Betrayal? It’s Nature.

How many times you’ve encountered in a situation where you wanted to speak that you can’t handle anymore but you stopped. You always stopped yourself. Because you’ve always cared about the person who has many expectations from you. Those expectations that you’ve tired of fulfilling.

The time comes when you’ve finally given up on everything that people want to be and you just feel like leave everything behind and live your life.

The other day I had posted a blog on Self-esteem when one of the readers enquired how we feel helpless when we care and love for someone and get betrayed when they take us for granted. Here’s a screenshot of the conversation which was going on:

I told her it’s nature. Isn’t it true? Isn’t everything happens for a change. And we as humans are bound to cry over the people and situations. Why? Because we’re always taught to get our ass adjusted in a particular situation. And the moment we become familiar with a person or situation, it just shows its real colour and everything just vanishes.

People who meant world to us are no longer there. People, whose messages used to make us happy are buried long back in a block list, people for whom we’ve veen putting our efforts to make happy and happy with someone else. Big deal? Not for them.

It reminds me of a theory by Maslow which I had read while pursuing my MBA:

Initially, we are are someone’s requirement until they find something/someone else. But you know what os the harsh reality? If you were in those shoes you were ended up doing something same. Do you call it betrayal? My friend, that’s nature.

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12 thoughts on “Betrayal? It’s Nature.”

  1. This is again something that hits close to my heart. I could find myself being in both the situations, betraying and getting betrayed. I totally agree where you said that our loved ones hurt the most. More the love, more the pain. 😔 But what can we do about it? Nothing at all!


  2. Well to be honest I have a vague theory regarding this coz i haven’t gave a thought on it. First I need to thankyou for sharing this coz it did tickled my mind to think…
    Why do we always correlate everything, i know its all connected but why do we try and justify every thing we do, why dont we prioritise our emotions, but than can we really do that… As i said i am really thinking about this , so dont mind what i have commented coz i still have a lot to think about this


  3. Yes the same thing happened in lots of people’s life , i have understood it now, don’t bear anything just for another person’s happiness and ruin ur self esteem, why would we do this and for what, “betrayal”.
    If a person , friend or your loved ones loves you, then my friend we don’t need to sell our self esteem🤗


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