you can say I am not confident enough.
        But, are here, helping me.
        So thank you Sumit.
        For your suggestions, it will be of great help to me.
        I’ll try writing it the way, you have suggested..and will show to you and Rashmi, before making it public on my blog.

        You are so sweet.
        Thank you once again Sumit 💙
        I told you na…I am learning every day from you.
        Take care.


      2. That’s very kind of you, and trust me not only for this but I’m there for you with everything that you ever need. A friend is need is a friend indeed. ☺


  4. This is such a useful compilation Sumit, specially the way you have embedded your own experiences along with the learning of the book, smart hacks like replacing your time with a machine or a person’s efforts, ethics like not taking anything personally, to learn from whatever you are doing and mini retirement were the ones that resonant the most with me.But the article as whole is very useful.Thanks for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for always grabbing everything with your intellectual, Anamika. This is actually a great to read your comment which is complied of everything that I try to portray.

      I am glad that it was found useful. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It was really informative and the way you explained each bit was just amazing and how u explained abt being selfless with ur explaining was great and I loved reading the DEAL, all the four and how u summarized it in the end with those bullet points. If the review can be a worth read then the book definitely is..
    So this was the book u were referring the other day, would surely read it when I get bored of my chickflick and romcoms.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Arshnoor! I deeply appreciate the way you liked it to the core. This is indeed a very good book to pick up and guess what, you don’t even need to throw your romcom aside and self-help books can be taken anytime, anywhere.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Sirrrr! Your book reviews add so much enlightenment to my life. 😀 You learnt soooo many useful lessons from this book. It reminded me of my own situation. I spent thousands of rupees on NET coaching, but couldn’t qualify in the first attempt. And when it was the time to grasp and learn those facts that were being taught, mai bas notes hi banate reh gayi. 😪 Now my approach has changed considerably. I’ve noticed that Mind Maps work really well with learning facts and figures. 🥳

    I’ll always come back to reflect on these points whenever I start working. Lobed reading this post, Sirr. Abi 38 books bachi hain. Get to workkkk. 🤭👊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh how can I forget NET coaching and one of your other coaching/tuitions/classes too nah where you invested but didn’t feel like going.

      Actually, when you understand the concepts mentally you don’t need physical notes. I’m sure you remember how I used to teach my female classmates while pursuing my MBA before an hour of exam day. Such knowledge works there very easily. Hah!

      And yes, you can and you have to come many more time for the same.

      Thank you for lobing it so much (huh, am I sounding like a Bengali) 38 nahi. 37 Miss Mathematics. Hahaha!


      1. Hawww, you still remember. 😲 It was that horrible French class. I used to sleep with open eyes during those. 😂
        That is so true. You were Shri Krishna of the college, huh. So many gopiyan fluttering around ki humko bhi sikhaaaaao zara. 🤭
        I loved it, and not lobed naa. Aap mere blog me spelling mistake karte the toh mai correct karti thi aake. But aap toh smart nikle. 😩
        Oops, ye wali 13th book thi? Wo timetable galat ban gaya fir toh. 😂 You’ll have the last two weeks of December as holiday now. 🥳


  7. A lot of learning indeed, if a good friend can change our thoughts, a good book can change us. I have never completed a single book so far.. I have rich dad poor dad book. I know these facts but always fail to implement things. As you are selling person, you can make anyone buy things, putting that into his will… I am a fan of your work and knowledge, will surely try to reach this one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s smart of you to analyse that salespeople can sell a comb to a bald man. Hah! Well, that’s how were trained and for that it’s always important to have someone to buy.

      Even right now what I’m doing is nothing but selling you the idea to read, to buy, to excel, to help you ultimately, although it’s not a paid one, but intentions are to purely help you through this.

      Glad to head the kind words from you for how much love you have for my blog. I’m honoured, Rishabh. Stay safe. Stay blessed.


      1. truly it’s a fact, that people don’t value the knowledge first which they get free.
        life teaches and so does the books, indeed you are doing a great job for us.
        Humbled with your words, hoping everyone’s safety and excellence, Sir, I am honored by having lessons from your blog.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Looks like a wonderful motivational book. You have summarised it so well. I certainly believe in the “DEAL”. where most important for me is the Elimination. Thank you for sharing, Sumit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nanchi! I was missing you today and here you are. *smiling*
      Thank you for appreciating the efforts. I’m glad you loved the DEAL fundamental. It was indeed a beautiful read.
      When I read about traveling in this book, it reminded me of you somehow for how much you love travelling.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I’ll definitely check this out! It’s my dream to become an entrepreneur one day. I’ve been reading a wonderful book named ‘Girl Code’ recently about an inspirational women who is also an entrepreneur. How are you doing, anyway?😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a beautiful thought of yours to become self-independent. I really wish and hope that you become a successful entrepreneur of our country and make us proud. You should read this book thoroughly, it will help you a lot.

      I’m doing absolutely great. How have you been TishGirl?

      Liked by 1 person

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