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58 thoughts on “Unfuckwithable”

      1. Hahah, yes it is, you know why because these days people are not interested in what they are doing, instead they would always put their head in your work and make you depress.

        So that was what my thought behind writing this.

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      2. Sumit, I can’t live with nirlipt bhav… My soul is too restless for that and I like to feel all emotions, makes me feel alive .. If ur word is for someone who pokes too much in my work, then my middle finger works extremely well… I am known for telling people off… Sometimes politely, sometimes absolute bluntly… Subtle is definitely not my middle name

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      3. Sumit, if I am in a relationship and I am taken for granted, I tell my partner multiple times, that he has to be there when he is needed.. I don’t let go of love but when I reach my limit,then I let go of everything and walk even if I am in extreme pain because I know i will survive it… Better to be with a guy who has guts and who appreciates me and finds time for me than take me for granted
        2) in friendship, I am ok abt taking me for granted because I also take them for granted… I dont have many expectations in friendship.. I have lot of boundaries so I don’t like if ppl cross that even in friendship
        3) at work, people do take me for granted… I tell them on the face that I doing a favor to them, won’t do it again… And if still the attitude persists, then nehale pe dehala … I will ditch them at all points where they thought I would do the work for them
        Sumit I give people a lot of chances and I don’t kick them when they are down… I am always there then but once situations change and they are ok, then I kick them…
        I don’t know if this answers ur question FAMILY IS ALLOWED to take me for granted.. Rest just get chances. My circle goes like this innermost to outer family, love, friends and colleagues. I dont care much about the world per se
        Wow, main bahut kam bolti hoon… 😉

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      4. Sumit I generally do what is away from the norm but at the time, I do what feels right for me… My friends say I am different from most people they know.. So maybe my views are also diametrically different from most

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      5. All the writers and artistic people are definitely not from this Earth. We need to make a better place for people like us. Haha!

        But yeah! That is a good thing to be someone of your own. You are straight forward, open and most importantly as my title says “Unfuckwithable”. 😉

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      6. Hahahha! I was constantly smiled while reading your answer. I knew that beforehand that your answer is gonna be interesting, but this much? Not expected.

        I can only conclude everything in one sentence here and that is, “Shalini, you are so honest”.

        I mean it take balls to speak truth and be honest. I know many cannot, but you have said it enough. I loved your personality, the way you think. ❤ 😉

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      7. Awwww, thank you 😊 sumit, u understood me perfectly. If u can smile while reading my answer, then u are a great and different guy. Most get angry at my long explanation. U have seen what most don’t see. I don’t like playing games, na main haan, Haan main na is rubbish according to me. Tell it as it is as. Now you know why I am so “popular”. Hehehe…

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      8. Hehe thank you… U are so “kind” 😉 on a serious note, thank you for understanding.. Not many people like my views… My fav dialogue is- god has given me fingers to show the middle one hehehe

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