What is National Poetry Writing Month-2021?

For over several years, poets and writers around the world have been celebrating April month as National Poetry Writing Month, also known as, NaPoWriMo. As a part of this, many of them take a part of the challenge and submit their work through the month.

Yes, you heard it right, in this challenge you have to select a prompt and write about it for the entire month of April. You may also share the work online by submitting your site for the same.

The celebration started back in 2003 when Washington based poetess Maureen Thorson started sharing her poems on her blog. Even since then, the tradition of writing in the month of April started inspiring millions of people to try their hands at poetry.

I was not always into it until last year when it happened to be lockdown globally, and in collaboration with Kavita Singh and SumitOfficial, I started posting my work for NaPoWriMo-2020. Here are the glimpse of my poetry and words I had chosen last year:

This year, I’m again excited to work on this project with a twist in it.

I’m going to share a poem + an image+ a story behind it.

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