Cerulean Sky

I love that heart
The way it feels
My uncured bruises
Are now being healed.
The moment I look up
In the cerulean sky
To leave you here alone
In this lifetime
It’s going to be the
Most difficult bye
I can sense the way
you look at the moon
And the heartbeats of yours
fluctuates like sea tides.
I hope and I know there’s
A forest inside that mind,
You’ll find me in there
To always know who’s behind.

Copyright © 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

Published by: SumitOfficial

Sumit Yadav(25), popularly known as SumitOfficial, is a blogger from Mumbai who has been writing since 5 years, and has posted 600+ Blog Posts till now. He is an MBA and works in an Educational Industry in Mumbai as a Senior Career Consultant. His spare-time activities include creative things like -- Acting, Photographing, mimicking, singing. He has worked with Radios, appeared on National TV, interviewed authors, appeared on newspapers for multiple activities, and has written reviews for magazines. Also, he's been consistently writing offline in his journals for more than 875+ days now. He believes in Continuous Progression, and Exponential Growth. 

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65 thoughts on “Cerulean Sky”

  1. The moment I look up
    In the cerulean sky
    To leave you here alone
    In this lifetime
    It’s going to be the 
    Most difficult bye

    These lines…….melted my heart away indeed. What a beautiful tribute to those left behind. Lovely and amazing as usual.💖😊

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  2. I had a wonderful read today. What a magic you’re doing with your words sumit. I loved the title more today cerulean, this word giving more and more depth perceptions for me. You narrated the break up of two souls with such a grace and emotional words.
    And the heart beats of yours
    Fluctuates like sea tides
    I hope and I know there’s
    A forest inside that mind,
    You’ll find me in there.
    What to say these line are amazing..

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      1. I loved your poem too. But today your title captivates me lot.
        My perspective is like cerulean sky here the good bye was more clear and depth as well.The two hearts need to accept that partition completely with calm and serenity. Obviously it must be painful but no other way, that should be done.

        The strongest emotion is when we submerge us in a worse situation our heart tends to feel a numb expression like certain calm in deeper grief. So I could feel your poem in this way Sumit. That’s why today I might attracted to your title more. Somehow your title justified this poem.

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  3. Such soothing and reassuring words. I loved the imagery and similes that you used in this poem. Bruises, cerulean sky, heartbeats like sea tides, moon, forest, OMG! It’s like a carefully plucked and arranged bouquet of nature. 😍

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  4. Hey!

    You seem to enhance your reader’s vocabulary through your posts. I never knew deep blue is known as Cerulean! But now I know!

    Talking about poem, as always it’s very soothing to read and understand the nature through your words. At times your poem give an inkling of end of existence, which is a bit saddening. You know it!

    Otherwise it’s always a beautiful read. In last how you said there’s a forest inside and you should know who’s behind. It made the poem take a turn from chaos to calm…

    I liked it!
    Good work Sumit!

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    1. Hah! Rather I should say, I’m improving mine and whatever I have, I always share and so did the words.

      I’m glad you loved the word.

      Yes, it is a mixture of softness and pain both. It depends on the mood that you’re reading it. It’ll make you more of what you feel.

      Forest is my love. You know that. A tree is love, and forest is a bunch of love.

      Thank you for loving it, Rashmi. ✨

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  5. I agree to what you said, it does depend on reader’s mentality to derive the meaning as per his or her state.

    I know how much love you hold for nature in your heart.. no wait you do not hold you share it with readers and it’s always beautiful to see!

    Anytime ✨

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      1. And you are free 😆😆😆 every time to clear my silly doubts or to talk with me… I guess you daily receive a lot of messages…. But you still take out time to reply to everyone…. That’s really 😊 very sweet and loving❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s wrong. We all teach each other something or the other. For instance, I thought I was always kind. But look at you, you’re kinder. I gotta learn that from you. See!


      3. Now you are making me blush 😊 …. But thanks…. And what I learned from blogging community….. Is love and support….. Here everyone has been so kind and gentle to my stupid queries (example you and Rashmi didi)…. That I feel as we all are A family…. And we all actually are…. But without seeing or talking in person… That makes it A bit difficult….. But you all are amazing😍…. To come over all materialistic things…. And to make others feel around you special and important 😍😍

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