Sex and The God!

Making love to me is amazing. Wait, I meant: making love, to me, is amazing. The absence of two little commas nearly transformed me into a sex god.

Being an erotica writer, I’ve been asked many times how can I write about it so openly? About intimacy, about women, about sex. And I am always in despise to look at them for how silly they are who consider all these things as weird and out of the world. Whereby if we observe keenly, the entire world is based on it. Sex. Sex is the most essential part of our lives.

A new born is given a birth after the sex, a man and woman fall in love and express themselves through sex, a woman feels satisfied after having a good orgasm. Not only that, the most viewed and sold clips are no movies but porn. And why is that?

The more you try to suppress your feelings, the emotions, and sexual desires, the more they’re going to emerge in the most negative ways. It’s like telling an infant not to do or touch something, and then he ends up doing the same. Ever thought about that? Strange, right?

The God!

It’s not always about the upbringing of a child how he sees the world when he gets into the senses. How the family makes him understand about things which one feels in his body. It’s also about the religions that we’re following. Yes!

The old religions have taught the power of killing one’s emotions, sex, desires,in life, anger, attachments as bad things. And by doing that what does one get? The God! Really?

I’m not saying God cannot be attained that way, but we need to understand when the God has given us the life with everything He could, with all the emotions in a human body, then why to suppress and kill oneself to reach somewhere which nobody has ever seen?

It’s like losing your own self just to win someone else. First, understand your own self, that’s again called the concept of spirituality, where one knows himself to present, or surrender himself to the God. Down the centuries there were millions of people who died by killing their own self without meeting God.

Learn about yourself by doing everything your heart says, and you’ll end up meeting the God. He’s waiting for you!

Sex is the beautiful expression of Divine.

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20 thoughts on “Sex and The God!”

  1. Absolutely right man! You just chose right words and put them in your content in such a perfect way to convey the simplest message that , “making love is a gift”
    I mean animals do sex too but they dont have the gift of emotions as we humans are blessed with. Making love ,SEX is one of the purest act two of humans can have, its the way of expressing those unspoken emotions that might not slip through his tongue even when he wants to or she wants to.
    Its a beautiful act, its a pure act, its as holy as god because yeah, I do believe too that One’s body is the temple.


    1. I am a believer of energy.
      Transform. Reform.

      I completely believe in the power of energies which are transformed in the universe in the name of prayers, wishes, and affirmations, and sex.

      When the same energies want to flow inside the body, two bodies collide together, rub each other enough to create more energy, and release it, until it transform them into something which is beyond imagination.

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      1. You know, i feel like people these days spend a lot of their sexual energy in ingenuine things. Usually with porn addiction and what not. I dont know if thats wrong or right but then it makes me feel people could use that into something beneficial and productive.

        What do you say in that?

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      2. I get your point. Sexual energies are to be expressed and not reserved. For people like you, who expresses herself through the art of sketching/drawing/writing. I could see the intense fine line in your sketches too, which was a turn on for me(one of the girl’s sketch) or maybe for a person like me who loves to write about those sexual energies through erotica before I release them.

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      3. But I’m also not against porn too, as long as you’re not wasting all day long thinking about it.

        Watch it, let it consume you, but how you deliver them out, that matters.

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