Thank You 2018

In today’s time of videos and WhatsApp stickers, it is really tough for a person to be on the real content’s side. I, on the other hand, believe a lot on content that I feel as if people are like variables but writing is constant. And it should never be stopped.

The year 2018 was one of those years for me when I have gifted a journal from my uncle on January 1, 2018’s night and I started writing without any purpose. But after a few days, I found it really nice to vent out everything I always wanted too. Although, there is nothing negative about anyone in that, as my journal has a lot of things to contain than people who are for some time. Still, I was broken in the middle of the year. I still remember #Day100 page where I had writing something, a big decision of my life. Unfortunately or fortunately, I am glad that it is not going to happen ever.

On social media, I read that people are being so harsh on the year 2018 as if they were waiting for the year to end. But you know what the irony is, it was the same for 2016 and 2017, and they had wished the same for 2018. So people who are pro at cribbing would do that until they die.

I want to be genuinely thankful to the entire year for being the best it could be to me, in all the possible ways. And I am not just considering the best parts but also showing my gratitude for throwing me on the floor from the rock. But again, it has given me the hope and love to stand again and fly. I am grateful for that. I was heartbroken by one person, but it has given me hundreds of other people who love me more than anything or anyone. I am grateful for that.

The year has given me all the opportunity where I could grow and a person in my personal life and it has given me all the financial support that I wanted for the betterment of my family and my own self. I am glad to announce that in just a span of one year I am promoted in my work in the month of October 2018 and it has given me the permission where I don’t need to think twice to buy anything for me or for anyone. Your parents are really happy to see you growing when their child earns double and triple their age. I could see that happiness in my father’s eyes when I went to my native place Indore.

About love?

I’m not a pro or a love expert to suggest or guide here but one thing is very much clear that never fall into the physicality of someone. I can bet on this, sex is the most easiest thing that one can get in the world. But what you’ll not find is a true love. Try to be as genuine and truthful for your feelings and let the other person know what and how feel like. This way you’ll be true to yourself and the other person would have more respect for you. Forever. ❤

I have gained a lot of new readers in my bucket and I promise to be good at what I do, and for what you follow the blog and help me to grow. I thank each one of you who has helped me to learn and grow. Thank you for everything.❤

Much love,


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7 thoughts on “Thank You 2018”

  1. You are incredible, you are a pack of all emotions,and i so loved this quality of yours, no matter how much busy you are but you fulfil ur each and every promise of yours, blessed to have you in my life❤️😘mr.official you are the best❤️


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