Preferent Tree

When we get to meet each other
I’ll make you visit my city.
While holding your hand
Fingers entwined just like our souls.
I’ll take you to my favorite place,
Under my preferent tree,
Which knows about my dark secret,
My frangible heartaches,
And everything I could never speak about.
I’d take you there, and make you sit on the two feet high, and twenty feet wide root,
Along with my journal in another hand.
We shall talk about how for years I’ve been coming here and that I ain’t alone anymore
For I have you by my side now to hold my hand forever.

Copyright © 2015-2020 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

31 thoughts on “Preferent Tree”

  1. It’s so full of romance!! And the way every little detail is being shared under that tree.. beautiful!! It feels good and safe to share your life with your loved one♥️ and proudly declaring to that tree that I am ain’t alone anymore❣️lovely!!

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  2. Now this is something extremely beautiful!
    I’ve read it a lot of times since morning, Ohk wait, since midnight Haha!

    I liked how you wanna hold her hand and make her visit your favorite place because you know what happens? We as humans are possessive about a lot of things, it may be books, it may be our favorite place, it may be our favorite person. We don’t like to share it with anyone unless we feel that connection. And since you are ready to take her to the place, to the tree which knows your secrets, your heartbreaks, it is no doubt that the girl must be special to you.

    I hope it reaches where it is supposed to.
    I really liked the whole concept.
    And today I even liked the thumbnail, it goes with the poem.

    And yes the ending which is now the beginning of a beautiful life that two of you would share, I loved how it’s said

    “We shall talk about how for years I’ve been coming here and that I ain’t alone anymore
    For I have you by my side now to hold my hand forever.”
    This is so honest and so beautiful!
    I am sure your partner must be a lucky one to have you by her side.

    See you around ✨

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  3. Hi sumit!
    I hope you’re doing good.
    It should be pleasure always when we make our lovable person to visit our favourite places. What could be more beautiful in this world rather than having love by our side in our favourite place.
    You brought that beautiful image in my eyes Sumit 🙂
    Stay safe and happy my friend.

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    1. Hi Mitty!
      I missed you my friend, I hope you’re fine.
      I’m doing great here.
      I just caught up with the work so much.

      Absolutely, I feel like sharing my eye sight with a person whom I love the most to see the world through my eyes.

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      1. Hey sumit 😊!
        I too missed you yaar. I am doing great.Its pleasure to hear from you after long days. I knew you were busy.
        But I didn’t miss your posts Sumit. I read everything. My concern is that it could be hard for you to reply for all comments right so I made it short😊😊
        Take care and you can reply back at your free time my comments could wait.
        Stay safe and happy🙂🙂


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