An Open Letter to Coronavirus by SumitOfficial

Dear Corona,

I know this is not what you’ve expected me to call you with this generous manner after knowing how thousands of people are under your control. But what I’m grateful for at this point of time is your presence, which is sent to this mother earth for the only motive of making us aware. Aware about our existence, we, as humans, who are more than being brown, white, or black, any jobs, any standards, poverty, wealth, or ego in that matter.

You made us aware that we’ve been wasting our sources since decades, the nature around us, the people of our own family in a destructive manner.

You have actually made us realise the purpose of our life and for what we are here on this earth for.

I know you have a been killing a lot of people recently and spreading everywhere but one thing that you have made us understand is to have patience, patience to sit at home and wait for the day when everything is going to be okay and to be with our family till the time things get settled up.

Corona, you, in the span of hardly 3 months, have taught the entire world that life can end at point of time. You actually made live the current moment. We are with our family right now. Secured. Surrounded with love and laughters.

When was the last time we were United? Not only as a family, as a community, as states/ countries but most importantly as the world? We were fighting all the time to kill each other. The stronger one becoming the dominant and trying to rule the rest of the world. But now? Every country is trying to learn something or the other from each other to take the precautions, by not repeating the mistakes they’ve made, by giving the sympathy and prayers to each other.

You also taught us that no matter how much we fight against each others’ religion, community, people or society what is really helping us at this point of time as the general staff, transporters, truck drivers, farmers, auto drivers, doctors, nurses, medical staff, media people and the list is endless to be thankful for.

Where are those people who were killing each other for the Gods? I guess, inside the hospital, getting treated by the opposite religion’s doctor.

Corona, you have come here on this earth as a guest who just needed everyone to be aware of their wellness, about their families about the people and most importantly about their own individual selves.

I am very much aware about the destruction that you are making in millions and billions everyday and that you have the power to kill the entire world in the shortest span of time. You’re stronger right now. You are contagious, and that’s your power and hence you are spreading like anything around us.

But you should not forget that we are United as the world NOW, the Creator of the World has given us the faith, patience, and hearts to be thankful for everything which we have been receiving from the Almighty. And He is there to support us in this hard time of ours.

Corona Virus, We are stronger than you. Remember that. The God will take you back soon by giving us the cure to stop you spreading further. But what I expect after you are gone is to be this much connected as the world and we can make the peace out amongst each other. We stay this gentle. 🙂

A thankful soul,

These are some of the tips and precautions one can have which WHO has provided:

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144 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Coronavirus by SumitOfficial”

  1. This is the most beautiful writing I have come across on a virus which is highly contagious and has left the whole world reeling. Indeed we are grateful, irrevocably we as collective consciousness have learn so much from it. And yes we choose to be grateful Corona for enabling us to shift perspective to life and starting take it in mare holistic way. Even for me I don’t remember the last time I talked to my mom without frenzy and hurry of my routine life…our priority just got meaning . We feel close knit❤️

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    1. I’m extremely happy to know your thoughts are as similar as mine at this point of time.

      Let’s make the world a better place by sending out beautiful prayers for everyone’s good wellness.

      Thhank you for reading, Vinita. 🙏☺


  2. Lovely and an impressive review of the coronavirus. Thank you for sharing it with us and I must say you are excellent at putting words in the right places. Keep it up and never stop your amazing writing.

    Midnightlion from Penable.

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      1. Hey Summit… I do not know what is happening but Justina is not replying although she said she would. Please stay patient with me until I sort out this issue and wish me luck! Thank you for your patience,

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  3. Excellent post and thinking. Nature has pressed the reset button where everyone including politicians are understanding the gravity of the situation. I hope they really should feel why it all started in the first place i.e. climate change. They should understand that we must not be so selfish to hurt the climate ao that one day it will engulf us all. Thank you. Anyways stay safe.

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    1. Absolutely loved your views. Rightly said, we need to be one to support and give what we have taken from the Earth. And maintain the social distance from each other.
      Thank you for stopping by Sushree.
      Please stay safe and take care.


  4. Bonjour mon ami amie

    En ce jour et ces jours de printemps je viens te saluer
    C’est le plus beau jour ou tout renaît
    Les arbres vont fleurir , la nature vas prendre de la splendeur

    Dommage il faudra attendre pour en profiter

    Aujourd’hui le plus gros handicap la peur
    Mais pensons que
    La plus belle chose et l’amour
    Je te souhaite une belle fin de journée ou de nuit ainsi
    Qu’un agréable weekend
    Bisou Amical Bernard
    Que le réconfort de ses amis amies et
    Sur cet air de printemps

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  5. The world’s current situation saddens me because it should not have come to such crisis for us to hear the voice of God through His anger. Thank you for sharing your deep insight and perspective on COVID-19; it is very informative. Keep writing and inspiring. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

    Below is one of several scriptures used in my upcoming blog scheduled to publish on Tuesday, March 31 at 6:00 a.m., EST. The title is “Shut The Doors Behind You.” I welcome your thoughts when published.

    “Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until His wrath has passed by. See, the LORD is coming out of His dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins. The earth will disclose the blood shed on it; the earth will conceal its slain no longer.” Isaiah 26:20-21

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