Silence – A Message

“If you want to show me that you really love me, don’t say that you would die for me, instead stay alive for me.” – Unknown

I know this is very easy to be said than done. But here I am saying this. I won’t tell the reason behind this but it really dazed me today to listen the news about Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide.

It clearly shows the fame, money, and reputation in around us is nothing but temporary. If we lack mental peace and falling in trap of depression, we should talk. Openly.

This was just a little gesture from my end where I feel, one should have a person who understands the silence when the words fail to tell anything to the world.

Sending a lot of love, good wishes, and a message that I’m always here to talk to when anyone needs an ear to listen.

(This post was posted in the written for National Writing Poetry Month)

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29 thoughts on “Silence – A Message”

    1. There is, of course, a way Muskan. We gotta keep in touch with the ones who are around. To keep a check on them, of course, regularly it isn’t possible but depression grows day by day. It is never late to help someone. And we can.

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  1. It is actually a shock to the entire nation. And we can only pay tribute through our words.

    It’s a hard thing to digest, everyone has problems in their lives. All we need is someone to listen and understand us at the same time.

    Thank you for telling us you are there to listen.

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    1. True that, Rashmi. Sri Krishna always says problems are the other name of life, if problems go then life will be left with nothing. And to deal with the problem we have to do our karma to fight with it, that is the motive of our life.

      Thank you for reading. And I mean it when I say I am always there to listen to anyone, and to you!

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  2. Talking about these things ain’t easy, let alone openly. I can only hope that everyone can open to some person or other.
    Thank you for being here to talk. It can go a long way. I will also like to say that I am here for you or anyone who wants to talk.

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    1. I feel the same, to be honest with you.
      And what people do is to go check their social media and connect the dots how they wanted some help.

      I remember one of the lead singers of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, had committed suicide, he needed help too.


  3. Mental illness is still a big stigma in our society, people fear of being judges, is understood and many suffer in silence
    It’s high time to take it as important as any physical illness
    It needed to addressed, but it is still a long way to go
    Hoping for a change

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    1. Absolutely, Era! We as, artists/writers always have a way to write it down to make ourselves feel a bit lighter.

      But not everyone has that option. It is time to listen to people more if they need us.

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  4. You said it Sumit. I am still in shock and devastated by the news. Reading someone’s mind is quite difficult but atleast we can read their silence. But sometimes people cover their silence with smile and it becomes even more difficult. So it is very important for the person suffering should share their thoughts. We never know what the outcome can be but atleast by hearing someone we can control them going deep in the darkness of depression and anxiety.

    Today, I would like to tell everyone who is reading….I am there to listen without judging!

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  5. That was a shock to everyone around the world i guess.

    Besides, i agree on the importance of silence. It’s healthy at times.

    But what i think about is, when people feel depressed, they dont really want to come out and share with anyone, they just prefer isolation and nothingness. And then everything comes out to the hands of us, who have been quite mentally stable yet to support, i think our inspiration and invitation works more than anything to them.


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