Incognito Mode


Incognito, from the Latin incognitus, refers to a person that wants to remain anonymous to the world & others. In hiding or ducked off from humanity. 

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We all know about it but only a few of us really use it. OK, let’s understand this first by asking why should we use it ?

Safer transactions :- Incognito window never saves passwords, usernames and history, so use it for online transactions, they will be safer.

Better deals :- While searching for cabs and flights use of incognito window does not allow the website to go through your past data, and hence their rates are not manipulated for your destinations, so you get fair deals and even if you do not book via there website you will not be continuously harrased by their ads as they are not able to see any past searches related to their website.


Incognito window in Google Chrome. [Keyboard shortcut : CTRL+Shift+N]

Note: Ignore if you already knew about this.


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