Where Do You Find Love?

So lately, I felt something really good. Not only because of anything personal which has happened but because of the surroundings I have around me. The kind of people, the support, and love I am getting is immense.

It was a Sunday evening, and unlike the entire world even I could not find out which day it was until I decided to spend the entire evening with myself. Yes, with my own self. And that actually made me feel as if it is a normal Sunday we all have been always waiting for.

It’s that time when I don’t let anything come in between my self, and serenity. The moment when I only want to listen to the breathe that I’m taking, the steps I’m moving forward with, the fresh breeze that I am feeling on my skin, while looking up in the vibrant sky, where I find the Moon to accompany me. Bright. Smilingly tilted.

I found out the world is in no need of anything else than compassion and love and I was happy enough to have someone with me throughout this evening with me. Although, virtually. Without even a phone or video call. As if someone inside the heart who’s talking with my soul. We talked about a lot of things, discussed about the ways we like things and most importantly about love, that keep us connected.

Yes, this love is not just meant for a boy and a girl to fall for; it can go beyond genders, people, caste, animals or precisely any non-living thing too.

In the solitude, I found out those meanings where I tried to understand when and where do we find out love. I hope this little creation can make us more aware about where do we need our focus to focus at.

Where do you find love?

In between…

when you’re expecting the monsoon and it rains on your face, and that brings smile.

when you fall apart from being broken but still find your own spinal to fight back, and that gives you power.

when you are missing someone and you get a call from them, and that broader your lips.

when you are imagining something in your head and the words come out for your poetry, and that completes your art.

when you want to plant a kiss on her forehead but she ends up kissing your lips, and that makes you feel lucky.

when the song that you listen with that calmness while losing yourself in the midway, and that relieves your stress.

when you have a fight with your partner but find her next to you spreading her arms, and that tells she’s the right one.

when it’s the last month of the year and new year welcomes you with new hope, and that keeps you going.

when you miss dating someone but she virtually appears under the moonlight evening, and that makes you believe distance doesn’t matter.


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Sumit Yadav(25), popularly known as SumitOfficial, is a blogger from Mumbai who has been writing since 5 years, and has posted 600+ Blog Posts till now. He is an MBA and works in an Educational Industry in Mumbai as a Senior Career Consultant. His spare-time activities include creative things like -- Acting, Photographing, mimicking, singing. He has worked with Radios, appeared on National TV, interviewed authors, appeared on newspapers for multiple activities, and has written reviews for magazines. Also, he's been consistently writing offline in his journals for more than 875+ days now. He believes in Continuous Progression, and Exponential Growth. 

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160 thoughts on “Where Do You Find Love?”

  1. I feel the same, I have always found the moments between me and serenity the most beautiful, I always cherish the moments I spend on my terrace, feeling the cool breeze on my skin, and my mindful walking.
    Moments like these are one of the biggest contributors in making me who I am, it helped me to know myself better.
    I mostly find love under the open sky, beneath the moonlight which reminds me I am loved and I too fall in love with everything that surrounds me, with my life and my own beautiful self.
    Moments like these are precious for me ❤

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  2. So before I tell you how much I loved it.. I am here to attach a story of how I read it. You know nowadays usually before stepping into my blog I come straight to see what is up with your blog. That’s probably the best thing to begin a day with.. but today morning I did not open your blog in the morning…
    Wondering why… Because I wasn’t able to sleep last night till really late , so I sneaked for a bit to open up WordPress to see what you have written, I thought I’ll sleep better then but you know nothing changed after reading. I was still not able to sleep.
    All I kept thinking was that till now I have heard Sumit deriving his poetry from surroundings today I have seen it. And it was so beautiful.
    The way you put up the back end story of how this thought came to your mind and how much you enjoy your solitude… And how there are things that make us all happy. Everything seemed to be at the right place. And apart from everything else my thoughts drifted back to the one who was lucky enough to enjoy your company knowingly you don’t let anyone invade your privacy…
    The note on which you ended it. It was all real and it meant to last forever✨✨

    There were a lot of things to which I connected like call from someone whom you have been missing, the monsoon rain wetting our face, and the arms of beloved.. everything fascinated me. It just made me realise how thoughtful you are to do it all so effortlessly…

    It was a great read at night 1:20 and there’s gonna be many more today..
    I loved the concept..
    Rashmi ✨

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    1. I was aware that you like going to the comment section of your post and check the comments from you favourite ones, but wasn’t aware about this new habit.

      Really? You didn’t sleep well? This might be the first time that you would have accessed your phone in the middle of a night. (I hope mum doesn’t get to know about it. 👀)

      It’s really hard to inspire me, Rashmi. I’ve got a lot of female friends who ask me for years to write something for them and unfortunately not a single word comes. I clearly say no. It needs to come out from within, after all.

      Yes, I knew you’d get to know where it was meant when I had asked about it. With the consent, I defined how it felt. The best part is you could get that flawlessly.

      Because Rashmi, we’ve made this term ‘love’ so cliché, that we forget what love actually is. It’s always IN BETWEEN. It’s in the process. It’s never the end result. It’s always what and how it feels midway. With someone’s company, it could flow really well and ended up being there. Thanks to her!

      Happy for the fact that you loved it, Rashmi. ☺


      1. Yes that’s a new habit I have cultivated lately.
        No, I swear I wasn’t able to sleep till late. There were so many things to think about. And somewhere I did not want to sleep not thinking about it… Haha no, I played really smart. She did not know about it.. 😶

        I know and now since you are inspired already, the feeling is captured in your poem is gonna live million of years now. You can cherish it anytime .

        I totally get you, it’s not always about a guy and a girl. It’s way beyond that. It’s a connection, it’s a vibe, it’s an energy that attracts..that pulls you closer to something or someone.

        I literally enjoyed reading it. And I am gonna read it for a few more times…

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      2. You always make me smile when you say you’re gonna reread or re-listen most of the work I put here. 🙂

        Anushka was also thanking you for motivating me to post the Yaad Hain recital here on the blog, when I said I had no plans until Rashmi asked for it.


      3. Mmm.. You tell me what’s in your mind?
        I was wondering if you can share something about what kind of videos/channels fascinate you on YouTube. Maybe with links of them for why do you like something?


      4. Wonderful. You already said about 2 of them. Now remaining 8 are there.

        It maybe any motivational channels too. Or anything spiritual that makes you feel good.

        Tell your readers about why do you like a particular kind of content so much.

        For instance, years back I had read on someone’s blog post about Sandeep Maheswari’s inspirational videos and that was the first time I got to know someone like him.

        So it was really a new thing. Your readers would love to know your choice and the back story of it.


      5. Well, that sounds perfect to me.
        If Rashmi is trying her hand on something new then it needs to be beautiful.

        I’m excited for this, please go ahead.


      6. It’s a good thing nah! We have 2 posts to work on now.
        You can work on what I suggested tomorrow, let’s go with what you told me you want to write about. That’s more exciting anyway for me.


      7. Surely. Take your time and come up with a bang. I’m here.

        And yes, the book must be completed by today or mostly by tomorrow. I’ll come up with something soon by midnight.


      8. This made me so nostalgic.

        I guess this was the first time I derived inspiration from your blog and wrote something on similar topic. And after that I continued doing that.

        I have to come to your blog and check what’s new, I don’t know why am I not receiving notification of same. Neither is it there in my feeds.

        Anyways, I read it again. And I enjoyed it all over again.
        Have a great day ahead ✨!

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      9. It surely did and made me feel so special.

        Although, my mood wasn’t good but your mail made me smile wide. And it made me remember May 2020.

        Did you get my revert?


      10. Ah! I completely agree with you. It’s nothing new than a new year with a new month.

        For people like us, every day is a new day, new beginning.

        And that’s how I’m crafted my new work. Please check.

        And yes, I’m done with the packing for Goa.


      11. Exactly, everyday is a new day if you see it the other way around.

        So is today, so smile✨

        WordPress is the first thing I open in the morning, also I expected you to write it out. I read it and it’s beautiful, the last lines have my heart as always.
        I’ll be there in a while.
        (Comment to aaram se hota h na)

        Good, I hope you are all set for the day!
        Don’t forget to wear that beautiful smile 😊


  3. This is the first thing I read this morning Sumit..
    And I thought to tell you this..how much i loved it..in my personal time.
    So ..here I am…
    The solitude of which you are talking about here…is felt by everyone I guess…and these days, alot..free from all the worldly stuffs, making arrangements, working. This is something bliss. I found it as a special enjoyment which is choosen by ourselves. And the way you have expressed this …..it’s so divine.
    Specially the lines,
    “The moment when I only want to listen to the breathe that I’m taking, the steps I’m moving forward with, the fresh breeze that I am feeling on my skin, while looking up in the vibrant sky, where I find the Moon to accompany me. Bright. Smilingly tilted”
    Nobody, but a artist feels all this.
    There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company.

    And the lines that u have mentioned in poetry form… specially these
    ‘when you’re expecting the monsoon and it rains on your face, and that brings smile.
    when you fall apart from being broken but still find your own spinal to fight back, and that gives you power.’
    These are so convincing. I loved it alot more than I am even saying.
    You are amazing Sumit 💙

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    1. By saying that you read in the morning, you actually made my noon beautiful.

      To get my feelings and words better, I can imagine how deeply you’ve dived under the ocean and come up with words of wisdom.

      One of the best parts, you didn’t only like the poem or story which I was describing but also focussed on how the backend story happened. My interaction with the moon. Its shape. And my moves.

      You got it deeply, Anushka. Thank you for the extreme love that you never forget to shower. Thank you very much again.

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      1. I loved everything Sumit 💙
        Your poetries are so intense…it makes me to dive to depth…
        And the intentions and feelings behind them..are so good💙

        Pleasure is all mine in reading your work Sumit.
        And Rashmi…took it to the another level today.
        You guys are just amazing.

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  4. Beautiful!!
    Nothing better than self and serenity and nothing in between!
    And indeed love is found in between, where we never look!

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      1. I dind’t understand the complete comprehension of the meaning so I think that I’m too fast and proud. So : I’m sorry. And thank you very much for your kindness🙏🏻

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  5. Such is the feeling of love! It’s all about finding love in thr little things. The ending my heart. Love is everywhere. 😍
    Btw, who’s this invisible person in your heart that you keep talking to? I’d like to know. 🧐

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  6. This is terrific, my friend!

    Love, for me, is community. Without other people to encourage us, laugh with us and give advice, life would be a lot more depressing (hence what’s going on). Sex to me is connecting with another, but raw love is friendship.

    But, what do I know. Have a good one!

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    1. You spoke to the point, love is everything that makes you forget about all the important things but just makes you remember one thing/person who matters the most.
      Thank you for your wonderful view on it.

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  7. I too have moments with myself and my ..umm.. inner self.. And yeah it definitely keeps us connected although we are but one. This time ensures the myself and the inner self are on the same page.. totally relatable 💯SumitOfficial

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    1. That’s such a great thing to know. It’s always good to have a self-love rather than expecting someone else to do that for you.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mahak! Looking forward to read your work soon!


    1. It’s not always about the writers who write with their open hearts, Yeshu. It’s also about the one who reads it with the same intention.
      I’m obliged to know that the way it’s been written, it is delivered in the same way.

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