Affinity – A Quatrain Poem

She pushes me to learn something new every night,
While holding my hands towards the light.
These rhyming schemes may look like a game,
But the fondness that we share is always the same.

If you wouldn’t be there, how would I know,
How commitments are supposed to be meant.
Together we’ll always walk and grow,
With you, my heart feels content.

More than physical, I feel your soul’s touch,
The affection I have for you is so much,
There’s always a sharing in everything we do,
Even in making each other read something
we always go Dutch.

I came in your life when your heart was daunted,
I wasn’t doing any good either,
as everything was haunted.
But with you, I feel you were always whom I wanted,
And finally you’re here, I’ll never let you go anywhere.

So I have to confess this is, I’ve never been this much dedicated towards poetry since 5 years. I’ve always been good in free verses, random stanzas, proses etc. But deliberately, write in a poetic form was hard for me(until now) but thanks to my teacher who just did some magic and taught me the way to rhyme, Miss Awtani, she’s a Rhyming Queen herself. I don’t say this because she rhymes with her poetry, but she can talk in rhyming for hours and with any context. Who can be this good instantly? Well, she is, indeed!

So today I got a chance to get into it deeply. I was trying to study more about how things actually work in English literature. As what we, as writers, do is a basic thing; to express the emotions. But writing an actual poetry might be difficult with proper rules.

But somehow, I learnt this Quatrain Poem rules, and its types. As always, I went to one girl who knows everything about my things, Chandni Asnani, that I have learnt this new thing. After appreciating it, she asked me to write to see if I can actually work on it. (I know, it’s her trick to made me try instantly, huh!)

And here it is finally, with my first attempt. I hope I did justice to the rules.

And this piece is a dedicated to the one who helped me learning about an addicted form of poetry with little efforts.

Thank you, Rashmi. I really appreciate your efforts, I hope and wish to learn more with time.

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All Rights Reserved.

92 thoughts on “Affinity – A Quatrain Poem”

  1. This is the cutest thing, haha. I am so proud and happy that you were successfully able to finish off this poem like a king, huh! Seriously, look at your efforts, I could’ve never imagined you writing with such flair in rhymes. And here you are! Bohot maza aya. Chandu is happy.

    All thanks to your sweet and generous mentor who inspired you to work on this. Also, as I told you that time, I really like the second last line. Love in is the airrrr, hahaa. 💙

    Whoever this person is, I’m happy that this person is bringing so much happiness and enthusiasm in your life. Sir sparkles like a star these days. And I really love that. Please keep sparkling. 🌟

    Also, screenshot nai share karna tha. Sabko batado meri stupidities huh. Humesha aise karte ho aap.

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    1. How would I not? The moment I told you about the learnings, you gave me another work to write on it instantly nah!

      Chandu is Happy then it makes me happy too. And that’s why along with Rashmi, I quote you because you equally are important for me to push me, and hence the beautiful creation came out. I hope Rashmi likes it too, Chandu.

      Hahahahaha! The mentor is very kind and doesn’t scold me for my kindergarten rhymes. Hahah! At times, even I write after sending her. But she never laughed on them. Never.

      Thank you my little love, but it’s not anyone random, it’s as special as you are to me. And you know how pure and blessed we are together like this since half decade.

      And why wouldn’t I share the words to the world who motivated me to write it down instantly. If my readers would ask who Chandu is then what will I answer?


      1. Haha, arey I have lots of tasks for you. Aap bolo toh sahi. I guess Rashmi loved this poem of yours. We all are your fans, huh.

        These are not kindergarten rhymes, the emotions behind writing these words are so deep and lovely. That is what matters. Keep writing Sirrr. ♥️

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      2. Rashmi did, but even before that you loved it. After all, you were the only one who approved me to go ahead for posting it.

        Okay, if you say so, I’ll take it bas. ☺


  2. Wow sumit, it looks like sincere dedication. And you justified her teaching.
    Coming to your poem it is amazing. I can feel your love for words and also for that person.
    More than physical, I feel your soul’s touch,
    The affection I have for you is so much
    I loved these lines. This kinda love is rare and pure. I wish to have this love with you forever sumit.
    Have a happy morning 🙂

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    1. Hey, good evening!

      Thanks for appreciating the efforts, Mitty. I was really nervous while writing it down as you know it’s never been my genre of writing. But I had do it since I was asked and here you are to make me feel good about the outcome.

      I’m happy to know you loved it, Mitty.

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      1. Good evening
        Efforts never fail Sumit. You’re really good. I absolutely love it. Try this more you have that capability to do that. I am here to enjoy your poems.

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  3. Good morning Sumit✨
    How you doing?

    So, this was the thing, you were telling me about. Sumit, this is the best confession you could have make to her. She deserves every bit of it. She is so good with the rhyming thing, infact she is at good everything.

    And, you are a sincere student too…haha!
    See, the results are so fruitful. You are shining Sumit, with every line you wrote. I am impressed. I am learning everyday from you both. I could feel each and every line of yours, full of gratitude, love, tenderness.

    And yes, a very dear person of yours Chandani Asnani, how can I miss her. She is wonderful. She had taught you so well. After seeing that page which you wrote, I got reminded of my English lectures in school, when my teacher use to teach us the rhyming pattern. Be a good student to her. She is an amazing teacher I can see. Much love to her.

    I can see, how much you are working hard to learn. You are inspiring me as well.
    Thank you Sumit, for sharing this.
    We are proud of you.
    And you have got wonderful teachers cum best friends to teach you. Keep shining.

    Take care✨
    Keep smiling.

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    1. Good evening, Anushka!
      I’m doing wonderful, and I hope you too.

      Yes, this was it. And you’re cent percent right, she’s powerful with her words as if she is the rhythmic collector of words.

      I’m happy for the fact that with the kind of affection, it was written, it should reach it in that way only. And with your words, I can say it did.

      And yes, Anushka, she’s been gifted me from blogosphere only years back and her love is still the same for me. Even when someone calls me Sir, she gets jealous. As if she doesn’t want anyone to call me with that. She’s cute.

      Were you always into writing kya? Woah! I feel as if I’m born yesterday only. I was never into studies. I don’t know how I completed my MBA at the age of 21. Hahah!

      But thank you for all the support, Anushka. You’ve been constant.


      1. Yeah..I am good.

        She is rhyming queen as you always say✨
        Sumit, it was damn beautiful…I loved it to the core. You are an amazing poet and a good student to our such a loving teacher. Haha!

        Much love to your friend Sumit. She is indeed amazing. She loves you na…and when we love somebody unconditionally, there comes possessiveness (in a good way) for that person.

        No Sumit, I started writing few months back..I told you na. I was talking about my English classes in school, when mam use to teach us prose, she makes us to mark rhyming patterns.

        I am always here to support you Sumit. Always..!!
        Much love to you.


      2. Thank you so much Sumit.
        And I am glad that I have you two… for always motivating and supporting me.💙

        Do read my today’s blog..when you find time. I am waiting to hear from you.

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  4. Take my bow! You did a fantastic job!
    I am more than proud of you Sumit!

    I know you took pain
    Gave your mind strain
    Let me tell you
    Your efforts did not go in vain
    And look what you gain
    A beautiful Quatrain

    First of all, a big thank you for this beautiful gift. A writer knows well how much words mean. I’ll tell you a thing, since you know it we write mails to our loved ones, why don’t we text them? Because we want to tell them everything. So we think let whatever is there in our heart, let us pour it through mail.
    It doesn’t take much effort, just a little time.

    But when you give rhyme to a poetry, it takes time, it takes a lot of time, as you gotta get into that frame of rhyming scheme. So it takes efforts, it takes time and you know where exactly are we willing to give time. We make efforts for people we genuinely care for.
    Here with this poem, you made me feel really special. I know how much is there in your heart for me. How much you cherish what has been taught. You never see that it’s you who has learnt it. It is you who takes effort to understand things on a deeper level. It’s you, it’s not me. As you said I just am holding your hand, it’s you who does walk.

    I am willing to hold this hand for the rest of my life. The way you push me towards greatness always, I wanna do the same for you. I want to stand by your side always.

    Now come to this beautiful art-
    I’ll tell you my favourite lines, though you know I loved it as a whole..
    But the lines which will buzz in my ears for coming few days are-

    -Fondness that we share is the same
    -With you my heart feels content
    -I feel your soul’s touch
    -The affection I have for you is so much.
    This is what we share, Touchwood!
    I loved these lines really.

    When you wrote about me the first time in your blog, you did not name me, I knew still it was for me, our readers knew it was for me.
    This time you revealed the name.
    Even if you wouldn’t mention it would have not made a difference to me because I know it was for me. But you know mentioning my name there made me realise I was part of you now. I have been recognised by you and you know I have been longing for it.

    So thank you Sumit, thank you for everything that you are to me. There is a lot that we still are to explore together and share.
    I am learning from you always to be grateful..

    And looking at you growing with poems makes me proud of a student like you.
    Respect to you dear one!

    And don’t think I missed on to what I always want to hear from you. The last 2 lines have my heart and I believe them, the way I believe you….

    All in all Sumit official you did a great job. And this poetry witnesses your efforts. This is zillion times better than what you wrote in your first attempt.

    Sending you love from distance
    See you around ✨

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    1. If you’d have noticed, I wrote a line when I said you can rhyme anything. ANYTHING.

      And here you are with those initial rhyming poem. Can this appreciation be more amazing than this?
      I don’t think so. It made me amazed and smile both at the same time. You’re just amazing.

      I truly believe what you said that we as writers put a lot of efforts to express ourselves in front of our loved ones. Other people always have multiple medium through words, texting, calling, by singing or even by making a painting of something or someone. But the deepness of words can never be replaced. We get into the details of what and how our heart feels.

      You’re not a teacher just for the same of teacher, after all, you don’t take the credit for what and how you teach your disciples. I’m one of them and you’d be the person whom I’d come to if I ever get problem in rhyming anything. Haha!

      My teacher is my personal teacher so she can teach me any hour of the day or night. You see, personal bonding always works here. Hahah!

      My efforts are worth when you wrote and poured your heart with your words. I’m honoured. People are taking pictures, saving it on Instagram, but here I was waiting for my ma’am to review it and here you are.

      Thank you for calming my heart with your beautiful words. I’m elated, Rashmi.


      1. I just want you to smile knowing that you did a good job. You actually got into those details of how it works and here you are.

        I am always there when you need me. As a say, just a comment away.
        Keep yourself elated always.

        You gotta shine✨

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      2. Hahaha! You’d call me crazy but I’ve actually forgotten that too. Family calls me for the meal, and even while having food, I watch.

        I’m just going gaga over it. So much I’ve missed since years, and now when I’ve got time, I’m not wasting any moment.


      3. How can you miss food yaar Sumit!
        I’ll not call you crazy!
        Instead, Now do one thing, turn it off for a couple of minutes, go have food and then come back and watch if you haven’t had it yet.

        Your hotstar ain’t going anywhere. Go now and have food.

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      4. Krishna is always here in the heart nah!
        Moreover, I belong to Krishna’s vansh only being Yadav. I was so stupid for not knowing about Mahabharata. ☺

        What are you doing with your day today?


      5. I don’t know how it happens and would you even believe what I say-

        But I was clueless how I’ll do it? But after I texted you I found out way to do it. And as your comment striked, the same time my content updated. Like exactly that moment…

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      6. What a beautiful coincidence, isn’t it?
        More important is you got the solution nah. That’s nice. Does that mean you’re all done with the work today?


      1. Ohh I thought about it. I’m not really an expert when it comes to poetry. I can rarely make it rhyme. 😂 You know me, I tend to lean towards stories when it comes to writing.
        And when you wrote it down, it seemed easier? But still, Sumit, it’s a great task. And you pulled it off brilliantly.

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      2. I know what you’re good at:
        Free verse poems,
        Amazing six words’ stories,
        General day to day life stories
        Letters to your colleagues and what not.

        You don’t need to learn rhyming when you already know a lot.

        But I deeply appreciate your love for this poem. Thanks to my teacher for teaching me this. Haha!

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      3. Oh wow. Sumit. That made me feel so good. I’ve taken a screenshot of it so that I can remind myself when I’m feeling low. Thanks a ton! You’re so sweet. Yes, thanks to your teacher too and the amazing student. 😄

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    1. Hey, Nanchi! I was so scared before posting it but I’m happy that you loved it.
      And truly said, a love should be something between two people when they can uplift each other with their love and support.

      Thanks for reading, Nanchi.

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    1. Absolutely. It was my honor to meet her this way. Would you believe me, she’s taught me so effortlessly that most of my poems have rhyme now. And I don’t need to put any extra efforts to write them.

      I’m glad you loved it, my friend.


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