Welcoming 2019 Along with #Day366 & Journal Story

Who knew that a day will come when I’ll be so proud of myself for doing something not out of habit but by a deliberate practice? As you know that I have started writing on my journal last year on the same day as #Day1 and yesterday night I wrote the last page of my journal #Day365.

Completed with #Day365

My eyes were actually teary when I held the pen in my hand at around 3:49 am, I was feeling the touch of last page. I was sad because I was so much attached to my journal, a diary which is not just a diary but something which has all the part of me. My sensual writings, my dreams, my failure, abuses, achievements, my frustrations, and the losses I had in the past year. It sums up my entire years record.

But now I am going to have no interactions which the pages I meet every night before I hit the bed. Now something new is going to come and take its place. It made me emotional. I guess, that is the problem with sensitive people, they seek life in everything. Even in the non-living things. And my diary was one of those living things for me.

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Although, I am happy to announce that I have got a new partner for the year 2019 also. I have been searching for a kind of diary which has my interests for a long time. You can say, since June-2018 I am searching the diary on Internet and offline stationeries. But guess what? I have got nothing other than the common daily diaries people use. It was surely not what I was looking for.

The journey from day 1 to 365 had a few blogs in between you may read them here:

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So how did I get 2019’s Diary?

It was a story which is covered by an entrepreneur, a literature enthusiast, and more importantly my sister, not by birth but because of our common passion to make people aware about the art, and literature. I have written a lot of blogs for people who are close to me, but there are only a few people who has written for me, and Kavita Singh is one of those people for me.

Read the entire story of how I got a diary for which we’ve spent our time and money so satisfactorily.

You may read the entire story here:

LINK : A Diary. A Partnership. A Resolution.

I also gifted her a beautiful diary which looks similar to mine. I was touched by her words when she said my everyday writing pattern which is really a big thing for me. Also, because we have been in contact for so many years now and she has given me all the exposure which I wanted in the initial stage of my writing career. She has guided me, made me stand alone, and prepared me with everything I was not ready for.

My writing style includes a lot of sex and erotica and our society has a lot of hypocrites who think it is something wrong to do. I don’t get the concept when we can do that in private, then why can’t we share the same human emotions in public which everyone connects with. But no, I failed for many days, weeks, and months to make people understand that. At last, I stopped justifying to anyone as there is no reason to have unnecessary arguments with people who has no hand in your growth.

But Kavita, she was always there to support me. I am really thankful to our bond and connectivity that we can share anything and she, being an elder sister to me, explains and encourages me to do everything which I feel like. So I had to be grateful to her and when she asked that she also wants a diary to start writing from the day 1 of year 2019.

Also, I want to share something, that I am not going to start this year from Day1 again but I will be writing in continuation. I will be using the Day366 for today and so on. One of the reasons why I chose this is because I want to see myself reaching the biggest number even when I become too busy tomorrow. It will always remind me that, for instance, if I can write for 300 days, 400 day or 500 days in continuation then why can’t I now. Was I not busy that time? Was I not occupied that time when I had started? I will be true to myself and this way I would need no one to push to towards my passion.

Thank you for reading. I wish a happy New and prosperous year to you. I really wish that you still keep up the same old passion in you with new enthusiasm for the year 2019.

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10 thoughts on “Welcoming 2019 Along with #Day366 & Journal Story”

  1. Happy New Year, Sumit! I love the concept of deliberate practice and I think it is wonderful that you were able to apply it in this way. I hope that 2019 is a wonderful year for you!


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