Angels & Demons


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44 thoughts on “Angels & Demons”

  1. Intense❤That’s the thing about attraction I think when you think of not getting attracted towards someone opposite happens, maybe its like when you are in love there are both beauty and flaws in person, but at the end you fall for imperfection. This was really nice, few words but they have a deep meaning. And the picture too says a lot! Why do I end up writing sooooo much?😯😯😯😯

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    1. OMG! That’s the exact theory which I not not able to understand.

      “At the end, you fall for perfection”

      Wow, Shivee. It’s always great hearing your views. And that’s the reason why you end up writing so much. 😍😘😗


      1. . Haha! and that’s why I end up writing so much,😁I write things in your comment box which I never actually thought about and sometimes I too am surprised that wow this is good, honestly because you are encouraging toward long comments like mine😊, I think when the post is great automatically views on the post and the thoughts it provokes would be great as well!😍😘❤

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      2. And it’s an achievement for a blogger if someone can think so much about your conceptualised poetry/work in such manner.

        And you’re definitely one of them, my little love. 😇


  2. “Don’t you ever tame your demons
    But always keep ’em on a leash…”
    – Arsonist’s lullaby
    Your piece reminded me of these lines, try this song by Hozier.

    Though keeping her on leash isn’t what am advising here. 😉

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