The Immersive Project: Writing For Others

Whenever we think about writing for others/clients, the first thing they ask is an example of previous work. Whether we like it or not, we do need to show them our work. And it has to be your best work because that’s all going to make you get that project. It is important for all of us who wants to write for other should at least have a blog or write-ups which are already published somewhere. So if you have not then you must do that right away. 🙂


As you have been reading all the posts regarding The Immersive Project which is conducted by Kaffeinated Konversations, Indore Diaries, and SumitOfficial. Don’t worry if you have not till now, you can read them here:

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Today, 4th day’s session was completely based upon Writing for Others which was facilitated by three of our guest speakers-


One of them was, Mohak Bhambry of who got writers to focus on their writings in the digital mode in a book format framework that is completely easy to use and has no-nonsense approach. He talked about his ideas on the digital way of writing and why it makes sense to be digitally tuned into the publishing world.

The hard part of writing is writing it to connect. It is not about writing well or using good words. It is always the connection. So today’s session attempted to connect you with the experts in freelance writing, content writing and copywriting world.


The session promised to equip all kinds of writers (novice or professional) to gain a creative perspective to their writing skills. Bloggers, Writers, content professionals, aspiring copywriters get added advantag which was conducted by Vatsala Garg, who is working in the content writing industry for a long time.

She talked about all the essential aspects a writer/blogger should be aware of, such as to have blog, using the Internet in a proper and productive ways.

During the session when Kavita was writing a poetry, I clicked a selfie. 😉


I’d love to share some of the trickes which were shared by Vatsala-

  1. Make a brand of yourself: And for that you really need to start from somewhere. So why not now?
  2. Communicate with People: It will help you to connect with people.
  3. Use Google in productive ways: Make Google your bestfriend. Always be with it.
  4. Stay updated with whatever is happening around you: Don’t limit yourselonly one genre/subject. Just keep on trying new things.
  5. Learn how Seach Engine Optimization: It is great to make your article viral, isn’t it?


Personal Branding and Building Your Own Story as a Freelancer by Mukti Masih

Mukti has been working as a freelancer more than 14 years now. She talked about the pitfalls and advantages of it. Everyone could get a lot of perspective on choosing a career which is filled with uncertainties, but Mukti was confident enough to motivate everyone why they should go for a career as freelancers, and most imortantly how one can go for it. In order to build your story, you need to become a brand, your own personal brand. How do you become your own brand?


Well she followed the following rules; you can make your own –

  1. Be in the story.
  • The art of human experience – inserting human examples, real life anecdotes in my blogs
  • The art of asking – by being always curious
  • The art of being a pro – by always keeping the communication channel open with clients, by being transparent and keeping clients in the loop
  • The art of saying NO – resisting the temptation of taking all kinds of work, regardless of my personal growth.
  1. Take risks- Take up things that challenge you, keep you awake at night and hurt your ego
  2. Be consistent- try new things but find your niche, one focus area and keep at it.
  3. Get out- of your comfort zone, of your city, of a similar set of clients.
  4. Repeat.


A groufi!



So that’s all for now, I’ll be coming up with an exclusive blog post of people who are very famous amongst everyone and how did they achieve that success in my next blog tomorrow. Take care. 🙂


Some random smiles 😀


They are crazy intelligent girls. :p




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22 thoughts on “The Immersive Project: Writing For Others”

      1. I don’t think it can ever be a waste,we r learning in the process and improving knowledge and skills,its better than wasting time just by scrolling through various apps,good job,keep it up.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Exactly. No but a few people I recently met who were criticising writing work, especially on my write-ups(As I write Erotica, at times) but I am glad that we are here, together. Supporting each other. And getting motivated to learn from one another.:)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Read a few and its beautiful,it is the job of people to criticize. We cannot please everyone at once, but as the one who writes,we sometimes takes it to the heart and get hurt and it can even make us to stop writing also,tats sad that people demotivate but we can’t help it,we need to pursue writing this situations too.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Every new day you are coming up with new faces and new techniques ,new points…
    It was great to see ur efforts in all the blogs… appreciated u from the core of my heart…my blessings are always with you…
    Keep shining more mr. Official❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes ofcourse i liked each n every blog of urs… and the way you are working is fabulous ..and you already know this that i m a die heart fan of your writing😉❤😘


  2. I just loved this Sumit…you provide very good information. I’m happy for you. I know you really enjoyed this time and I know you learned so much 🤗🤗


  3. It’s about the connection of readers. Mostly readers get involved in a book only if it connects with them. Vatsala mam you’ve nailed it. Mukti, I agree with your views. Thanks for sharing it Sumit 🙂 Waiting for last day’s blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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