SumitOfficial’s 61 (Blog Posts) Reasons to be grateful for 2016

So yeah, it is the last week of the year. And I am very excited for it, not just because it was not a good year for me or something but this year has given me a lot of things for which I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.

But the irony is I see people on Social Media where they are cursing and abusing 2016. I mean really, is that required. No matter how bad a someone might have gone through, life always gives us tons of reasons to be happy and to be grateful for.

Amateur authors who got their book published, students who’ve passed with excellent marks, women who got married with their choice of men, and I have hundreds of example of people who have everything to be happy and thankful to the Universe. But all I could hear and see them abusing the year and their life.

This made me think of my journey with my year 2016, how grateful I am for each and everything I have done in this year. Of course, it is not possible always to happen what you want, instead, at times, things happen what is good for you and not what you have asked for. We can be and should be happy in both the cases. NO?

Because as they say,

If something good happens it is a BLESSING for you if it does not then surely a LEARNING for you.

Likewise, I am thankful to those who were cursing life and this year which gave me the idea of being grateful for it and try to remember what all good and not-so-good things happened with me.

I am going to share only those memories which I have shared with you through the year on SumitOfficial’s Blog 

(Note: Simultaneously I’m sharing a few of my pics in between the months and posts😁 it doesn’t mean they belong to that post. All are individual😍😂)


1.) Life’s Playing Grown Up!

This phase of my life taught me a big lesson which I might remember fir the rest of my life. At times, things happen to tell you something, if you are smart enough to learn from it. You live the life to its fullest.

2.) Another Great Opportunity(Part I)

In this post, I was sent to Bhopal for the Education Ministry Meeting from my Institute where Professors, doctors, PhD holders, and principals were sitting and it was a blissful moment for me when one of my suggestions on Entrepreneurship and start-ups came on top 3 best ideas from Madhya Pradesh.

3.) A Wayfare to Bhopal(Part II)

Along with me in the meeting, Divyani, one of my best friends, we roamed around the city. Best friends does not mean you avoid fighting with the other person instead, you balance the argument by giving a  chocolate to a girl. LOL!

4.) +100 Followers!! Thank You All 🙂

In the same, by the grace of God, SumitOfficial received 100+ followers on the blog.


5.) Few Things Left Unsaid…

A feeling when you want to speak up your heart but it is better to be quiet. A beautiful poem with hundreds of unsaid words.

6.) National Entrepreneurship Network  : The bliss

NEN, an event which I had organized in my college along with one more intermediate college competition. It was a great experience being a leader and taking the responsibility to make your work perfect. It has given me a lot of learning.

7.) An Author’s Inspiration

I got a chance to meet India’s very well known fiction writer/author Durjoy Dutta. It was good to learn from him about the book drafting, publishing and stuff like that.I had taken his unofficial interview as well.

8.) First Kiss – A Sultry Delight In Sensation

After posting my first romantic-erotic poem cum story, all the readers demanded more which led me to write more and more poetries on such beautiful topics.

9.) Life: Is It Certain or Uncertain?

How strange are our lives, aren’t they? How it feels to lost your friend with whom you have spent your adolescent. In this post, I had shared the love for my friend who died by an accident.

10.) Exams Are Over & The Blogger Is Back!

Hahah! I remember how long this post was after my comeback from my exams. How I had fallen for the professors during my exam hours! And I had also shared how much I hate finance and what did I do to fight with it.


11.) The Festival of Colours : Happy Holi(day)

A blog post on how I had celebrated my Holi.

12.) Happy World Poetry Day with Rising Litera

It was my first event with Rising Litera. I had recited a poem in front of all the literature and art lovers. It was again a great experience for me to be around people who inspire me.

13.) Rider Felicitation Indore : Superbike Convention

So, this was the best event which could have happened in MP all these years. There were more than 150 super-bikes and 2 super-cars (Porsche and Z4) were running on the road and I am happy that I shared the entire activity on the blog which people liked a lot when they see the post.

14.) Lights! Camera! Action!

March was a blessed month for me, it gave me the chance to appear on National TV as a guest speaker on the topic “Yuva Mein Tanav”. Depression in Youth. I was elated when people watch it on TV and videos. I was on cloud nine. 😀

15.) Review on Women’s Day post by Antara Nandy

I had written a post on how women in India are scared of things happening around them. Still, people think they have an ego/attitude problem. After reading the post, Antara wrote a post along with SumitOfficial.


16.) My Journey With ‘SumitOfficial’

So for a long time I have been asked to share my journey with SumitOfficial, hence I jotted down how I started writing and why!

17.) A Trip to GJ-01 : Ahmedabad

Being a traveler since the age of 15, I had gone to Ahmedabad and shared the story here.

18.) Happy World Book Day : My Visit to Ancient Library

In Ahmedabad, being a blogger I got a chance to visit an ancient library. I shared my views here.

19.) A Strange Happenstance Between Him&Her

So this post dealt with the height of all coincidences. Out of billions of people in the world, a girl named Manu bumped on me through my blog and later on we both came to know that we are neighbors. But we had never met before. There were so many more similarities in our life. It is not less than a Bollywood masala movie. Lol!

20.) Focus : Life Is Like a Camera

How focusing on life that too in the good part of life is important. We learn everything on the right time. But all we need to do is focus. I know it is not that easy because I can’t do that as my exams are around the corner but I am being grateful here by writing a post. haha! 😀

21.) Nikita Singh Exclusively on SumitOfficial

So this is it! It was a time when I was one of the audiences to see Nikita Singh, India’s darling author. But by the grace of God, I could get a chance to interview her. I have shared the entire story of the interview on the link above.


22.) SumitOfficial.

A thank you post by a lovely blogger, and a friend who Antara for SumitOfficial.

23.) A Letter to My Mum – Happy birthday Mum

On Mother’s day and my Mum’s birthday, I had written a letter to her which I wanted to tell her all my life.

24.) It’s Brewing : Kaffeinated Konversations

The beginning of Kaffeinated Konversations, how it all started.

25.) An Insight of Amul by SumitOfficial

I had gone to Gujarat, where again being a blogger I could get a chance to understand things inside the Amul factory and they let me click a lot of photos which I shared on the blog.

26.) An Unconditional L❤ve #Part I

This is where from Shreya and SumitOfficial started collaborating for a series Unconditional Love.

27.) Sumit(Official) Turns 21: An Epistle

My Birthday! Haha! I did not know my lovely friends were writing a blog post for me for my birthday, hence I had written a blog post for me only. Haha!

28.) Happy Birthday SumitOfficial by Shreya Sharma

Thank you, Shreya!

29.) Happy Birthday SumitOfficial by Eva Sharma

Thank you, Eva!

30.) Happy Birthday SumitOfficial by Antara Nandi

Thank you, Antara!

31.) Happy Birthday SumitOfficial by Chandni Asnani

Thank you, Chandni!

32.) Happy Birthday SumitOfficial by Rashi Chauhan

Thank you, Rashi!


33.) Do You Have A Girlfriend?

Hahaha! So I never got frustrated before but in the month of June something (Someone asked me) in my life which led me to write this satire on GIRLFRIEND.

34.) Maori : Jollification of An Intelligent Girl

A blog post for a sweetheart sister- Mana!

35.) Pre-Placement Training at SIMS

In this post, I tried to share the things which can make students’ life easy when it comes to facing any interview. A helpful post for someone who needs help regarding placements and interviews.

36.) Connect Franchise: Your Business Mentor

I learnt how promotional blogs work (Though, without getting paid) Haha!

37.) “Bloggers’ Meet-up At WittyFeed” by SumitOfficial

I had written about the entire event which Wittyfeed had conducted, and it was the most trendiest blog of SumitOfficial for the month of June


38.) Exams Are Over & The Blogger Is Back! (Part II)

Once again, the result declared and I had collected all the stuff to share with you guys! 😀

39.) How long does it take to move on after a break up? I Say, A Moment. Check out how..

It was a time when wherever I used to see people were getting down or frustrated because they could not move on from their break-up. This post was somehow helpful for most of them.

40.) Maybe It’s You…

It is my most favorite poems I have ever written. The best part it is also published in a newspaper which makes me love it more and more.

41.) Happy Birthday Eva : An Uncial Letter For A Loquacious Girl.

Happy birthday post for my Delhi blogger friend cum a beautiful soul. I had written a lot of thing for her in the blog post.


42.) Ms Dictionary: Female Version of SumitOfficial

When Chandni wrote a post for Shreya by calling her a female version of SumitOfficial. Haha! She is very kind.

43.) Let’s Rendezvous..!!

What happens when your Guruji calls and asks you about your work which you do in blogging in front of your parent and brother along with tens of other people. I was overwhelmed by that gesture of our Guruji, and I could see the proud for me in eyes of my father that day.

44.) Joy Of Freedom: Celebration of Independence

Again a beautiful celebration and event we had held in Indore along with DS Management.

45.) A Handmade Gift for A Sister which took Me An Year And A Half To Accomplish!

So this post I had re-posted in this month, It took me an year and a half to complete this handmade gift for my sister Margaret Stronach.

46.) Indore’s Famous AhilyaUtsav

How I was reading about the event in the noon and later on I came to know I bumped on to the same event on which I was reading.


47.) SumitOfficial’s Beard story in Newspaper

Haha! As most of you know how crazy and devoted I am for the beards. Well, a reported too could not resist sharing my Beard’s story on Page3.

48.) Solo Travelling: A trip to Delhi

I had gone to Delhi and had a life changing experiences with myself.

49.) dil-li (ya) Iss Delhi Ne

I shared a deep study on how Delhities walk, talk and give us a shock! 😀

50.) Event : Utsmaya Ulaas (SumitOfficial as Official blogging partner)

A great event held by us in Indore only, SumitOfficial was officially blogging partner.

51.) How Bearded Man Get into the Corporate that Too with Beards

So as most of you know that I got into the world of Corporate but there is one more thing I need to tell here is I left my job. I will write another post on this topic, why is it difficult for a creative person to work inside a cage. Haha!


52.) World Post Day 

Along with KK we have celebrated World’s post day and aware people about the importance of letters.

53.) Best Male Dress-up @CapitalVia 

In this blog post, I shared my happiness with you all how I came Best Male consecutively for 2 years (Since I was the Best Male winner my college fest too 🙂 )

54.) Under-reckoning of Women(Movie Review : Pink)

One of the best movies I have seen in 2016, I could not resist writing down my thoughts on the movie.

55.) Jatra: A Marathi Food Fest in Indore 

Jatra, is conceived as an activity or event to give Indorean a taste of Maharashtrian culture. Jatra is all about Marathi culture, art, music, and of course delicious food😍

56.) I Celebrated my Diwali by helping an incapacitate Naked Woman

On the auspicious day of Diwali, I’m thanking God for making me this much mature where I could see the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

At least, I could to something for that lady in her need, at least, I would be able to sleep well in nights. At least, I would not regret of not helping someone where I definitely could have. At least, I’ll feel proud standing in front of the mirror.


I just noticed all my November month’s posts were somewhere related to death. I won’t categories it as bad thing, because in an author’s life everything is equal, be it life or death.

57.) I Am Atemporal

58.) Unfolding My Death 

59.) Sempiternal Wars in my Mind


60.) Learning of Life 

In this post someone remind me a great lesson when I was a little kid. Making time for your people always comes first but one should also mind if you’re less motivated towards your goals in life then even your own people will curse you. 

61.) Emblazon – Artistry At Its Best 

And last but not the least, Christmas event we have celebrated with colors of life.

So as you see there were many ups and downs but I still feel blessed to that this year has taught me everything.

You know what puts cherry on the cake?

Okay. I’ll tell you. So there is a girl I really admire her because of her cute smile with her half closed eyes. She is from Indore only but I never got any chance to meet her.Also she is a traveler, and have been traveling in India and outside of India for many years. She has 46K+ Followers on Instagram.

Whenever I used to see her, all I could wish was to see her in reality. God must have listened to my prayer. When I reach this morning to my college for some work, I see a girl walking down to her car. I, immediately tell one of my friends that she is Simran. Simran Bhatia. Youtuber and Blogger.
My friend was astonished to hear that. But at the same time I did not even see her face, I just saw her from her back. I opened my Instagram and showed him.

Hahaha! After sometime all I wanted to meet her. I thanked God for this last gift of 2016. I went towards her, we shook hands. Talked. Man!! She is damn cute. Even beautiful that I imagined, and at the same time very genuine and grounded girl.

And the most important thing was she had taken admission to my college, where I am pursuing my MBA. When I asked, she uttered that she is just pursuing her BBA Final year! Oh my God! What a coincidence it is! I am her senior now. Haha! Jokes apart I really feel so good when I see people like her, full of life. Crazy.

We have taken a selfie too. So as we see when life gives you lemon just make a lemonade of it.

So now I just want to thank you all for being a great reader.Yes! GREAT READER. And I mean it. If you would not have been there to read I would not have been writing this much.

Also I want to thank all my stars, my well wishers, my parents, relatives, and the entire Universe for all being there for me. Thank you 2016 for everything. I welcome 2017 with all my heart and soul to be a great year for all of us. 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

Copyrights© 2015-2016  by SumitOfficial

All rights reserved

52 thoughts on “SumitOfficial’s 61 (Blog Posts) Reasons to be grateful for 2016”

  1. This is a unique wonderful post. It is always great to look back on your life at what you have done and be appreciative. I see you are showing off that bead huh handsome face! Haha lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. happy new year with all blessings

    On Dec 31, 2016 12:06 PM, “SumitOfficial’s Blog” wrote:

    > SumitOfficial posted: “So yeah, it is the last week of the year. And I am > very excited for it, not just because it was not a good year for me or > something but this year has given me a lot of things for which I am > grateful from the bottom of my heart. But the irony is I see pe” >

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wohho Sumit, you banged it, the whole year. You are a complete rock and roll package. Loved reading about everything. Loved all the pics, about the posts and description. 😊😊❤️


  4. You totally stood by your words when you said it’s going to be your longest post. And yes the point of unable to resist to read till the end, you stood by that too.😉
    Honestly, I didn’t read all the links associated with each point but will do in next few days. It’s been a while that we have become acquainted, and with that I’ve to known that you are an extremely confident person who is always ready to party (quite contrary to me😁). Also, a huge fan of Ranveer so undoubtedly overflowing bundle of energy – it has to be you.😄
    I still remember the first time you commented on my blog post. Being a newbie a comment would make me jump off my seats at that time (now too😁), and your comment did that to me. It felt really good. So thanks for becoming my reader.😊
    I hope 2017 goes much better for you and turns many of your dreams into realities.☺ Happy 2017 Sumit.🎉🎆😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God, Aditi. I’ve never expected such beautiful comment from anyone and you know what you just did it. 😍😍😍

      I’m so happy that you read it out of so many people. I am just elated for each and every word Aditi. I can’t resist myself to take a screenshot of what you just said. ☺ It’s not because you said something for me instead, it’s the time and emotions you’ve devoted to write this to me. 😘

      I always love reading you Aditi. And I can’t resist either when I start reading yours.

      Thank you so much for this beautiful gift Aditi. I’m overwhelmed. 😍😍😍😘😘😘☺

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😀
        You deserved it Sumit. I just said what I felt like, and yes, all that was meant to tell you how I feel about your writings and you as a person. See, how nice you are. 😉
        Good day! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG OMG OMG
      You are a sweetheart Kaw. I am loving your comment a lot.
      I can see the happiness throught your words. 🙂

      I wish you to be the same Kaw. I hearty wish for you to be the same and even more. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Your capability of sharing smallest of things with everyone captivates me.. Wow how you do that.. Nd Plz tell me the formula of staying so energetic..
    This was an awesome post. May 2017 bring loads of joy to you. Stay enthusiastic. Happy new year Sir. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww.. you are too kind and a sweetheart Kiran! 🙂

      I will tell you when we’ll meet 😉

      I wish you a beautiful year for you from my all heart Kiran. Write as much as you can, and I am there to read them all. Always. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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