The Immersive Project: Bookmark’D with Authors

While the temperatures soar Indoris gather indoor and have a stimulating time from April 1 to April 2 with The Immersive Project. Organized by the Kaffienated Koversations &  Indore Diaries for the benefit of bloggers, writers, readers, content writers, etc, today’s eclectic LitFest promised to bring in lots of opportunities to think, ask, discuss, debate and reflect on multi-pronged aspects of literature and arts.
This event is part of 5 day series of The Immersive Project. This event is ideal for students, bloggers, writers, readers, reviewers, copywriters, content managers, etc.

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The Introduction Part!


And I am so glad that a lot of people had shown interest for today’s event. They were more interested in knowing the perspective of writers who are already published, and no doubt all of us could understand what they had to teach all of us.


Neil tries to explain about the plotting of scenes in any story.


Bookmark’D with Authors/Poets

We had a special session for today, April 2 Bookmark’D with Authors/Poets wherein people met amazing authors and poets. We had 3 great people with us today who are very well published authors. I am going to introduce them to you with all they had to tell us.

Neil D’Silva

We had Neil D’Silva from Mumbai who has 5 books to his credit, 1 of which is an acclaimed bestseller Maya’s New Husband and the another one is newly released Pishacha. His knowledge sharing and tips due to his long-standing experience as a content writer, educationist, author and also marketer which was really helpful to all of us.


With Neil d’Silva, the Indian Horror author


So a lot of participants had many questions related to writing a blog post/short stories/novel. One of the problems was to write down an engaging post which can directly hit the reader’s heart. Also plotting plays an important role while writing a short story.

Neil added, “Writing in the early morning always fascinates me, maybe between 4-6 AM, you will have a lot of ideas when you write in the pin-drop silence.”

Story writing basically has 3 important parts in it which are


Neil says, “characters are the most important part of the story, you need to be very choosy for your character. It is required to know all the positive and negative traits of your main character.”


For writing a particular scene you need to be an observant in your real life. The more you observe things around you, the more real your scenes become.


“Even before you start writing the first draft, you need to be prepared for the climax to give a twist to your story” Neil added. As he quoted, J K Rowling had already written the climax(Part 7) of Harry Potter even before she started writing the first part.

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A groufi with all the passionate fellow writers/readers.


Richa Saxena

From Delhi, we had Richa Saxena whose ebook “The Soul Charmer” has got rave reviews for being evocative and beautifully liberating at the same time. Richa has made the rich impact with words and has been instrumental in showing how one can effectively write an ebook and grab attention.


With the author The Soul Charmer, Richa Saxena


Richa spoke about the importance of social medias, as she has written an e-book which means it can’t be felt, it can’t be touched. So you need to make people aware of your book with the help of different platforms.


During the session..


Jaspreet Taunque

Last but not the least, Jaspreet Taunque has made Indore her home and she loves delving into the language and its moods. Having written many novels and poems and authored a stunning book, she knows what it takes to write well and deep! Black Water White Fire by Jaspreet Taunque has made people sit up and notice and personally for her, it has been instrumental in growing as a person. As a poetess, writer, author and an educationist, it’s her ardent attempt to bridge the gaps that we all face in understanding literature.


When Jas talk about everything in details..


Jas is having an excellent command over the English language. She spoke about the language of the content one writes, and how one can write a single sentence in a lot of creative ways.


A keen listener with a great beards 😀


She also did some writing activities to let all the people understand the concept of telling things in a different way. Everyone got to learn a lot of things from Jas.


Reviews from the Authors on today’s session-

Kaffeinated Konversations put together a wonderful event. It was a pleasure to be a part of it. The best thing, in my opinion, was the participation of the audience. Everyone was eager to learn something and was bubbling with energy. It was a treat to reply to their queries. Looking forward to more such events in future.

-Neil D’Silva

The session was enriching and interactive. The best part was that both the speakers and participants enjoyed it thoroughly. I had a great time listening to Neil and Jaspreet and they are the powerhouse of talent. Immensely happy to be one of the panelists and be able to express my views on poetry writing in India and relevance of social media engagement for poets. The zealous participants made up for the fantastic event. Kudos to Kavita,  Sumit and Manish for putting up something like that.

-Richa Saxena

Writing, to me, is a continuous exploration of context, meaning, and expression. The same archetypes of situations and characters keep getting repeated with fresh new perspectives and emerging writing styles. For me, today’s gathering was a walk in the park: an energising exercise before I get on to the long road of exploration with my works-in-progress.  A big thanks to KaffeinatedKonversations for oxygenating the travel.

-Jaspeet Taunque



These beautiful girls are the most enthusiastic and intelligent girls we had in today’s session. I mean, they know a lot of things already and curious to know much more. They are definitely my personal favorites for sure. 🙂


I would like to thank each and everyone who were present in our event and made it a hit. We are excited for the remaining 3 days. Till then stay well, stay blessed.


The lady in black is the founder of Kaffeinated Konversations, much respect to her and all the people who are working hard, including Manish(above Kavita)


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29 thoughts on “The Immersive Project: Bookmark’D with Authors”

      1. Definitely…this post for instance was relatable in that, as with Neil, I find that many of my inspirations find me in the wee hours of the morning…and, I must commit to writing them down (no matter how tired I am, or I might forget them by morning). I also appreciate this post because it highlights the importance of being part of a community of writers and of people who “get it”–art, creativity. Reading others work inspires me and brings me joy….and, joy is the fuel that makes me feel like I can rise above anything 🙂 Reading your posts uplifts me…and, I really appreciate the variety of what you share 🙂

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    1. I mean, everyone thinks the same. Even we have got a lot of positive response from people who loves reading/writing. 🙂

      We are so glad to conduct such event where I and they found each others. 🙂

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  1. This is a treat reading this post and getting to know about this particular session with authors and poets. Much inspiration from all three writers. And Jaspeet Taunque, she seems to be a great inspiration. Wohoo. Loved her.

    Nice post. You summarized all the things very perfectly. Wow! You have a knack for defining things. 💜👏👏👏 Appreciate that!


  2. Sumit, Congrats for organising the event and best wishes for its success.It is indeed the best way to learn and enrich oneself.Hope this is the beginning for many more such events not only in Indore but elsewhere too.Keep it up!


  3. Loved your initiative Sumit. Had I known a bit earlier, I would love to be a part of me. If you come across such events in future, do let me know. And all the best 😀 (y)


  4. I agree with Neil sir. Writing in early morning helps us to think a new and fresh concepts.Character should be described well and it should attract the readers. Abrupt climax is not much preferred by readers and authors/writers shouldn’t give an abrupt end. Thanks Sumit for the update of blog 🙂

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