Sext: Bubblegum Kiss

Okay, maybe I am shouting weird things, maybe I am missing you like you have been far away from me for a long time. The moment I think about you, an instant smile comes on the curves of my lips. And your name makes me go crazy. You are that an obsession for me. The way you look at me, I feel numb, as if there is nothing which is going around me. You really make my heart skips a beat when you say my name. And I can listen to your melodious voice for hours and hours.


I enjoy our deep philosophical conversations most of the times when you put your head on the shoulder, a little bent towards me. I can almost feel your breathing, I can sense your heart beats with mine.  I also love those talks with you. I love everything about you which makes you next to me, the touch of your body is sumptuous in its own way. I want to feel the touch of your opulent lips, I want to chew them like one enjoys the bubblegum.

And I swear baby that one kiss of your lips would help me to sleep tonight. ❤


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25 thoughts on “Sext: Bubblegum Kiss”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just found your blog, incredible words.
    I have a question about the black and white picture above, is that one of your photographs? I’ve seen it floating around online and I love it!
    Thanks, hoping to hear back from you

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