“Sometimes We Forget How Powerful We Are” | Prompt #2

“Do you believe in magic?”

“Umm.. Maybe. Why do you ask?”

“I seek magic in your eyes, the spark that tells me there’s a lot to be discovered.” Stated my own self while looking into the mirror.

“I seek for it in the outer world, and in many places but all I find is nothing. I get tired and then I find the evidence of it in my own self. As always”

Magic. How a little word is full of surprises, excitement, joyous in its own.

It’s a pseudoscience. Transformational. Magic in its own is creating art and then it again turns magic.

In today’s prompt of, Sometimes we forget how powerful we are, I have written a piece of poem that makes me remember a lot of incidences in my life. Where I’ve been broken from within, my soul used to sob, and scream until it reaches the universe and come back.

I’ve this habit of not speaking much about myself. I’ve always been like that. Maybe my mum has given me this habit of keeping the saddest things to my own. She used to be really good it.

Many of the times I’ve found myself cheated not with money, but with hearts. Not everyone’s heart is as pure as your yours. I’ve realised this really later in life. And as they say, you’ve got to face a lot of bad things before you welcome a good one in your life. I’ve seen a lot of darkness before the beam of light could get into my soul to brighten up my entire world. It worked as if it’s nothing but magic.

You feel your prayers are not being answered but at that time you’re only being tested for your patience. Unaware of the facts, I always seek for the help from those who’s never understood the problem themselves. The answers were always within. Inside my heart.

At last, I’ve kept myself mute enough to listen to what my heart speaks about, my intuitions hint me about, and for everything that made me believe that yes, it does happen. Magic…

I used to look for the answers
Talking with the dead,
Questioning my own self,
Thoughts which were always unsaid
To the perpetual pondering
Of the world in which we live in.
Mass full of people, but dead at heart.

I started listening to my inner voice,
To fill what was emptied since forever
Never stopping,
Not being a hesitant
For my greatest fear was not to what people would think, but what if I don’t act now
It was the silence of my own
That would kill me.

The illusion was revealed
And at once
I understood
Why the questions were unanswered,
The prayers roamed around the universe
And came back to me.

And now I find myself in the solitude of life
Basking myself in the muteness,
Breathing deep within
Drafting the world just inside my heart,
Trapping what’s not of my use,
Baiting to kill my inner demons
Leaving all of them to roam anywhere
But not within my peripheral.
As if I know my intricate road map.
Satisfyingly I own it.

The suppression assured me
To keep myself away underneath
The tangle of complications,
And realise the potential I carry,
In the man-made world,
A soul accomplished its own magic.

Copyright © 2015-2021 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

27 thoughts on ““Sometimes We Forget How Powerful We Are” | Prompt #2”

  1. I had to read it twice to let it sink completely.

    Few things are written in an exceptional way. I’m reading it agape about how you’ve written, “You don’t let demons roam around your periphery” or “intricate road map”.
    The ideas in poetry are so fresh, and why it won’t be it describes your journey.

    What I absolutely loved was the part when it said, I learnt to keep mute just to listen to my heart. It’s good to be deaf to the external voices sometimes to listen to what your heart says.

    I’m really glad to see that you had courage to put that all out through this poem, all that you’ve been carrying in your heart for over the years.

    One last thing, don’t keep the saddest things to you anymore, we are all here for you at all times ✨

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Starting from the first line, you’ve read it twice? I’ve already read and recited it so many times that I’m already in love with it. Every time I read it, it give me goosebumps.

      The usage of words are kept for this month to compensate all the months I’ve been inactive here with you all.

      The muteness is letting us hear what needs to be heard. And the moment we do that, we reach another level of greatness.

      Thank you for being there with such inspiring words. When I have all of you here, why do I need to be in that zone. Writers’ family is their readers.

      And I’ve already got mine. ✨

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Beautiful and powerful post. You are right We all have magic inside us, we dont know our true strength. Though its not right to keep the sadness hidden but its better than being vulnerable. Afterall as you said no one knows our story better than us and all the answers are within.
    Very well written post.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It’s just that we need to find that one phase alone in life that makes us see the doors which are already there inside us.

      Once they’re open, no one can stop you.

      Thank you for visiting my work. I’m really obliged.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Let me be honest and accept that I did not understand this completely. 🤭 But I could relate with some parts. How beautifully you’ve framed the scene in the beginning. I loved it.

    Also, I am aware of all those incidents that have left you shattered and broken from within but you’ve always got up and fought back. That’s your magic. 😿💙

    Indeed, not all people will understand our pure heart and intentions. But those who do, should be protected at all costs.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hahah, Chandu is the dadimaa of all bloggers, huh. 👵 You’re the oldest blogger I’ve known as well. It’s been six years maybe? Cheers to more 600 to come. 🥳 I still remember how we came across each other on WordPress. It was hilarious. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Your love for the words are clearly visible.

      Do you want to know what’s that thin Moon is representing?


      If you see there are good and bad times surrounded by then moon, they’re our dark and bright clouds in the form of situations in life. What keeps us going is that “thin moon”.


      1. https://thethinmoon.art.blog see what my name is.

        I absolutely adore thin moon. I find the moon the humblest at it’s thinnest.
        The part that shines is what i consider it’s face of what it chooses to show to the world. But beyond that it has a whole sphere of shine, reflectivity and strength that it keeps to itself. I love that about thin moon.

        Liked by 1 person

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