Meandering Mountain!

The time has come for me.
For you. Or maybe for us.

Feelings entrapped in the heart over
thousand years now,
Whispering in the form of windswept.

I listen to your silence.

It screams my name in the spiral ways,
Time and again I appear there.

I caress your chest like a meandering mountain’s river flow,
The curve of your skin around my palm.

I float on your body, as if rivulet is in
The company of a trumpeter swan.

Copyright © 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

180 thoughts on “Meandering Mountain!”

  1. How long we have been waiting for this love, thousands of years? It may be. Beautiful poetry, thank you. Sending you love ❤️

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    1. Hhaahhah! And Google se samji hui chiz you might forget but when you discuss something with other people, it always leaves its mark.

      Okay, so as you can already guess rivulet is nothing but river+let. River is a stream and let indicates anything which is small.

      Trumpeter swan is a kind of swan with long neck. Like a trumpet 🎺 neck.

      So this way, Rivulet is a small river in which trumpeter swan is enjoying.


      1. Ohhh, what a beautiful image it creates. Love itttt, Sir. You’ve used natural elements in such a creative manner! And I’m following what you said yesterday. Did you notice? Emojis are banned here.

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  2. Beautiful similes have been inculcated in this artform.
    From meandering mountain’s flow to rivulet in the company of swan… Description is absolutely exquisite

    From the lovers finally meeting after ages, it’s finally time to release all the emotions that have been carried in a heart which is now weary.. it needs to become light now…

    And the part where they are able to listen through silences.
    And how beautifully the poet says that he is aware how his name is taken every now and then and then how he appears each time he is missed.

    It’s a beautiful beautiful poem.
    I loved it to the core✨✨

    Excellent work Sumit🙂

    See you around ✨

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    1. You know what Rashmi? Other than poetic rhymes, I learnt about my long lost learnings of using similes and metaphors in the poems.

      They make them whole, and moreover, it gives them a them of roaming around the world. Maybe out of the world too at times with those imaginative concepts.

      The world is full of beautiful things and inspiration is always around. Thank you for being the kindest.

      See you around. ✨

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      1. We learnt more about it in our Literature. But I never tried using them in my poems.

        And you have a sound knowledge of similes and metaphors, and of all other poetic forms.
        You keep updating yourself and thus giving us something beautiful to read each time..

        See yaa✨✨

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      2. You do? I was talking with Chandni yesterday over the call and she was discussing the same as she’s also pursuing her MA in English.

        Basically, I’m learning from you experts to implement a little knowledge of my writing pattern. Degree will be yours, but implementations will be mine. Haha!


  3. Good afternoon Sumit✨
    I hope you are fine.

    Again a beautiful masterpiece on love.
    These lines ..
    I caress your chest like a meandering mountain’s river flow,
    The curve of your skin around my palm.
    I float on your body, as if rivulet is in
    The company of a trumpeter swan.
    they are amazing Sumit.

    How you love yourself is how you teach others to love. Whenever I read you, I feel a gravitational pull towards your poetries, which make me love it more.
    This one, is inspiring love…
    I loved it to the core… Sumit.
    Take care✨
    Have a wonderful day ahead…

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    1. Good afternoon, Anushka.
      I’m always great after I read you asking me how am I doing.

      Such a nice thing to know you liked it what I loved the most too.

      And true that Anushka, before filling that love onto someone, I make sure to have that within me, so the one whom I’m going to love would never be out of love.

      You give new life to my poetry every time. And it makes your friend really happy.


      1. What can be more good for me, after knowing this 💙
        I love everything you like.. feeling is mutual ✨

        I can say this with all of my faith and assurance, that whomsoever will be loved by you can ever be out of love. You are such a wonderful and loving person.

        Keep that smile intact Sumit.
        Take care✨

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      1. Happy birthday Sumit✨
        *Accept a warm hug by my side*

        I wish you world’s happiness this b’day. Wishing you love in abundance ✨

        You know I wouldn’t have slept without wishing you!

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      2. I wanted you to sleep but I knew you’d not sleep and write a wish but a blog poem is just too happy thing to start the birthday with. ☺
        Thank you, Rashmi. Your wishes means a lot.


      3. Happy birthday Young Man✨
        Nice meeting you as a grown up. A person I’ll cherish for all coming years.
        Keep smiling, keep growing.
        Keep uplifting others like you always do. You are a guiding light nah!

        May almighty add years to your life. You’re a gem!
        Happy birthday Sumit✨

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      4. Yes, Rashmi. I slept full night in peace and it’s all fine now. I’m gonna revert here also on WordPress. Anushka also wrote something on a comment, I’ve not got the the chance to check.

        I’ll do that soon. I hope you’re doing good too. Your poem was love. ☺


      5. I thought of not disturbing you today.. I know you must be busy attending calls and writing back to all the ones who must have wished you..

        You know what I did then .
        I saw your picture, I heard your recital and then too I missed you even more so I dropped by.

        I hope you having an amazing day!

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      6. Very much, Rashmi.
        I’m just jumping from one platform to another. Hahah! Thanking everyone!

        I made Chandu and Divyani read your poem and they loved it so much.


      7. Then you’re on the front row, my girl.
        And you’re such a sweetheart to tell Anushka also haan. She wrote a beautiful poem too. You’re just melting my heart.


      8. I am proud to be there.

        Yaa she’s a part of us nah!
        She wrote beautiful, infact I wasn’t sure about posting this one but she assured me that you gonna like it.

        She writes Beautiful as well.

        What you doin?

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      9. So the important thing I wanna tell you is:

        I miss my Cuteheart so much. If you would have been here, I’d have hugged you so tightly to tell you how much I wanna tell you everything.


      10. Come here dear one. Yesterday when you texted this, we got engrossed into what I wanted to say…

        But here we had something in the last Lines. May I know what you wanted to tell.

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      11. You’ve heard everything already which I wanted to say.
        And what I wanted to hear, I’ve been listening to it quite a lot of times till now. A lot.


      12. I could imagine that, it would have taken a lot of time for you but guess what?

        It was all worth. I was out from the house, sat on the stairs, read each word whispering loudly, and felt each emotion.

        Somehow I felt, whatever just happened in a day is of no level from what Rashmi has surprised me with. I felt as if now my birthday ends on a good note. Now I’m satisfied. Your gifts were one of the best ones to always cherish, Sunshine.


      13. I am glad to hear that.
        I wanted to make it special for you. But then you told me your already have to answer then I thought what different shall I do?

        But I am so happy to know that you loved it. I am elated to hear that.

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      14. I know you must be busy writing a blog post and scheduling it.
        In case I sleep before you reply back, just to inform I wrote a post.

        And yaa don’t forget that you promised me that you’ll sleep early today. So keep on time. No more headache now.

        Good night Sumit!
        Sleep peacefully tonight!

        And yaa just a reminder, I miss you!
        And I am always there for you!

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      15. Hi, thank you for waiting. I got a call from a friend and that kept me busy.

        I’ve yet not written anything, but I know you’d want me to. So yes, I’m gonna do that.

        And yes, I remember the promise. Did you post it already?

        You’re being missed too. See you around, Rashmi. ✨


      16. Oh my my! I’m sorry to keep you waiting then.

        So here is a little wish for you. Sleep as if you’re satisfied with the entire day and that your smile matters a lot for the ones who love you so much. With that note, smile. And have a peaceful night, Rashmi.

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      17. Sumit I want you to quickly sum up everything because I have given you enough time today. I haven’t talked properly to you since two days. Now it’s gonna be my time.

        So quickly complete everything else!

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      18. Okay now listen
        I leave you with my words.
        Have a peaceful night.
        Sleep on time.
        I’ll see you tomorrow morning!

        This is what I wanted to gift you! Here you go..
        Good night 😴


      19. Yes. I’ll read them out.
        You please go and sleep peacefully.
        And I want to thank you for pushing me to write a poem which I wrote ‘Abundance’ and I felt so good to be thankful.

        See you around, Rashmi. ✨


      20. Good morning, Rashmi! ✨

        Due to less sleep, again got a headache. But I’m going to start off the day now. And I hope to make it the best day

        I wish you a great day ahead.

        See you around. ✨

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      21. Morning Sumit!
        Don’t be quick to take a paracetamol now. You spent lot of time on screen nah yesterday may be thats why its happening and you were awake till Dawn..

        Now whensoever you find yourself a little free take a nap. It’ll help you.

        And don’t skip breakfast.
        I wish you a healthy day ahead✨

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      22. Yes, I’ll keep that thing in head and I am not gonna take any medicine for now.

        I wanted to post today but I’ve not written and I’m not even wanting to as I’ve not worked since a few days the way I should be.

        So I’m planning to complete that work. So no second post of the day. But I did write one last night haan!

        How are you doing? Did you sleep well?

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      23. It’s fine Sumit, don’t post second post today. You take care of yourself.

        I just checked the video. I read the post earlier. You crazy… And I liked the video really.. it’s so good to see you doing crazy things and making everyone smile.
        I’ll post a comment soon.

        I did not sleep, and woke up to a headache. But now I am fine. Don’t worry.

        You take care and complete what’s pending.


      24. Hi Rashmi! I wish it were gone, but I had a meeting at 3-4 and could not sleep. The little pain is still there above eyebrows. But it’ll be gone soon. I didn’t take medicine.


      25. Sumit it’s 7 and you’ll be soon done with your official hours.
        Skip Mahabharata today. And moreover stop being so much available here too commenting back.
        Do that once you’re releived of your headache.

        Don’t use phone for an hour at least. Ask bua to give you a head massage nah!

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      26. It’s just mild one, Rashmi.
        But soon it’ll be gone. I’ll sleep soon raat ko bas!
        You tell me about your day? How are you enjoying without posting any lectures haan.

        Missing working alternative days?


      27. Wow! That’s one of the best ways to be productive. You’re learning. You’re growing.
        Hahah! Am I? I am.
        You’re already here. Who said you aren’t?


      28. You know the inspiration behind.
        You said close your eyes and see what comes and you know what comes then.
        And I am glad to see people loving you it. And I could feel you loving it most importantly!
        So thank you for pushing me to write ✨

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      29. That’s my first and foremost duty. Before anything, we’re writers to make each other, our fraternity, our emotions, our feelings better by penning it down.

        And we’re together.

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      30. Ugh! I feel so heavy all day picking up the calls and saying thank yous.
        But I’ll consider your wish on priority, fir yours will be there before them.


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