Lone Existence

I’ve been looking into the eyes of someone who made me meet my own self.

I thought I knew myself enough until that someone made me question my lone existence.

I guess, I wasn’t there where
I should have been,
I wasn’t being loved how
I should have been.

I think, I wasn’t being me until that
someone made me hers and complete me.

Copyright © 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “Lone Existence”

  1. And that’s coz she is your mirror.. your reflection.. beautiful.. isn’t it? I am getting good in this😍.. anyways I should stop praising myself.. very beautifully written, quite relatable to every person seeking love..

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  2. Ahha someone’s completing someone!

    I loved how it said I did not know myself and I wasn’t loved the way I should have been!

    Seems now you know how much love you deserve. We all here love you as well!

    What I have been noticing recently is you don’t write long poems, you’ve been trying to speak less and in turn it speaks volume.

    Beautiful piece again!
    See you around ✨


  3. Hi sumit,
    I hope you’re doing good. Making yourself as complete by the love. Sumit you’re defining love in such a beautiful way, it’s like beautiful words sound high to prove the complete form of love.

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    1. You are going to kill me for reverting on your comments after days, but I hope and wish that you understand how I am trying to keep my sanity on tract after working 10 hours a day, coming home, writing, posting, and then reverting on comments.

      Thank you for loving the love in the poems. It is gifted. Gifted by the Almighty. Not just to me but to everyone.

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      1. Hey sumit I could understand that So no problem. You can reply to the comments whenever you’re free. Let’s make it easy for you, won’t mind if you reply all the comments lately. I knew you are busy.
        You please take care of your health.


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