100 Blog Post of Year 2020 – My 7 Suggestions for Consistency

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.”

-Samuel Johnson

And today, I’m here to share one of the great pleasures of my life when I see this happen, I actually completed writing 100th blog post of year 2020 (Till May 27) and this is a big thing because my posts are not just about posting with anything but need proper dedication, and equally loved from my side. If I don’t feel like posting, I don’t even share but if I share which means it has the best creation of me.

And the credit goes to all of you for always waiting for me to write and post. Many of the times, I’ve received comments from the loved ones here for why I’ve not posted anything recently. And it makes my heart smile.

This achievement isn’t for me but for you, and therefore, I would like to share what were the thing which were going on in my head throughout.

I shared them here and I hope that it helps us all to connect better and know that we’re always there to back up each other.

If You Care for Blogging, It will Care For You

Ever since I gave blogging my priority, I don’t really prioritize anything at all. I remember many of the time when someone calls me up when I am in the middle of writing, I won’t pick up the call and I’m selfish in that because I cannot afford to regret after an hour that I could not write and hence didn’t post. I’ll write, schedule the post, and if it’s important I’ll call that person to check what’s the matter and then they’d say, “I just called you up as I was bored.” Well, you gotta get away from such people who calls you up to get away from their boredom. I’ve you’ve gotta goals, run after it. Period.

Your Brain Knows It Even Before You

One of the great things which this year taught me is no matter how much negativity and stupidity is going on, if you’re focused and tell you mind to set a particular mindset for what you want to do, it will favour you too.

Social Media & Its Impact

I’m not really a person who clicks myself much, and the same happens on my social media handles. I’m helpless that I cannot delete them as many of my audience is on social media only and to reach my writings they wait for the posts when I share. I mostly share my personal space for my work, that’s my blogging, there’d be stories about my blog posts, links on status, automatical share is on for Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Twitter also.

So I am glad that I don’t spend my all day surfing what’s happening in anyone’s life. Moreover, I don’t even have a single actors or influencers in my social medias whom I’ve followed. Because they’re pretty good at distracting you from you goal and you’ll run for those clothes, shoes, watches, looks, and double-standard things. I stay away myself from all these things.

I only follow people who are there to either read my work, or encourage me to learn something. Forget it, even if one cannot do anything, at least don’t spread negativity.

Strangers who Really Care

Strangers, who are nothing less than people who are crossing your path here. The moment they come, follow your blog, leave a comment, they become your friends. I’ve been spending a lot of time here to greet them across the globe. And thankfully, SumitOfficial’s blog has the following of more than 100+ countries across the globe. And I’m thankful to each one of you, many of you would be reading this too right now.

You Get To Know Your About Audience

Of course, blogging isn’t just about posting your work and then vanish. It’s a two way communication. I always tell my readers that whatever I write has nothing to do with my thought process, what I love listening to is their point of views. Because that’s what I love.

Over all stats of SumitOfficial’s blog since 2015

If I write about an erotica, I might be having a sexual desire with those thoughts which I penned down, but for someone that would be a divine connection, someone else would be feeling loved just to feel that, someone would imagine his/her partner doing that. Then they share their stories, and I love listening to it in the comment section. And hence, I always try to revert on every comment someone posts.

Your Hesitant Blog Posts will Bring the Best of Your Audience

So this happens a lot when I expect one post to do bad as that’s not up-to-the mark for me, but that post will be loved by you all so much that I put my hand on my head and think again, “Was it really this good?”

One of the examples is when I had written about the little facts and stories about my mum in the Unsent Letter post I had shared on her birthday. And there are 300+ comments on it from across the globe readers, and it made everyone cry. I was crying while writing, but I didn’t know it will leave the same impact and it did. So it was you all who made me believe what I need to write which you like, and most importantly, it’s always something new I try to bring and you all always share the love for which I’m always thankful about.

You are the person who is going to learn the most from your blog

The More You Blog, The More You Learn About Yourself

If you see the below stats, there were hardly anything I ever cared about but what really motivated me this year was April Month’s National Poetry Writing Month challenge in which it was compulsory to write something new on different prompt for 30 days and taht made my readers wait for the time when I’d post. I am still having a lot of names who never forgets to post a comment. I’d write their names but there are so many. I’m sure you can consider yourself if you’re reading the, it’s you!

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Sumit Yadav(25), popularly known as SumitOfficial, is a blogger from Mumbai who has been writing since 5 years, and has posted 600+ Blog Posts till now. He is an MBA and works in an Educational Industry in Mumbai as a Senior Career Consultant. His spare-time activities include creative things like -- Acting, Photographing, mimicking, singing. He has worked with Radios, appeared on National TV, interviewed authors, appeared on newspapers for multiple activities, and has written reviews for magazines. Also, he's been consistently writing offline in his journals for more than 875+ days now. He believes in Continuous Progression, and Exponential Growth. 

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82 thoughts on “100 Blog Post of Year 2020 – My 7 Suggestions for Consistency”

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Sumit,you are unimaginably passionate about blogging 🤩 Be proud of your hardwork and achievement.Your posts are truly amazing and I enjoy reading them.Happy for your success!🖤

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    1. There are really less people who actually care about literature, writings, and reading. But then there are wonderful people like you who are happy even for this little achievement. I’m glad you love them, Malanie. Thank you for your kind wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re most welcome! I’m a literature student and I also feel that less people care about literature these days. But then there are wonderful people like you, people who admire literature and writing. I’m glad that I found your blog🙂

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  2. First of a huge congratulations on achieving such a huge goal by consistency, it is as u said that really matters and the quality.
    And how u said that u never pick up calls in between it shows how passionate u r and u do it for ur and everyone around u and their happiness..
    It is actually true how ur brain helps u achieve something and that made me remember “” agar tum koi cheer ko puri shredhat we chate go to our kainaat usko paane Mei lag jaati hai””. I don’t remember it full but it went something like that.
    That is awesome abt the social media but how do we automate posts on social media??
    Indeed one of the best part abt blogging is communicating ,supporting and interacting with ur audience.
    That indeed is true the posts u r doubtful performs well happened with me also.
    Hv a grt day ahead!!!!!!

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    1. I recently read a book titled “Deep Work” In which the author said if you give 100% attention to your creation, the same love is going to be transferred to the ones who are going to see or read this.

      And to get such immense love from you all is what I crave and hence I don’t let anyone come in between my routine.

      WordPress widgets do give you that option where you can access the auto share. So be in anything, it directly posts on SumitOfficial’s Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

      Thank you so much for such wonderful words. I wish you all the best for the day, Arshnoor!

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  3. So rightly said, Sumit. Congratulations on getting to this milestone. Here’s to many more. Content and consistency are the key indeed. I have also cut down on social media. That has given me more time to blog! 😄

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  4. Congratulations Sumit on this achievement, a many more on your way😊. This is something very inspiring for everybody here, also the importance of consistency, in whatever thing we do. I can relate with the fact you said, the post which we think is not that much good, is liked by many
    Congratulations once again 😊

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    1. Hey, Era! Thanks a lot for your wishes. And also for being a part of this journey.
      Yes, that’s because we have people around us who build the confidence in us by appreciating the efforts.

      I’m glad to see you here again! Thank you, Era!

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  5. Congratulations, Sumit! I appreciate the great deal of efforts you put into blogging.

    Seriously, blogging induces creative side of our minds, and consistency is the key to get many new friends in the blogging sphere! Good day to you!

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  6. 100 posts in just 5 months! That is something to be reallly proud of. I just counted mine, and I have written only 35 posts this year. 😂 You have the self discipline and determination to keep writing every single day, no matter what. It requires lots of effort and I admire that about you a lot. 🤗 Biggg congratulations Sir! Loved all of your suggestions, and yes, the Poetry month challenge really made your poems blossom, haha. And brought new new flowers into your life too. 🤓 I’m glad for that.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You could have written the posts and post it here. But I understand that you have course books to study and online classes to attend, so I know it’s fine.

      Chupp! 😂


  7. Sumit first of all, I am so happy for you! 🙂 Congratulations on your 100 posts within less than half of 2020! Secondly, by this post alone, I learned so much from you! How you are exremeley determined to focus on your goals and achieve them, how you cut down on social media to avoid unnecessary distractions and how you have such self-discipline that you maintained such high consistency with your writing! This is how it should be, and I aspire to be like you someday 🙂 You have really motivated me and that is why I followed you on Facebook because I know I can learn a lot from you! 🙂 Thank you so much for writing for us 🙂 🙂 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I truly feel blessed if anything of my routine could inspire you to be better at, after all, that was the only aim of sharing this little achievement here.

      Because we as writers, find so tiny things to talk about, and when we come up with something like this, we think who’s gonna care, but that’s wrong. People do care who love your art. And you’re one of them.

      Thank you for your lovely wishes once again.

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      1. Thank you Sumit! Our words do inspire others around the world and you are so right in saying how we should not undermine their value and the positive affect that they have..
        I look forward to your upcoming posts my friend!! 🙂

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  8. It’s good to know that you have been doing this for 5 years…It’s huge…This post motivates people like me who just started…Thank you Sumit for sharing:)

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  9. Congratulations Sumit official!

    Well this is news to me that you have already completed 100 post. Wow Man! Good!

    Now coming to what you’ve shared with us, it’s good to know your strategies, I mean successful people keep them hidden with themselves but here you are revealing to us your secrets.

    I agree to whatever you said Sumit, I’ve made my Word press account in August 2017 but I’ve never ever enjoyed it the way I do now. It’s like what you said when you pay attention to blogging, it pays you back. And here I am cherishing the best people, you being one of them.

    Then how you told us about that late night call that you didn’t pick because you focus on your writing rather than entertaining the ones who are bored. I liked it!

    Sumit it’s your consistency, your dedication that makes you achieve such things. I agree I too am one of those who wait for your post eagerly. You know I check them late at night. Because I find solace in your writings.

    Your writings are inspired by your surroundings and sometimes it reflects what’s in your heart but whatever it is it comforts your readers.
    It gives us both pleasure and wisdom. How I’ve been learning new words from you daily, how I try enhancing my vocabulary because I read it in one of your post how important it is to have a sound vocabulary.

    Your poetry not just entertains its readers, it has power to transform society’s thinking as well..

    More and more power to your pen!
    And as I always say I am a proud reader of your work!
    See yaa ✨


    1. Thank you so much Rashmi!

      Correctly said, even I was also in one of those traps of hide anything from what I know about. But Krishna played a huge role to change my selfish thinking.

      As you already know how influenced I am by Him, I learnt the more we give the more we get. I don’t known about getting, but all I know is if I have a lot then it must be delivered to the ones who might need it.

      Be it love, kindness, love, money, or knowledge. It’s there to be shared.

      And I’m honoured for all the compliments you have given for my work, it’s nothing less than a worship for me. As I always say Words are my Wife, I don’t anyone misbehave with them. I ignore the ones who talk on back because I have my loved ones in front of my eyes now.


  10. Congratulations Sumit.
    Woww 100 posts within 5 months. You’re being such an inspiration for your fellow bloggers. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.Really it will be the great motivation for many bloggers.
    Wish you to have more success.
    Keep writing. Keep exploring. Keep smiling 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s my pleasure sumit. I love reading your blogs.
        Yeah I too was one of the good reader in your journey. I am happy to be your reader.
        Hope you had a great day.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. I am eagerly waiting for your new poem 😔….. Why ain’t you writing those beautiful ones since two days… I am missing them and your patient answers to my stupid questions…
    Your youngest admirer 😌

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  12. Congratulations..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am still not able to get over of the reaction you gave to me when I messaged you. You have made me extremely happy Sumit.

    Many many congratulations for completing 100 posts…just in five months..!!
    This shows, how passionate you are towards your writing. Beside working for more than 12 hrs …you still rob time from your schedule to write. You are amazing Sumit and inspiration to many.

    All the strategies that you have shared with us…is definitely gonna help us in a long run. This is quality of a self made person, who doesn’t only want his development but the growth of his whole community.

    You know what Sumit…I really love writing…but because of my schedule, studies…I am unable to give much time to it…but see, here you are… Sharing all the hacks…and I am blessed I could read them and work on myself.

    And like you said in your interview, for writing you need self discipline and consistency…and you are following this for 5 years in a row.!!

    I am learning from you everyday. It’s a pleasure to read your posts and yes I am your biggest fan who waits for your post eagerly… though I get late in commenting ..but you should know this…I love your blogs and I admire you.

    You are amazing blogger and a man of wisdom. Remember that we love you so so much.

    Keep writing…keep smiling…keep shining ✨
    Have a beautiful day Sumit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayyy! Thanks a lot for the wishes, Anushka!

      Why would I not be excited, after all it’s you? The lover of our girl.

      At times, even I’m confused that how am I even copying up with everything but as they say ‘When there’s a will, there’s a way’

      My will to be always around is there, and the way comes out automatically.

      I’m happy to share everything I learn so that not everyone needs to go through the same struggles I’ve been through to learn what’s important and what can be avoided.

      We should thank my Manager, Manpreet Madam for building a leader in me who doesn’t wanna go alone and prepare a team of people who are equally worthy. And that’s how a leader is made.

      In our sales business it says, if you’re making a sale for yourself you’re doing good, but if you’re teaching that techniques to your subordinates, they’re you’re becoming a leader.

      The giver is a getter.
      And that’s what I follow, Anushka.

      I’m in awe to be appreciated by your words. You mean a lot to me. Thank you for being there.

      Always be happy and cheerful.

      Much love, Anushka. ✨

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are amazing man..!!
        That’s what I can say…everyday you are making me to admire you more. The more I read you…more I fall in love with your poetries.

        The dedication you put in…in writing your poems…is same the one you put into your comments. You are not just a Sumit…who is a wonderful Blogger and everybody loves and follows him…but you are more than that Sumit.

        I have to declare this now….Sumit is an “INSPIRING WONDER”
        And this is reserved for you, because you deserve this.

        When you have a wonderful leader…it gives the best product. Your Manager, has made you this…and you are following the same legacy of helping and allowing others to grow.

        I really loved what you said…about the technique…that if you teach your subordinates in the same way…you are becoming a leader.

        We are proud of you Sumit.
        Take care.
        Good night ✨

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good afternoon, Anushka!

        Thank you for appreciating me with your golden words, Anushka.

        All I know if I have wonderful people around me whom I love and help when they need me. And I don’t want anything else.

        Thank you for such love. ✨

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Congratulations Sumit on this success and all the best wishes for the future.
    I also wanted to ask you that how can one attract viewers for the post?
    And I have a blogging assignment for a company and I don’t know how to start there. I’d like to get a few tips.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Bliss and Love unto you my friend, Congrats on your 100 blog post, that’s an awesome accomplishment!!! I loved reading this post, you are very insightful. Yor voice really shows in your writing and I feel as if I know you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and heart, Live Your Bliss Life!!! May Love and Light guide you in all of your days!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m happy I could spread some Bliss and Joy my friend, reading your comment brought a smile to my face and my heart! May Light and Love guide you in all of your days! Live Your Bliss Life!!!


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