In the Middle of Chaos: A Poem

And in the middle of all the chaos,
I forgot to speak with you,
I forgot to wish you,
I forgot to greet you when you were
standing there holding my favourite
novel in your hands to gift me.

We have not spoken for ages now
when you left I knew there would
be no tomorrow with you.
That you will be gone forever.
There would be no contact at all.
And here comes the night
when my heart still seeks
for the truth, for you.

Maybe in the next lifetime,
I’d catch a glimpse of your pretty smile,
when love is in the air with your touch
and your soul intimates with mine.
The days have dragged out drastically,
It’s been a long but it still feels
like forever since I knew if you
were here tonight.
Beside my body.
Around my soul.

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97 thoughts on “In the Middle of Chaos: A Poem”

  1. A nice poetry with a deep feeling of longing to meet and compensate for moments slipped by!Most of the times we do take things for granted and fail to communicate.A well worded thought, Sumit.

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      1. I felt something, which to be honest confuses me.
        I guess you’re right, we feel a lot of things and we assume a lotta things as well. Mostly the negative shit.
        Then we fail to communicate our real feelings.

        So, maybe I am in the regret stage. Lol.

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      2. Yeah? See.

        I hate when people claim themselves as victims. We forget that it’s not always other people who break our heart but a few times we can also be a villain in someone’s life.

        We feel guilty for all those we could have controlled. But we wish we could control.

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      3. Hey yes absolutely agreed.

        But at times we’re villain to your own lives, we wish to control many things
        But when we can’t, we end up feeling guilty, for we long that control, while doing that we hurt the other person as well.

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      4. Yes we enter that limbo
        We start losing people around us, lose yourselves as well.

        Love? I don’t think so.
        Infatuation, maybe.

        For if you’re in love, aren’t you supposed to feel free? Feel liberated?

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      5. So accurate. It’s infatuation.

        Just a mere sexual attraction which makes us do all the fucking stuff we do in the name so called love.

        Love makes us free. Love give us hope and make the other person trust and most importantly she/he won’t break it ever.


      6. Agreed.
        Starts with lust, feels like love but in the end you end up in a situationship that’s all.

        And yes, love makes us free and is accompanied by many ups and downs but the other person never leaves.

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      7. Situationship. Wow. What a beautiful and apt word you’ve just made.

        That’s what is happening a lot, Shivani.
        I’m 24 now and I could understand this fact when I was 18 because before that I had tried everything. But today, nothing excites me when people present their shits in front of me.


      8. Hey, even though this is happening a lot at least you’re able to differentiate between the fake and the real stuff right?
        It takes people a lifetime to understand what’s happening in their lives.

        And it’s oaky Sumit.
        I mean maybe you haven’t tried everything, there’s still much more that you still haven’t witnessed, don’t you think?


      9. Yes, I agree. There are people who always be together still know about each other so little.

        And I guess you are right, I don’t need to give up on things/people this early.


      10. Ah maybe there are people like that, maybe not.

        I guess I shouldn’t give up this early as well, I mean gotta give it a try then give up right?

        And thanks for this!😊

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  2. I felt every word in your lines. I felt each one emotions that turned into movies in my mind and my soul began to dance with the tears of the angels in the sky because a longing in my heart became aroused to life.
    Beautiful love.
    Beautiful fragility
    Beautifully written about heartfeelingd, longing and desire forever in ink.
    You are a masterpiece of words Sumit🦋
    Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

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      1. My pleasure🦋You are a big talent in my eyes and you do magic with your words and I experience that magic, thank you very much for sharing your words.
        Enjoy your day.

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    ◇ Pain is either Healing or Growth EveryOne; for example it’s Very Painful to Expose Capillaries to Oxygen yet there is next to No Pain with Internal Bleeding


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      1. Thank you for sharing and serving with your kind, supportive, inspirational words SupaSoulSis from Your SupaSoulBro; it’s a Pleasure to Serve, Stay Strong and Serene…I Am Therefore I THINK!!! Sum Ergo Cognito, I Am; We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One, It Is Time for Appreciation of Darkness and Divinity Within Bringing Both Tolerance and Understanding of Psychological Healing and Evolutionary Growth EveryOne especially Rediscovering The Purity of Our Childlike State and Watching in Wonder as Our Creative/Sporting/Business Practices and Personal Relationships Flourish along with Our Refreshed Curiosity as We Innovate and Co-Create Together, Co-Opetition ♡♡♡…

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