Night-Blooming Jasmine!

Oh! The lover, you divine,
How I crave to be that star
Who caresses that moon all night.
Such dark lovely clouds are loon,
Which are stopping the rays to enter my room.
The night-blooming jasmine all over my bed,
I remember everything which were being said.
The quarantined nights haven’t kept me caged inside,
Rather it’s allowed me to find my true lover’s side.
You’re being missed but this distance ravages us,
Though words keep us closer, I hope that you trust.
This is ecstasy how things turn out to rhyme,
One day I’m going to completely make you mine.

Copyright © 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

81 thoughts on “Night-Blooming Jasmine!”

      1. Oh yes, she’s doing amazing! I had a word with her on the comment today. She wrote something really good for her mum which she was supposed to recite in front of her. She’s very sweet in terms of loving her people.

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      1. To be honest I didn’t know what to say today like yesterday so when I read it the third time the other comment came out

        I am happy u can understand what I want to tell u abt ur poems with a single emoji

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      2. Oh yes! It was a wonderful day! Not only I slept till 12:30 but completed a book, reviewed it (yet to post it though) and watched a mythological series on Disney Hotstar. I enjoyed the day very much.

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      3. I might sound dumb to say but in 24 years of my life I am watching Mahabharata for the first time. It is Mahabharata of Star Plus (2013)

        Although, I’ve always been a Krishna follower, but this was something I’ve been missing on. So I started it today.

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      4. It’s okay, I am also watching the reruns that get telecasted on agar plus at night though I watched one or two episodes on disney+ hotstar I just didn’t wanted to watch it there, I felt more excited to watch it the next day and wait for it.
        And today they went for agyat vas , till here I saw, where r u?

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      5. Oh are you watching it too? Great.
        I’ve never been a couch potato, but my family made me do since three days and the problem with me is if something strikes to me, I complete it anyhow.

        So I watch the one on TV at night, and the other ones(since beginning on the video on demand app)

        I’m on the third episode of initial ones, and the current one is going simultaneously which is being Telecasted.

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      6. That’s good to hear and I think almost half the india is watching one or the other mythological shows. I think for the past 1 year I didn’t watch television but in this quarantine period I am stuck to the television for 1.5 hrs daily.

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      7. “When I read it the third time”, this can make any writer smile. And it did happen to me. It’s hard to get people who read it once and here you are who read it thrice.

        I’m glad for that, you wrote it finally.

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  1. Wow, sumit this is very beautiful. Your words giving soothing fragrance like perfectly woven night blooming jasmine. What you said about distance and the words which make you closer was just awesome.
    I am becoming the biggest fan of your words. You don’t know this right I am a tamil girl.In tamil I used to love a song. Somehow, this words reminded me that song. I can feel each and every word.
    Have a colourful day😊

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    1. I wanted to make those jasmine smell throughout the poem, and hence I chose the title of poem that way. It was a bit ignored part, though, the fragrance made the poem smell so good.

      And you felt that sweet-scented words poured with love.

      Yes, the distance of physicality might be there but the distance of heart, love, and care isn’t, right?

      More than a Tamilian girl, I know you as a sweet Mitty, who never forgets to read and appreciate the efforts of my work. You’re kindhearted, Mitty.

      And glad that it sounded like a song, these days I’m learning to be a lyricist too. Haha! Trying to open a way for myself in the future by selling my words to song producers! Hahahaha!


      1. Yeah, I felt that jasmine smell through out your poem.At first I was attracted towards your title night blooming jasmine it’s unique flower right. When I read your words justified that too.Obiviously apart from physical distance the loving hearts will find a way to be together.

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      2. Wow, sounds good. Yes, I too had good day. As I am little bit free now highly motivated to be lazy around.
        Working as a teacher since we are having long holidays know so, taking rest for long.


      3. By mistake I send my comment at the middle. I didn’t know you read my comment fully or not. I said that I am kind hearted to the person who is more kind than me.

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      4. Yeah, I felt that jasmine smell through out your poem.At first I was attracted towards your title night blooming jasmine it’s unique flower right. When I read the poem, your words justified that too.Obiviously apart from physical distance the loving hearts will find a way to be together.
        And if you sell your words like that I am sure you’ll be the largest competitor for many lyricists…
        I am kind hearted to the person who is more kind than me.

        p.s: posted my another work. Pls do check on that when you’re free.


  2. Happy morning Sumit ✨
    Surprised to see me this early.. let me surprise you more.
    I read this post of yours 5:30 in the morning, and I couldn’t resist posting a comment as soon as I read it. But it would have been too early. So I woke up by 6:30 and here I am to tell you how much I loved it.

    It’s like Sumit does not have any competition. He is his own competition. You’re doing better clearly. You’re always a step ahead from yesterday.

    Coming to the poem, I loved it to the core. I mean the way it began, okay I liked the concept, the title the most. It gives life to the poem. How you addressed the lover as divine, how much you long to meet.

    And you know what I found best it’s when you said quarantine hasn’t caged you, rather it makes you more of a lover.

    And you know more than half your poems are known for their endings.

    You tend to do complete poetic Justice…here too in the end when lover says I’ll make you mine completely. It makes one believe in his words, and he himself says trust my words….

    It is too good to be called beautiful, it is exquisite ✨✨

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    1. I have a mug of tea in my hand, and my eyes are broadened to see Untold Stories commented here two hours ago.

      Good morning, Miss Awtani!
      Reading it from you is always a bliss. You’re telling me about competition but all I know is I’ve been trained under an expert who has the power to turn anything in life into poems. This is nothing in front of her.

      How great it is to see that you bifurcate everything what you read from title, main focus to the ending. As if everything is under your surveillance.

      Glad that you could read through the words about the ending for how it ended. Thank you, Rashmi. (Smiling)✨


      1. And you know I just took my phone in hand to see where is Sumit and here he is…
        Good morning ✨

        I did not talk about rhyme , I knew you’ll say this… It’s just that I am more than glad if I could help you in that manner Sumit.

        Keep smiling ✨

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      2. I don’t know about others, but I can see. Not just the video but the entire post. Although I can’t make my comment complete. But I can see, and I’m so happy for that. Hahah! Even WordPress doesn’t want to let go of video away from me.


      3. It just makes me smile then.
        Unless it’s with you, it’s secured..

        I’ll make you post entire comment there soon. I won’t copy paste.

        I loved your comment.
        I’ll write back on it really soon may be in a day or two.. so hold on to the comment that went unsent…

        See you around ✨

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  3. Good morning Sumit 😊
    How are you this morning?

    So, I read you post.
    And it’s damn amazing.
    From rhyming to feeling… every thing on point. I don’t know how you do this. How you make simple thing so extraordinary. I am learning a lot from you….and now you have become rhyming king as well.

    I read it thrice… it’s so alluring Sumit.
    And these lines..
    The quarantined nights haven’t kept me caged inside, 
    Rather it’s allowed me to find my true lover’s side.
    It’s a bliss..💙
    You can turn anything from your surrounding into a poem.
    This is how a great artist is.
    I am falling for your work…by each passing day.💙

    And yes…did you read Rashmi’s mother’s day post?
    I am not able to post comment on it. I guess..she has password protected all her posts.
    If you get a word with her. Tell her…I was asking, and I really loved her post.✨

    Take care Sumit🧡
    Have a wonderful day..!!🙂


    1. A very good morning to our lovely Anushka! I’m doing ABSOLUTELY great this morning. Already got up, had a bath, and I’m all set to work with this Monday Morning.

      Those are really big words to hear but guess what the same thing I learn from you, the kindness, your pure love, and the way you also make me smile. Make us smile.

      Thrice! Woah! I’m smiling. Rashmi was asking me last night only what’s going to come and I answered how I’ve been looking at the pages of my journal for minutes. Nothing came out but then.. Here we are!

      Yes! I didn’t just read it, but tried to drop a comment too until she locked it with a password. It wasn’t supposed to be posted but she did it after me, when J asked her to watch her childhood video. She later said, it’s only both of us. She’s gonna make you read and comment soon. Even mine is pending.

      I wish you have a day full of smile, Anushka. 🙂


  4. So romantic!! ♥️😭 Quarantine days must be killing lovers, huh. Such a beautiful and innocent poem this was. It flowed effortlessly like a river of rhymes. Last two lines are my favourite. 🤭

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      1. Aap toh kabhi nai gaye meko chhodke. ☹️ It was me only. Those days were so dark. I am so grateful that we got together. My life got so much better after that. 🤭 Thankyou for never giving up on me and being the same person I can always share my stupidities with. Bas Sirrrrr suno naaa bolna rehta hai. That’s the code word. 🤣🤣

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      2. Jo chhodkar chale jaye, wo Sumit thodi naa hua na.
        Sumit, the name itself means, everyone’s friend, who’s well-pleased.

        Hahah! I’m always there for you my little love. You’re a pure soul that I have around me. And you’ll always find me when you are in need.


      3. Aur jo wapas na aaye, wo Chandu bhi thodi na hui. 🤭 It’s my signature move- to run away hating people amd then coming back like nothing happened. 🤣

        I’m there for you toooo. 🤗

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