I had a dream
Not when I was slept
I had you near me
Only you closer to me

Our eyes were
flames of fire,
Wanting to kiss each other
Feeling the zephyr from souther.

I had you all,
Not in front of me
But within my veins.

You’re more than everything
I could ever ask for,
My love, I’m always there
To love you and adore.

Copyright © 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

Published by: SumitOfficial

Sumit Yadav(25), popularly known as SumitOfficial, is a blogger from Mumbai who has been writing since 5 years, and has posted 600+ Blog Posts till now. He is an MBA and works in an Educational Industry in Mumbai as a Senior Career Consultant. His spare-time activities include creative things like -- Acting, Photographing, mimicking, singing. He has worked with Radios, appeared on National TV, interviewed authors, appeared on newspapers for multiple activities, and has written reviews for magazines. Also, he's been consistently writing offline in his journals for more than 875+ days now. He believes in Continuous Progression, and Exponential Growth. 

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47 thoughts on “Zephyr”

  1. Good afternoon Sumit✨
    How you doing?

    This is so beautiful Sumit. You never fail to bring an additional concept for your readers.

    The word Zephyr( Greek God of West) has reinvigorated your poetry. You know what..I have read that… zephyr is used for refreshing wind blowing from West..but your poetry has the power to make it flow from any direction.
    And the last two lines ❤️(has added more beauty to this)
    The gust of words of your poetry has revitalize me💙
    It’s beautiful ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good evening, Anushka. ✨

      I need to brag about you to people for how intelligent you are all the time. Be it a post related to Penultimate Thought of Zephyr. Our Anushka knows it all.

      Let zephyr flow from anywhere it wants, as long as the flow makes you come to me, to my blog I don’t want more than that.

      Thank you for loving it, Anushka.

      Much love. ✨


      1. No Sumit…
        It’s nothing like that…I just felt like Sharing this…when I read that word. I don’t how you do this. Your blogs always come with an additional message and I truly love it.

        Your poetry has power to take the wind in any direction 💙

        I loved it.
        Much love to you too Sumit ✨

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I had you all not in front of me but in my veins…. This line is heart touching and it very beautifully expresses the true meaning of ❤love….. Keep 😇 writing
    From your youngest admirer 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do you want me to tell you?

      I never think about a title at all. It’s always one of the words from the poem. The word which describes everything in its own.

      Thank you for loving it my, baby love.


  3. Daydreaming Sumitofficial!

    Well it’s a calming composition by you so far.
    Like an old school lover, you craving her presence, wanting to kiss her!

    And ending my lot is Awesome as always. The constant assurance that has been given to the beloved to tell her you’re always there.

    And how you tell her why you are around
    Just to love and adore her!

    So much simplicity in the words and so much affection is seen in between the lines.
    Quite likeable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had to tell the truth. I was never into it for years and now the kind of compositions come out is a shock for me too.

      The simplest words tell the reality nah. I’m happy you liked it, Rashmi. ✨


  4. Hey Sumit,
    Now I could relate your last comment on my blog about dream. I read this just now.
    I loved this dream of yours sumit.
    This is so soothing and brings smile in my face. Lovely read 😊
    I had you all
    Not infront of me
    But within my veins.
    Wowww! so deep. And as usual your ending confession is awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that was the reason when I said that. Because unknowingly we’ve written about that only.

      I’m glad that it could bring a smile on your face. Keep reading, keep writing, and keep smiling, Mitty.

      Liked by 1 person

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