Book Number 19: The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Book number: 19

Book name: The Universe Has Your Back

Author: Gabrielle Bernstein

Book Length: 200 pages

Time taken to read: July 10- July 13

Genre: Self-help

Recommended to:

So this book written by the author when she was completely depressed because of her tight schedule of work, pressure, and unhappiness in her life. And somehow many of us feel that pressure in such a time. All we need to do is to surrender ourselves to the Universe/God/Zone whatever you want to call, and you’ll see your life changing.

Inspired me to learn about:

This book has a lot of good concepts of life which I could not bifurcate myself. Although, I could connect to each and every word and I felt as if I knew all of it even before knowing about it, but the important part is to understand the process one by one. And the ultimate goal of your life is to be happy. Actually HAPPY.

3 takeaways from the book:

The Universal Lesson focuses on the 3-step process for questioning the self-made world:

Step 1 – What is the fearful movie you’ve been playing?

Step 2 – What’s the positive movie you’ve been playing?

Step 3 – Reconnect to your power.

It does work when you make sure what you are feeding to your mind, it will give you the result on the basis of that only.

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13 thoughts on “Book Number 19: The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein”

  1. Surrendering to universe means Surrendering to yourself as we all carry universe in ourselves. When nothing works, we need to take a break and feel the connection with the energies. This book looks good. 😊

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