Abundance- Post-birthday

You’re all one of those great people
Who inspired to me to be who I am today,
I’m so hungry of your forever love,
That without posting I cannot get away.

You try to give respect to the art
and the artist get the love in return,
I can earn million dollars by doing anything,
But to get such laurels are hard to earn.

Through my art, I never wanted anything
But only your valuable time and concern,
It’s not my overnight success that happened,
But years of hard work to enjoy this upturn.

There’s no word which can suffice my gratitude towards you,
Even ‘Thank You’ is an understatement,
I’m always going to be thankful to those
Who’s always given me everything in abundance.

Hello, my lovely family! I’ve been doing great all day long and I’m sorry I could not be active today and could not even read many bloggers’ posts as you know it was my birthday yesterday. I was busy all day long. I know, you’d day where were you busy sitting at home?But honestly, I woke up by 9:30 am and even since I’ve been just jumping from here to there. I’ve got uncountable numbers of mails, SMSs, WhatsApps texts, Instagram, their stories, pictures, words, poems from my love hearts (Rashmi and Anushka) and hundreds of calls.

(This is a collage of a few pictures which were shared by the loved ones everywhere. Isn’t it amazing feeling to see such?)

Even while writing this at 11:01 pm, I just cut 2 calls in the middle to keep writing, else I’ll get distracted.I just want to thank you all for the wonderful wishes you have wishes me with, I had one of the great days today. Although, I was home all day still the kind of pictures people have put, and the love they have towards me, towards my art is immense. I was always indulged into my own world that I hardly knew whom I was inspiring and there are so many out there who are getting inspired from my work. There are people telling how they hate reading stuff, and now they cannot wait to read my posts everyday.How this ‘writer thing’ has become my identity even at my work place that I get from my office people.

Even my AVP of the organization called me up in the morning and wished me to excel much in the writing world and how he too read my erotica and other stuff.I never wanted to be the Messiah of bringing the change in the perspective of sex towards the society but somehow my work, your immense support, and consistency made them feel this is more than what people actually perceive in their heads. It’s deeper than that. And to be thankful for the day, I had to be thankful to my wife, my words, and to you all for always be there with your love.

So, I want to thank hundreds and thousands of my family members here for being amazing and for always loving me.This is one for the videos which is created by one of the colleagues cum friends of mine, Roshni, she had taken the Snapchat for this day, I guess. Let me share it with you all about how my work schedule used to be before Covid-19 at office hours

This video doesn’t exist

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All Rights Reserved.

73 thoughts on “Abundance- Post-birthday”

  1. OMG. The video was one crazy treat. Haha. Enjoyed thoroughly💜 and yes you inspired me too for reading. You deserve all the love and success Sumo. May you achieve more. And your quarantined audibles and such a gift to us on instagram. I love that how you just don’t wanna settle but keep thriving.
    Loads of love and hugs

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    1. Hahahah! You loved it, J?
      I didn’t inspire you but I made you do what your heart wanted since long. I’m just a medium.
      And those poem recitals were just to keep myself busy with the National Poetry Writing Month. But I’m happy that you loved those too.

      Thank you for loving it so much, J. ☺

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  2. Its true. There is an amazing family here in WordPress who spare their time for encouraging and supporting the write ups of good bloggers. We are nowadays struggling to find a time out of this online world as so many different social media platforms are engaging us too much. Nice photo and video. Happy blogging further.🤩👍💐

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    1. Undoubtedly, we are always supporting each other with our broken heart pieces and loved memories.

      But also the best part is no matter how much social media influences us but our love for WordPress would always be there.

      Thank you for loving and enjoying the video, Tushara.

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  3. ♥️♥️🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️keep writing summmmmitttt sirrrrrrrrr…. Ppl are dying to read all of the blogs you post❤️❤️

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  4. Tujhe apna banauga dance was epic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    So much fun loving and charming person you are.. feels delight to watch you being crazy. God bless… And you are full of life person…
    Not only your blogs are awesome but you are a good funny and creative person by heart.
    And I am a beared fan and I must say you have nice one…. 😄

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      1. Hahaha.. I saw other side of Sumit in that video. Sumit is not just responsible young man but also naughty boy keeping his inner child alive and spreading joyful vibes around his surrounding.
        I enjoyed it Sumit. Be like this always. you’re having lot of positive vibes around you.😊😊

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      2. Hahahaha! Many of the time it happens when I read a book and the sad characters get inside my head till the next noon, and I keep myself silent while working. There’s the entire office people who’d come to me and ask if everything is okay. And I was always like, yes! Why?

        Because they used to think and say, you’re not jumping from here to there. And I’d laugh at it then.

        More importantly, not only in my professional world, but here too I’m blessed with positive people. Look at you being the one.

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      3. Yeah, you’re really blessed to have people like that.Somehow I felt you’re as my friend like we known each other for long time. You’re giving that comfort to many people around you sumit so getting back that love from all.

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  5. Omg….😊😊🙄🙄🙄so much fun in your office…are there no cameras to monitor u all.. above all its very interesting to see that u all ppl enjoy so much to keep your work going smoothly..seems u all were worriless also getting time to sing out loud.. Belated Happy birthday ex- Colleague… Keep enjoying and celebrating your life the way you have always been doing…God bless you with good health and positive energy..Keep writing your heart out motivating all of us to read it more Nd more..✍️✍️😊😊

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  6. Today I don’t know how to begin to comment on this post.

    Firstly, in your words I found immense love for your blogosphere family. I could see you attempting to rhyme there. The way you said you’re always hungry for this love, it was beautiful.
    People aren’t able to accept that comments and likes make difference in the posts. We post when we are sure about our write ups but approval and validation makes it even more worthful.
    So nice write up. We are equally happy and blessed to have you as our fellow blogger. And we wish we keep growing together and that we are able to see you coming up with exciting content everyday.

    Now thank you for sharing with us this video. It gives us a glimpse of your life and how you be at office. I am sure everyone must be missing you during lockdown.

    Thanks to Roshni for making this beautiful video of yours.
    I really enjoyed everything here. Got to know how lively you are as a person. How you manage to make everyone smile in between work, through your dance, through your singing or through your making triceps with books in hand. You are crazy.. haha! How everyone becomes Happy in your presence.

    And those Holi pictures were really good. I could see how much you enjoy together.
    It was a lovely video. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Wishing you smiles for the day✨
    See you around ✨

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    1. I had to write this because I was told for that. I wasn’t lazy but I was tired but somehow when I started it went with the flow and it came out in the form of this grateful poem.

      Truly said, Rashmi. For me comments mean nothing more than just an appreciation but also the interactions that we have with each other is priceless. We may have hell lot of people but not everyone can understand the words we write, it’s our fraternity who understands us this much.

      And what more do I want than making you smile and laugh. Hahaha! It was 3 months ago which were shot through different time zone. There’s this activity going on in the office and I was the representative and did decorate the entire branch.

      All the wonderful girls helped me making colorful sheets, and in return, I was trying to entertain them to make them feel worthy. Haha! And this happened.

      The other guy in ‘Jo bhi kasame khayi thi humne’ song is Suresh kaka, the clearner of our office. He always enjoys my company because after working hours K play songs at office and then work.

      I miss office at times the most. Roshni was indeed very kind to made this video and asked me not to post it on social media as people might take it otherwise, but with her permission I shared it here and she commented too.

      I told her how everyone is loving her compilation.

      Thank you for making my day special and you know how. It actually completed my birthday in the most beautiful way, Rashmi.

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      1. I love how you share those backend stories with me. It’s like you always know I want to listen to them. It was seen that he is some worker and it was seen how much he enjoys your company.. well who doesn’t!

        It’s really nice of you to keep them entertained and smiling as they were helping you! You very kind!

        You are special nah!
        Everything around you should make you feel special, rest is just an attempt!

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      2. By the grace of God, I’ve been surrounded with people who loves me infinitely and in return what I do is just a little part to show my gratefulness to have them. I hope you know the recently added best people in my life. I’m blessed to have.


  7. I’m a fan of your rhyming poems, huh. ‘Thankyou’ post in rhymes too. Those pictures, OMG! Itnaaaa pyaar karte log. 🤩 Aap ho hi itne lovable. Keep shining like the brightest star, Sirr. And that video was hilarious. That was your true wild and crazy spirit. 🤭 Please stay this way always. We love youuu.

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  8. Hey Sumit 💙
    How you doing ?
    I am so late today.

    I don’t know .. what should I say…!! You have left me spellbound.

    Sumit…you know what..you are such an amazing person… people can’t control to love you. Either it is your work place or WordPress, we love you so damn much. Not only because you are such a great writer, an artist, poet and what not but also the kind of person you are.

    The poem that you have written to show your gratitude…is immensely beautiful. There is not a single line I can pick and say…that ya Sumit..I liked this the most because this as a whole is enormously wonderful.

    And like I said…break the rules you live by and make your dreams come true.
    I meant it. I wish you all the success in your life Sumit.
    The collag that you have made of all the wishes you got …..it was so beautiful.
    Those pictures..of you..all the b’day messages. People love you so much.

    And that video…it was the best part. I must say….you are such a sport. I really liked this naughty side of yours. You never forget to make people smile around you. The book biceps you did…the spoon walk…how much you were enjoying..you sang…you danced…that was epic….I loved it so much.

    Thank you for sharing that Sumit.
    This makes us to love you more.
    Take care Sumit✨

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    1. Good morning, Anushka.
      I’m doing fine now from my headache.

      And know that you’re never ever late. The loved ones have no time, whenever they come it’s the best time to have.

      Wow, what a beautiful phrase you’ve used here. Workplace or WordPress. Anushka, you’re an intelligent beauty.

      That poem was nothing but a by product love of what Rashmi and you poured in my heart. I had to write this. And this is strange that I wanted to be thankful in a story way, but ended up getting influenced by our Rashmi, and wrote it with rhyming.

      It was such a heartwarming moment to see that how it’s been changing a lot of people’s life through the words I share, to the help I can offer. My eyes we’re teary to see how everywhere people have shared so much about me, for my birthday.

      One of the great things happened when one of my colleagues cum friends came all the way from different place to mine just to greet my birthday wishes even in this lockdown. It felt so emotional.

      Hahahah! About the video, we should thank Roshni, she’s a kind colleague who made this. And I truly appreciate what you said about for what you love the most. I’m happy that we share this incomparable bond, Anushka.
      Thank you for always being around.

      My love for both of you has been multiplied by infinity. ✨


      1. Hey Sumit.
        You good abi?

        I know Sumit…loved ones are not bounded by time. But it feels bad..when you have to be there and tell somebody how you felt …and you got late. It doesn’t feels good.

        That phrase was nothing Sumit, it was you who made it beautiful.

        Hahah.. Rashmi is indeed so inspiring..!! She know how to influence a person and when.
        She is our sweetheart.

        Sumit, you have no idea..how much we love your posts..and more than that we love the writer…for all his love that he showers while writing for his readers.

        Special thanks to Roshni then…she did all❤️..convey my heartfelt thanks to her.

        And I am so glad ..your friends came over to your place to wish you. That is so overwhelming Sumit and it’s okay to feel emotional because those moments are worth feeling that.

        We love you more.
        Take care.
        Have a beautiful night.


      2. Anushka! Thank you so much for being here. Would you believe I was just missing you since so long? Why? Because I thought I’ve lost your comment in so many other that I cannot find. I was about to tell Rashmi, whether Anushka removed it or what and here I saw your name. I’m smiling.

        U thought you’re angry on my late reverts. Silly me nah!

        You’re just so amazing. I’m glad to have you. And yes, Rashmi is our sweetheart. Our loved one. The most beautiful heart.

        Your words are so nice that the writer inside me is smiling. Thank you for loving them, Anushka.

        I’ll thank Roshni again. She was smiling when I told her how everyone is liking her compilation.

        Most important thing is my people are around me. And you know who are they.

        Much love,
        Good night Anushka!

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      3. Common Sumit….
        Do you really think.. I will get angry for these things..I love you both and I really mean it…and you know that..we three want our time to comment on each other posts and it feels more than special.

        And I know…you were busy..it’s completely okay. You don’t have to feel all this … please..!!

        Just had busy day… that’s why I was unable to be on time. You know I can never miss your comments and blogs.

        Rashmi is❤️love.
        Yes..do say my thanks to her.

        We are always here.
        Keep smiling.
        That’s what inspires us.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I know you will not. But still I was afraid but your words calmed me down. Hah!

        Yes, we three just don’t read or share a comment rather we write an entire blog on the comment for how much we love. Haha!
        Oh Anushka! You are sweeter than sugar.

        Much love to you. I pray that you have a peaceful sleep.


      5. Hahah..!
        Sumit.. that’s true..I guess..we explain each other blogs with all love we have.
        And it’s more than beautiful.

        I am no sugar🙈..it’s my love for you both.
        Much love to you too Sumit.
        Good night ✨
        Sleep well.

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  9. As I always say, I am glad to see you are humble, grounded and grateful. You never forget the roots. The video was so much fun to watch. It felt like watching you live. A beautiful way to say thank you to your extended family! Glad to know you, Sumit.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for the heart melting words, Nanchi. This is only possible when I’m surrounded by the most beautiful people in the world, including you.

      I’m happy that you enjoyed that crazy video compilation.

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  10. Hey….Sumit..
    First of happy belated birthday to you.🎂

    I have been inactive for few days……idk but really within a few weeks I felt connected to you that I’m feeling very sorry😅.

    I’m always inspired by your work, and I am damn sure that there are lots of people such like me who are inspired by you.
    Keep inspiring Sumit!😊

    Hope that you had a wonderful birthday.
    And a stay healthy ! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dakshali!

      Long time! I hope you’re doing good.

      Oh come on! Why do you feel sorry. It’s always a pleasure.

      Thank you for your kind and sweet words. I’m honoured to hear that my work inspire you. I’m always there.

      And yes, the birthday was really nice sitting at home, spending time saying Thank yous to everyone. Haha!


      1. Hello !

        Yeah, I’m great and hope so you would be.

        It’s your kindness that you think so, you are such a pure soul. I must say !
        Yeah…No one has choice except for that😂😂.
        Sbka Birthday ese hi jata h…..😂😂

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